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Minnesota, Minnesota

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St. Paul, MN

Minnesota overall (I miss California) - 6/4/2009

The state of Minnesota is the most overrated state in the country. The weather is horrible all year around, in the winter it is so cold, your skin freezes in seconds. In the summer it's so hot and humid that I can't be outside at all. Even all year round. The Autism rate in Minnesota is the highest in the country, so I can't raise a normal family in Minnesota. Minnesotans are too nice, and bugs the crap out of me. No one is always friendly in my book. One reason Minnesota is the worst state in the country, Minnesotans call soda "Pop" I don't call soda pop, because I am originally from Laguna Beach, California. Every day I wish I never left California, the only reason I still live here is family and friends. Yes California has earthquakes, high cost of living, but is is better than suffering from horrible Minnesota's year round climate. The climate in California is decent year round, beautiful beaches, and beautiful environment. I wish I never left California![more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Siberia - 4/15/2009

If you want to feel like you live in Siberia 6 months or more per year then this is the place for you. I don't think NASA even makes outerwear warm enough to feel comfortable in this ice box of a state.[more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Tired of winters here - 4/4/2009

Being a native of MN I can say the only good thing about being here is being close to family. ALL Minnesotans lie about the length of winter to themselves and others. The winters last at LEAST 6 months and may not even be too warm come June. The relentless icy, dark, cold winters stretch on for months on end making the commute to work miserable. The howling wind and below zero wind chills make life here much like something out of a Stephen King movie- where you wait for your spouse to go bonkers, and smash through the door of your room with an axe after the 25th below zero day where you are trapped in your house with bad cable tv. If you look at the demographics people are fleeing this place not moving here- save yourself the trouble and move elsewhere..[more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Weather in MN-come here at your own risk - 4/4/2009

I have been a native Minnesotan for 40 years. I can say with 100% certainty that the only thing keeping me here is my family and that is even stretching it. ALL Minnesotan's lie to themselves /others and say the winters only last 4 months and it keeps the rif raf out. Truth be told the winters here last at LEAST 6 months and may not even be that warm come June. The siberian like arctic blast lasts for months on end. The snow and ice never cease, the cold dark days and nights make life like a Stephen King novel-you wait for your husband to jump at you with an axe after your 14th day in January living in below zero temps-holed up in your house wathing cable.If you read our demographics you will see people are fleeing from this North American living ice box. Save yourself the trouble of freezing your a$$ off andd hating every day you have to get up and go to work.. Seek elsewhere unless you drive a dog sled to work.[more...]

St. Paul, MN

Deep freezer - 3/26/2009

I underestimated the weather in MN. I have been in the US for sometime, visited a few states and this place is tooooo cold for me.[more...]

Northfield, MN

Weather in Minnesota - 12/10/2008

2008 has been a great spring, summer, and fall. With winter here it hasn't been too bad.[more...]

Eden Prairie, MN

Expensive to live there - 10/27/2008

It is very expensive to live in Minnesota. Makes it hard to be single and survive. Also, the people here are very surface. and if you don't grow up here they treat you like an outsider. They are down right rude sometimes. We have been here for almost 2 years and can hardly afford groceries. Even clerks in the store are hard to be friendly too. They have alot of "toys" here. i.e. boats and things because of the lakes. Hard to fit in that's for sure. I don't recommend living here if you did not grow up here!![more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Great Arts - 9/21/2008

There's a diverse list of things to do in the Twin Cities area; but also, throughout the whole state. Art and culture ranges from Amish to Avant Garde. The quantity of natural art and recreation is tremendous.[more...]


Economy - 9/15/2008


Hopkins, MN

Too Cold - 9/7/2008

I can't live her for another winter.[more...]

St. Paul, MN

Minneapolis - 8/23/2008

Very nice community[more...]

Sue Ellen
South St. Paul, MN

Quality of Life - 8/18/2008

The Twin Cities have a great trail system, arts and entertainment, healthcare, and career opportunities. The only thing I don't care for are the long winters but I guess it keeps the riff raff out.[more...]

Minneapolis, MN

A state of extremes - 7/21/2008

I have lived in Minnesota all of my life (48 years). The winters are cold and long and the summers are hot and humid. One must heat one's house in the winter and cool it in the summer, buy warm clothing in the winter and cool clothing for summer and medium weight clothing for spring and fall. When the weather is nice, the mosquitoes, biting flies and wood ticks come to life. I must leave soon![more...]

St. Paul, MN

"Minnesota Nice" - 7/5/2008

The true definition of "minnesota nice" is that people are polite to your face, but never friendly. Minnesotans do not like to make new friends or meet new people in general and they tend to be passive-aggresive and gossipy. They also tend to have pretty much no interest in the outside world, and like to think of themselves as being "tougher" than people in warmer climates. They also like to make fun of what they call "snow birds", which are retired people who spend winter in warmer parts of the country. Personally, i think that by the time you're old enough to retire, and you've lived through 65+ years of hellacious 6-7 month winters, you've earned the right to sit on the beach in january.[more...]

Inver Grove Heights, MN

winter - 6/19/2008

the older we get the colder it seems[more...]

St. Paul, MN

Good outdoors recreation - 4/21/2008

Lots of outdoors activities.[more...]

Burnsville, MN

Hot and Cold - 4/21/2008

Winter is brutal, summer is hot, but if you like outdoor activities like fishing and hunting this is a good state to live in.[more...]

Stillwater, MN

Winter - 4/20/2008

It's a beautiful place to live, but the winters seem very long.[more...]

Mankato, MN

Southern Minnesota Climate - 4/16/2008

Soutern MN is a farming region with a few mid-sized cities south of Minneapolis. It is very windy as it is mostly a flat terrain and our winds come straight from North and South Dakota. Winter's last from about November to March. Our summers are very short, but beautiful. July and August can be humid. Our best months in MN are June & September; sometimes also, May & October. Fall season can be short if winter swoops in early. Spring can be wonderful too, but not if winter lasts too long! The bottom line is, Minnesota's weather is very unpreditable.[more...]

St. Paul, MN

The land of 10,000 lakes - 2/27/2008

I love Minnesota because it truely has 4 seasons. Fall and spring are both stunningly beautiful. And in the winter 20 degrees is considered a warm day!! The summer is usually humid,if you have a pool you also have many freinds!!![more...]

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