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Santa Clarita, California

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Castaic, CA

Santa Clarita Valley - 6/26/2008

Santa Clarita is a family town. It's a nice place to live,but housing is rather expensive. Culture is good and is getting better. Castaic lake is about 7 miles north. Weather here is nice . It can get hot in the summer, but you can always head to the Beach on those days.[more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Very conservative town - 5/18/2008

I noticed that this site posts Santa Clarita as having a majority of democrats. This statistic is very wrong. Perhaps they transposed the 2 numbers. Southern California is very democratic, but Santa Clarita is definitely not. All the elected representatives for this area are conservative republicans. The area is also highly mormon. Which your statistics don't show either. I don't know what the official numbers are, but a lot of the people I meet out here are mormon. There is nothing wrong with being mormon and I know a lot of really nice people who happen to be mormon. However, it does go to show just how conservative this town is. For example, there are hardly any bars and nowhere to go dancing. The comedy club keeps it PG. I am raising a family here, but still find it's not a very fun, tolerant place to live. My teenager finds it styfling. There's nothing to do except go to the mall or a movie.[more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Summers are beastly hot - 5/18/2008

Santa Clarita has a great climate for 3 of the 4 seasons, but the summers which really extend from May through September are terribly hot. 100 degrees or warmer are very common. Yes, we don't have the humidity others have to deal with, but compared to other parts of LA, I really regret moving here. I feel trapped in my house in the summer, unless I'm driving down to the beach. Also, the air quality is terrible. My kids and I have asthma and we've all gotten much worse since moving here.[more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Absolutely Awesome Place to Live! - 5/13/2008

I moved to Santa Clarita in 2000, and I couldn't believe that I could actually live where most people only dream of vacationing. Our temperatures range from about 40 on the chilliest nights to the high 90s, peaking in the triple digits a few days in the summer months. Living in Santa Clarita is similar to living in Disneyworld. For the most part, everything is clean and well-maintained, there's a Starbucks (or two!) on every corner, and yet there are hidden, untamed canyons with wildlife (complete with mountain lions and rattlesnakes) within 15 minutes of most everywhere in Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita is within one hour of the beaches and ski resorts, 40 minutes from the official Hollywood. (But filming takes place on the streets, in neighborhoods, and on hidden movie ranches here all the time.) Ideally, you'd want to work and live in Santa Clarita, because traffic in the Los Angeles area is heavy. But for details on all of this, you can visit Santa Clarita was also rated in recent years as "Best Place to Live" by CNN Money Magazine, "Safest City in the Nation" according to FBI Statistics, and "One of America's Best Places to Live" by Relocate America. Santa Clarita is not at all like Los's a true hometown in a large metro area.[more...]

Valencia, CA

Stop building - 4/7/2008

When I moved to Valencia 9 years ago the drive was tough but bearable. The continual building without concern as to the affect on the citizens living in the valley is ridiculous. The traffic is out of control, both in the city and on the freeways and only getting worse, everyday.[more...]

Newhall, CA

Hometown - 3/22/2008

Santa Clarita is just about 35 miles north of Los Angeles. Cost of living relatively high but nice weather. This is my hometown. I joined this site to find lower cost of living. Thanks.[more...]

Lake Hughes, CA

Affordable living, is it really? - 3/22/2008

Personally, I do not live in the Santa Clarita Valley but I do work there. After living in Los Angeles for many years, I finally had enough. Too many people, too much traffic, too much smog, high crime rate. I did love it, going to Venice beach, riding my bike along the ocean, an afternoon at Sidewalk Cafe, people watching. But, if you have to cruise around for fifteen minutes or more, hoping to find a parking space? Enough. Me and my dog moved to Simi Valley and stayed for three years, it was nice. A little bit too hot in the summer though. Got a new job back in October 2002, selling manufactured homes in parks. The office was located in Santa Clarita. Did not know much about that area but slowly started to know it. Clean, excellent school district for families with kids. Magic Mountain Amusement park with thrill rides, again, a family thing to do. Mountasia water park, hiking in the Vasques Canyon, local riding stables. Santa Clarita Valley is master-planned and a lot of new homes are being built. Crime rate is low and still a lot of open spaces. A kind of a country feel and a yearly Cowboy Music Festival. Ventura beaches is only an hour away and you got Pine Mountain Club and skiing another hour up north. Me? I live in Lake Hughes (yes, there is actually a lake here). 3200 feet high, not even a traffic light and about 500 people, in the middle of national forest with mostly cabins. My kind of place, away from it all (only 45 minutes) and I do not even have to drive the freeway. Yes, the counry roads through the canyons are curling around, sometimes too much, but again, no freeway. Beautiful mountains and valleys, it will be six years come Memorial weekend. Home prices have dropped here too, like everywhere else. I am a licensed realtor selling it all but my specialty is manufactured homes in parks. They are affordable and Santa Clarita/Canyon Country has quite a few nice park communities. Any questions you might have in regards to this area, please feel free to contact me. Take care, Eva. [more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

The Best Weather - 3/17/2008

Santa Clarita has the best weather of anywhere I've ever been. SO many clear days filled with sunshine.[more...]

