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Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis, IN

Honest feedback for Paula - 10/22/2007

Paula, I have been to Cinti a million times, and honestly, it's actually a tad bit better than Indianapolis. Cinti has serious problems, and in Indianapolis, those same problems are greatly magnified. Indiana's not far from her history. Cinti's a bit I have been many places in my line of work, and try to judge my experiences as it relates to the quality of life overall in each place fairly. There's no perfect place as we all know, because we get there and make it imperfect right quick. Howsoever, Indy has thorns and thistles and peeps and whistles. There are wonderful, interesting people here in Indy, but we're all "outta towners"! If you must move here, please remember: -Be ready to be bored...and I mean bbbbbbboredddddd....dd.dd.ddd. -Don't bring any kids. The IPS schools are hideous, not much different than Cinti schools. And due to the spillover effect, these ruffian kids are invading the halfway decent township schools too; so get ready for lowered expectations or select private accredited schools. -Have at least one good vehicle because the public transit here is horrible, nearly the worst in the country--- so don't let your car break down. Have a second backup car. Cabs don't take credit/debit cards here, so you'd have to walk to wherever you go. And Indy drivers are about the worst I have every seen, so watch out when trying to walk. -Do not attempt to purchase a home due to Indy's shark lending craze. Or, have $500,000 ready to purchase a decent home in Zionsville. -Bring your sunglasses becasuse you will witness some of the CRAZIEST, ridiculous, foolish, backwards, dumptruck things in the world here. -Get ready to repeat yourself four times whenever speaking to a hoosier. They are extremely nasty, and will be hateful first. Then you say your question again, then they'll change WEATHER on ya, and say "huh?" Really, they've got no right to jenk on KY people. It's the kettle calling the pot--- can't say the word, might be considered politically incorrect--- - All there are are clubs that cater to the hoodlums and ravers. No visible ethnic diversity. Don't be the wrong colour speaking a language that isn't Ameriphonics. Don't dare look for something other than a restaurant for entertainment. Jazz here is a joke. Music scene? What scene? There are some jewels here, in the music, poetry cafe, art, etc worlds, but you must look a LONG while to find them. Broad Ripple's halfway decent, but a bad imitation of Greenwich Village, slash San Francisco, slash SoHo. Try their ArtFair, if they don't cancel it to sell free cancer ribbons. -Bring your own clothes because the shoppes here suck. You will be back in CinCity or RiverTown or ShadyChi-Town trying to rustle up some current global trends. Overall, Paula, BE may not have a realistic idea of the quality of life in Indy. You will see nearly NO Black business people unless they own a fried fish joint- not kidding Paula, or a dadgum funeral home. Remember to close your mind when moving here because "here they don't tolerate no revo-mu-tionaries". Get in the box, if you want a perfect fit. Otherwise do like the rest of us OuttaTowners do: create your own fantasy world. Food is king here. Nothing else to do. -Hope you're married because if not, get ready for a long jog. No pickin's in this here market. Only gay, "downlow" (they run stories on it in Indy's alleged "alternative" public newspaper) guys, or the type that live with mommy and throw girls off balconies, or beat 'em upside the noggin with 1960's IRON lamps. All FAR below par. Now, if you don't mind interracial dating, good luck. Everyone's scared of that, except trailertrash and momma's HOMEboyz. -Don't forget to bring a mask. Indy STINKS, get here for a day and ride around, you'll see what I'm talking about. Bad as Cinti. The good: ........... crickets chirping. No seriously---- some hoosiers are very friendly, helpful, and kind. Some even know how to read, have read, have traveled, have developed interests outside of watchin' the boob tube and going to strip joints. You will find them. You might even fin -Rural, pastoral scenes in Indiana are ABSOLUTELY GoRgeous! Brown County, and so many other county areas in Indy are gorgeous. But carry your manstopper with ya when ya travel the state because many here don't know what century this is. Try the campgrounds. Gorgeous. Southern indiana is loooo-vely. Try native wine. It's very good. Try native delicacies, try book clubs--- they are excellent here. Get around intelligent, diverse hoosiers. They will be a breath of badly needed fresh air in this place, if you move here. It can be bearable, and there are worse places than Indy. Overall I give it a C-. Like the people said before, please, please, please.....visit for a month or so first. Otherwise bring your boots cuz you surely going to need 'em and that's real talk right there.........[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Ho hum - 9/29/2007

Despite the occasional editorial nod toward "culture", the only thing this city really does well is sports. The low cost of living is outweighed in my opinion by the nearly year-round crappy weather: hot and humid in the summer time, cold and icy in the winter.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Downtown - 9/8/2007

Downtown Indianapolis is a nice place to visit any time of the day or night. I feel safe with me and my family except on Friday or Saturday nights around the Circle Center Mall. Although it is safe, too many young kids are hanging around. They aren't shopping, only walking around in groups. This is the only real issue I've had while being downtown. This area has a good night life with excellent dining.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Foreclosure - 8/20/2007

The city I reside in has a high foreclosure rate and due to high property taxes, it made the housing market decline from a certain standpoint. Although, one person may view this as downfall, another investor may view this as a potential gain.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis lacks rail or subway transit - 7/29/2007

Its okay, nightlife is very boring, the city need more ethnic peoples and subway or rail transit[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Property Taxes in Indianapolis - 7/26/2007

If you are considering moving to Indianapolis you might want to watch our local and state political debates regarding property taxes. My property taxes have gone up 550% with the last two assessments. I am considering leaving Indianapolis because I am afraid they will tax me out of my neighborhood.[more...]

