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The Waldorf School of Philadelphia
7500 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 248-1662
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private | PK-8
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms Brenda A Ridley2007
1/12/2011parentAs my son heads for his 8th grade graduation after 10 years at this school, I can say without a doubt that this is a curriculum that takes the whole child into consideration. From the variety of subjects and the basics that are covered in a creative and engaging way, I continue to be amazed by the insight of Waldorf education. More than just smart, our students are prepared with both their heads and hearts to enter the world.
1/12/2011parentMy 4 year old started attending the Waldorf School of Philadelphia (WSP) this year, and I could not be happier with our experience there. This was my daughter's first time out of our home and in a classroom setting, as she had never before been at daycare nor preschool. We were worried about this transition, but the loving, warm, and supportive environment of WSP quickly alleviated all of our concerns. WSP is more than just a school. It is a community of warm and welcoming families. We have since learned a lot about Waldorf education, and we love everything we have found out, so much so that we have every intention of keeping our daughter there all the way through 8th grade.
6/18/2009parent'Childhood found.' I agree with the reviewer who points out that calling this Waldorf school 'non-traditional' is inaccurate. There is terrific discipline (the kind that doesn't have to make itself felt because it's part of the culture) and a huge appreciation for learning, the arts, and education. My older daughter was at another Philly independent school for preK through 1st grade, and it pretty quickly devolved into pointless academic work (workbooks, homework), which didn't make sense to us. My wife loved the school from her first moments there, and I liked the idea of my daughter working with the same teacher from 2nd through 8th grade. It is especially encouraging to see so many of the 8th grade graduates return, after moving to Central, GFS, CAPA (wherever) and seem totally at ease with the change - and clearly way ahead when it comes to an appreciation for learning, and respect for their education.
6/18/2009parentMy son started in the Early childhood program in January. We are thrilled with his progress at the school. He really thrives in the classroom program filled with natural toys and objects to play with, creative story-telling and puppet plays, wholesome organic baking and nature-walks and outside play -- every day, rain or shine! The kindergarten faculty are all very nurturing and well-trained beyond a 4 year college degree.
6/11/2009parentThis was our first year at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia. We love it!!! Our son is so happy there and really and truly wants to go to school everyday. We are sending our daughter as well next year. We love the educational philosophy and the importance of educating the whole child. This is truly what school should be.
6/9/2009parentAs a teacher in a Phila. public school, I was frustrated by the gap between what I saw there and what education could ideally be. When i first set foot in WSP, I was thrilled to find a place where education was exciting, fluid, far-reaching, elegant, well-rounded, and soul-fulfilling, versus the rigid, joyless, limited experience I found in the school where I taught. My daughter has been at WSP for 4 years now and wishes she could go year round! WSP and the strong, engaged community around it are truly unique. Although I've heard it called a 'non-traditional' school, it is very traditional in the best sense of the word....a good, solid foundation in the basics backed by developmental science and everything we've known for a long time about how children learn best, preparing them for a future we can only imagine....one in which thinking outside of the box is vital.
4/20/2009parentMy three children are so happy at school. The teachers are devoted and the community is very warm and involved.
9/15/2008parentLove this school! I was very nervous about this non-traditional approach to education....but the graduates are getting into very competitive high schools. My kids are happy going to school, love learning and are not inundated with a ton of busy work at night. The faculty is outstanding. Waldorf really does educate the whole child and empowers the child to take ownership of their education.
3/29/2007parentAs an educator myself, I can see that the teaching here is superb. There is no meaningless busywork. Homework is not piled on randomly, but has a purpose: to guide the student towards becoming a responsible, thoughtful, well-rounded and independent learner. My two children are receiving a terrific education! The Waldorf practice of having the same class teacher follow an entire class from first through eighth grade ensures that the teacher knows each child's strengths and weaknesses in depth. Parents and teachers develop a relationship of mutual responsibility and commitment towards each other over the years. Because difficulties with students are not just passed along to the next year's teacher, the faculty support each other in problem-solving any difficulties with learning or behavior that a child may have. There is a sense that all of the teachers here care for each and every child, and the kids feel secure and known.
3/9/2006parentOne of the finset alternate education possibilites. The child is nurtured and taught to respect self and others through non-traditional curriculum which includes music, language, dance. Projects done in class are not throw away stuff but works of art.
12/14/2005parentVery nice alternative to mainstream schooling. Very nurturing environment, small classes, beautiful campus. Small, caring, active community. Offers hands-on learning at child's pace...resulting in very thoughtful, inquisitive children who love to learn, and love school. Our child has been in the school for over four years, and we are very happy with his progress. Children seem to be more happy/healthy/innocent there. They learn knitting, sculpture, German, Music, etc...and begin a string instrument in 4th grade.

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