Moorpark, CA

Great place to live - 2/20/2008

Lots of good parks, schools among the best in LA County, shopping, etc.[more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Climate,Low crime - 1/18/2008

Good place to live, climate is great, just far enough away from LA.[more...]

Castaic, CA

Castaic Life - 12/6/2007

Castaic is quite a nice place to live. Our town's best asset is Castaic Lake. The lake is divided into two parts. The large upper lake is suitable for boating, water skiing, fishing, etc. The lower lake is great for kayaking, windsailing, fishing, picnicking, etc. The park on the lower lake features numerous playgrounds for kids, trails for walking or biking, picnic tables, barbeque pits, etc. You can also see a variety of wildlife in the park: cranes, blue herons, ducks, rabbits, etc. Castaic has nearly every fast-food place you can imagine along with a Denny's, 3 pizza places, a Rite-Aid, a Walgreens, Ralph's supermarket, and a Starbucks. Nicer restaurants, theaters, and a mall are only 15 min. away.[more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

A great place to raise a family - 11/18/2007

The many beautiful parks and community activities to choose from make this a great place for families with children.[more...]

Canyon Country, CA

feels like the big city - 10/20/2007

We have lived here for 9 years. The cost of housing has tripled. Everywhere you look there are houses. With new neighborhoods and earthmovers everywhere you go. The traffic is horrible, it takes 30 minutes to get from Valencia to Canyon Country or Saugus. The mexicans are taking over the towns. White people are discriminated against in all mexican restaurants or areas of town owned by hispanics. There is gang writing all over town on buildings/walls/signs. All landscaping, fast food workers are hispanic. Illegal aliens involved in any crime cannot be prosecuted as they have no identification. We found this out when our car was ran into by an illegal mexican. The police had no way to prosecute them as the car was being used illegally and they have no identification. Yet they can run into us and injure our children....HATE the Los Angeles lifestyle that is seen here.[more...]

Canyon Country, CA

Nice City,Wont be for long - 10/12/2007

Santa Clarita is a city that is following the foot steps as the city next door, San Fernando Valley.Illegal aliens are invadeing this city and makeing crime go up and lots of good people are moveing and being replaced with bad people/illegal aliens from mostly mexico.Spanish billboards are being risen and shops around the city are changeing to spanish.You most likely will not be able to get a job here anymore inless you speak spanish.This is a city I was born and Rased in, and never even could dream of wanting to move from this Perfect city.That has all changed when an illigal alien murderded a local cop from saugas.home depot 3 years ago had not one person standing in front of it now there are at least 100 illigal aliens there a day drinking beer and littering all over the place. [more...]

Santa Clarita, CA

Great Schools but too much growth in city - 6/17/2007

The schools in Santa Clarita are excellent, and most are National Blue Ribbon; however, because of the incredible and continuing growth of this valley, there are not enough schools in the area, and kids are moved from school to school due to redistricting. You move into a neighborhood and you've bought the house so your kids can go to a specific school, but because that school is overgrowded, they have to be bussed miles away to a school that isn't overcrowded.[more...]

Valencia, CA

Santa Clarita Boom Town - 5/15/2007

I've lived in the Santa Clarita Valley since 1973 when it was pleasant community to live. Since that time its been under constant growth and now it's a traffic infested, traffic light conjested, over-crowded bedroom community. The best time of the day to get around town is between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Home and business construction is on going with hillside after hillside being graded for homes that are expensive and jammed onto postage size lots. Our freeway systems that run through our valley, Interstate 5 & 14, are conjested nightmares with no relief in sight. If you live and work in Santa Clarita it's almost tolerable but if you desire to have a job that actually pays a decent salary you'll need to commute outside the area to make a living wage. If you like traffic, jammed freeways, overcrowded schools, one community hospital, rude and impatient drivers bent on running over anything in their way well this is the city for you. Yes, I plan on leaving as soon as I retire.[more...]

Valencia, CA

Traffic keeps getting worse - 5/14/2007

Santa Clarita is a great place to live but the only problem is most people commute to the LA area. Since I-5 southbound does not have a truck lane, this obviously causes traffic to back up more than it should. You either have to leave real early (I leave at 5:30 am) or hopefully you can go in later and leave around 9:30 am.[more...]

Canyon Country, CA

Canyon Country - 5/3/2007

Quiet place close to the city. Its a little quiet pocket.[more...]

Stevenson Ranch, CA

Valencia, trying to be LA - 3/10/2007

I just moved to Valencia in Jan, 2007. While it is beautiful, as most of SoCal is, there is a certain element of aristocracy to it. I moved from Louisville and I would love to have some genuine friendly people here who are not so consumed with what to wear, what to drive, and what to have. It is one of the safest places in the US, but if you are looking for "hospitality"--look elsewhere.[more...]


Schools - 2/5/2007

Great elementary schools in SCV[more...]

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