Cincinnati, OH

Someone help me out please!!! - 7/17/2007

Hello all, I am thinking about leaving Cincinnati and moving to Indianapolis, but I am getting mixed reviews. I was reading Black Enterprise Magazine and it stated that this city is on the move and a great place to live. Some people at work are saying that it's a better place than here because Indy has a bigger job market and more things to do. My friend told me that it's just like Cincinnati with the crime, racism, and boredom but worse. I say if you move here just expect to work in law enforcement or healthcare because everything else is given to people getting off welfare, Hispanics, or the son of the man who knows the boss! ***Not being racists or trying to degrade the lower class or the suck ups!** Everyone that I know that once lived in Cincinnati will never move back, but I need to know whether it's a place I really need to waste my time researching. If you had a choice would you choose Indy, Chicago, or San Diego? I need to be able to pay off the student loans and live comfortably as I do in Cincinnati! Please give me some honest feedback. Thanks[more...]

Sterling, VA

Born, Raise, and finally Left - 6/14/2007

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, and attended public school in the suburbs. From an early age, I knew Indy was not a place for me and couldn't wait to leave. One post was correct: people are born there, stay there, and never leave. In fact, most never leave the state their whole lives and have no concept of life outside the city (other than the news). After graduating, I moved to the DC metro area and never looked back. This area is far from perfect, but at least I never feel bored out of my mind and no longer surrounded by ignorant hicks. Overall, this is NOT a place I would ever want to live again on my own free will. I will just cover the pros/cons of the city. Pros: Very low cost of living Little, if any traffic. Several top-notch universities within an hour of Indy Sports teams (go colts!), both pro and amateur Indy 500 A few very nice neighborhoods, if you're well-healed Midwest hospitality (usually) Cons: Jobs. Wow...good luck finding a good job in this city. Indiana is suffering a "brain drain" right now and it's getting worse People. Ignorant hicks and wannabe rednecks who have never left the city and just complain about how terrible it is there and how everyone is against them. Schools. The schools are BAD. This leads to the previously stated problem Culture??? If you don't mind a good children's museum counting as culture, you're OK. Otherwise, go elsewhere. Environment. This city lacks character. It's flat, boring, and the weather gets all extremes. There's also pollution issues from the remaining factories. Racial. This is the most racist place i've EVER been. The whites blame the blacks for everything. The blacks play the oppressed role. If you're anything other than black or what, you will be a complete outcast. And be careful going into certain parts of the city due to: Crime. Bad and getting worse. Drugs (meth) and violence are very rampant problems. Your kids will probably be exposed to them think twice about raising a family here. Religion. Conservative religious right is the majority rule here. Catholic and protestant mostly. If you even smell slightly liberal, you'll be shunned (move to Bloomington in that case) Overall, if it's a choice between Indianapolis and _____....take ______[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

They've never been anywhere else - 5/21/2007

The people who are posting positive comments about Indy just don't know any better. I have lived all around the world and have never before encountered a less well-traveled population. Most people were born in Indy, have never left Indy, and never want to leave Indy. As a result their world view is narrow. Yes, there are museums in the city, but they are not comparable with museums in other cities this size. The art museum is truly pathetic. Only a Hoosier would think that there is a wide range of fine dining choices. Olive Garden is considered a great Italian restaurant. Also, please don't be confused by those postings claiming that this is a good place to raise children. It is, if you live in the suburbs and are insulated from the city. Otherwise, many areas are rampant with crime, and the school systems are deplorable. You must put your children in private school.[more...]

Shepherdsville, KY

Whers's the bus system? - 5/16/2007

Vurtually no public transportation.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

ok city - 3/16/2007

indy is a good city because it's big with a small town atmosphere, and hopefully it'll stay that way!!![more...]

Indianapolis, IN

A good place to live - 3/14/2007

Indpls has a lot going for it - Fabulous symphony orchestra, good live theatre, great restaurants and museums- and is still affordable. I've lived in NYC, Phx, AZ and San Fran CA and I've been in Indy for approx 10 yrs- The only thing missing is "real" public transportation (not a bus system that runs once per hour give or take 45 min). Good choice for famlies, but not bad for young singles or retirees either. Visit-you'll be pleasantly surprized.[more...]

Carmel, IN

Cost of Living - 2/3/2007

Cost of living is great. Not much to do for single people but a great city to raise children.[more...]

