Top 97 Opportunity Cities For 2014

I'm excited to shine a new light on this group of cities. Many of these places have been cast as dinosaurs slowly decaying, on their way to extinction, but they still have much to offer to the right people. Other places are doing pretty well, but often don't receive the attention they deserve.

The idea of "Opportunity Cities" hit me as I was visiting some of the places on this list. These cities have been battling serious issues like crime and unemployment, often for decades. With a tenuous economic situation, there has been a shortage of tax revenue for city services like education, water, parks, museums, health care, fire and police departments.

It Is A Concern
I live in Fayetteville and have been here for about 18 months due to being stationed at Fort Bragg. ...Post by:veronique
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6 months! Cannot Wait! Just got home. Pulling out of a parking lot and someone pulled around another...Post by:Robert
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Don't Move Here
Pensacola is a Horrible Place to live for All reasons except the beautiful Beach. The religious he...Post by:Tes
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Redwood City is in the middle of silicon vallye
Silicon valley has vibrant and booming economy, i live in Redwood City because it is in the middle a...Post by:Luda
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Not the pretty picture it is made to seem
Things in Huntsville, Al are not as lovely as they are made to seem. The cost of living is fair on a...Post by:Anetta
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