Evanston, IL

Indianapolis ain't half bad - 1/14/2007

I lived here for a summer doing a research internship and other small things, and from what I saw I was impressed by Indy. I've lived in Chicago as a university student for the past four years and though Indy lacks the cultural opportunities and nightlife of Chitown, Indy has a nice, laidback vibe to it. People here are very friendly, traffic is very light for a city this size, the city is affordable, and it is easy to navigate. Crime, though on the rise, is still quite low in comparison to other Midwestern cities I've lived in such as Chicago and Cleveland. Put it this way: I never felt unsafe at night downtown and only a few neighborhoods would I consider not walking around at night. The best thing I liked about Indy is what I got for what I paid for an apartment. In Chicago, I pay 650 a month for a very small studio with a kitchenette, but in Indy I paid roughly the same amount for a one bedroom with a full kitchen and cable included! Parking even downtown is very easy and I've never seen bumper to bumper traffic as I have every day on the Dan Ryan up here. IUPUI and the IU grad schools dominate higher education here and though I hear the public schools leave something to be desired, some private schools like Park Tudor are very very good. Outer neighborhoods like Carmel and Fishers are great places to raise a family and have many Eli Lilly employees Perhaps the only thing that irked me was the lack of nightlife for a twenty something like me. All the bars are restricted to Broad Ripple and the downtown area doesn't have much in the way of entertainment or really upscale restaurants. Other than that, I enjoyed my stay in Indy and wouldn't mind living here to raise a family. As a younger student, however, I prefer the bright lights of Chicago for now.[more...]

Twentynine Palms, CA

Perfect weather! - 1/9/2007

I've lived in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Southern California, Northern Indiana, and Indianapolis. BY FAR Indianapolis has the best weather. If you enjoy a little of all the seasons, you'll love Indy! Approximately 3 months of each season: ~ Spring: Awesome thunder storms, beautiful bloosoms.(55-75F) ~ Summers: Nice and warm. Perfect for picnicing and cookouts. (65-95F) ~ Fall: Beautiful trees and smell of burning leaves in the county! (50-70) ~ Winter: Chilly-Cold, bundle up weather, snows usually 1-6 inches a handful of times. Perfect for sledding and building snow men with the kids! (Neg.5-40F) Trust me, it's perfect because you sense the seasons changing through the year, and therefore it helps you move on and not feel stuck in a rut. It's a place to feel like you're really alive and actually moving forward! [more...]

Indianapolis, IN

general - 12/31/2006

safe city, inexpensive, friendly and becoming more cosmopolitan. still midwestern town feel, which is good, but sprawl is a big problem...when will it stop? also, pretty conservative and god-loving state. not enough outdoor mentality for me.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

The negative comments are true/research/visit befo - 10/16/2006

Indianapolis is better than Tallahassee, Fl. And it beats certain places. However, there is a lot of hide-and-seek with facts, especially economy. Indiana is still dying economically, I too have a degree in finance (bachelor's) and the best I can get is call center, $10-12 per hour. And for the price of Indiana, I think it's best spent in cities where the populace is a bit more progressive. The populace is truly ignorant. There are quite a few nice, interesting people and places here, but they all close at 5pm and aren't open on Sundays. The downtown dies after 5pm, unless you are an alcoholic or are into crossdressing prostitution. It's a great place for pedophiles- there are two convicted pedophiles and one rapist for every 500 citizens. Indianapolis is one of the cleanest, yet stinkingest, cities I have ever seen. The lovely yet disgusting Fall Creek and White River look pretty, but they stink and surround unsafe neighborhoods. Too many churches and none of them active or good for the communities they daily fail to serve. It's like living in the 1930's without the bling. I go to Kansas City, St Louis, Lexington, Tennessee, Cincinnati, or Chicago weekly due to the deadstate of Indiana. Interesting venues (other than hip hop and drunk fests) and fake jazz- At JazzFest, Elton John or Michael Florence shows up. Who's Mike Florence? Welll....there's Indy in a nutshell for you....Be ready to see Hoosiers driving north on southbound-only one way roads every day, all day, and those who are "pround" of Indy---- bad, bad schools (except for the township schools). Crack cocaine is king, and literally, crackheads line the streets everywhere. Backwards at full throttle is the best way to describe Indianapolis. The outer surrounding areas are much nicer. Seriously, there are people who are very rich who love it, and those very poor who know no better and have no higher expectations of making a life or have never been anywhere else. Visit first! Please, before throwing money and time and life away, visit first.....[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Survey Administrator - 9/27/2006

Dont like the midwest/Indiana for many reasons. To many to list at this point. Let's just say I am doing my time, saving up, and planning my move out of this state.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

Not that impressed. - 8/17/2006

I have to say that the worst thing about the city of Indianapolis is it's lack of mass transportation. I just got home from a trip out west and I noticed other cities, some smaller than Indianapolis with light rail. I was jealous and kind of mad at the same time.[more...]

Indianapolis, IN

HA - 8/8/2006

what ignorance and simple bliss it takes to make this place 'home'[more...]

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