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Spokane, Washington

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moveing - 8/30/2011

I want to move to Spokane before next summer to start my family. I'm from AZ and I never want to deal with 115 weather and NO rain ever again. I don't know where to start... But my questions are, Are there any mines close by? Where can I get a cheap apartment in a (nice) area? Drug areas? Where are they? Does the river ever flood? I'd love to know all the good and bad things.[more...]

Spokane, WA

Climate - 8/16/2011

Having recently moved to Spokane from the Sacramento , CA area we have enjoyed the climate tremendously. It is so refreshing to see the beautiful blue skies and breathe the clean air. [more...]

Spokane, WA

Quality of Life - 8/16/2011

Moving to Spokane from the Sacramento area has been a delightful change in our life. The weather is wonderful and the slower paced lifestyle is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively![more...]

Spokane, WA

Seattle's Less Successful and More Resentful Count - 7/26/2011

Spokane does have some great neighborhoods where people are better educated and more tolerant, but most of Spokane is very conservative. And if you aren't white and need to move here, you have my sympathy. Spokane's conservatism ranges from the meathead, knee-jerk angry Republican sporting some variation of the Calvin urination decal on his jacked up truck to the myopic,whining Tea Party middle class blaming all their problems on the more prosperous west side of the state. The local daily paper is very conservative - it endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket. And it does not have a problem publishing blatantly racist letters to the editor. And on the subject of racism, keep in mind this is the city where a bomb was planted on the MLK Day Parade path. We are in fairly close proximity to the infamous city of Hayden Lake. I know people from Spokane will try to distance themselves from this history, but there are reasons why all these racists have chosen this geographic area. And it's not just for the four seasons of weather. Unfortunately, the white power history of this part of the country has distorted what locals consider racism. If it's not the blatant shaved head & red braces variety, then someone complaining of racism is just playing the "race card." I had the good fortune of growing up a military brat - I actually lived at Fairchild for a few years as a kid. As a NCO brat, I got used to living in a racially and culturally diverse environment. Moving to Spokane was a disappointing eye-opener.[more...]

Spokane, WA

I love Spokane WA - 5/18/2011

Moved here without ever being here before and wouldn't change it for anything. Good people, fun active downtown area, reasonable cost of living, a lot of educational opportunities available, and just an overall adorable old town.[more...]

Spokane, WA

spokane - 3/21/2011

I lived here too long and would loved to leave and when I do I won't think about it will be in my past and the nasty people too.[more...]

Rockford, IL

Seriously considering a move to Spokane - 3/17/2011

I've never been to Spokane, and, I must admit, I'm bit conflicted with all of the differing opinions I have read. I grew up in Rockford, IL - a city of almost 200K that is consistently rated one of the worst places in the country to live, by any poll (education, economy, crime, etc). I grew up with harsh winters, months of snow, ice and bitter cold, so winter doesn't scare me. I do believe, after doing some research, that Spokane winters are actually milder than those in the Midwest, anyways. Spokane seems to have affordable housing. Many people have said that Spokane doesn't really have a ghetto, but certainly there are probably nicer areas. My children are grown - it is just me and my cat - so I will not be buying anything fancy or too costly. I want an older home (pre 1930's), and Spokane seems to have these in abundance. I love outdoor activities: hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, etc., and Spokane seems to be a great place to do this too. I am a nurse by profession, so finding a job should be possible. My questions are these? Does Spokane have a lot of natural beauty? Are there lots of hiking/cycling paths in and around Spokane? What is a good, older neighborhood to live in? Does Spokane have a decent downtown (charm, restaurants, live music, etc)? How are the property taxes? How are the people (very general question, I know, but are they nice?)? A lot of people have said some very bad things about Spokane. And, frankly, a lot of people have said some very good things. But I am getting older. I don't need excitement, but I do long for natural beauty and (maybe) a sense of community. Any and all opinions are appreciated.[more...]

Medical Lake, WA


This is in response to the people who don't like Spokane and in particular the person that posted the comment about being in Spokane only for school and then leaving. Everybody has opinions and I respect that. My opinion on Spokane is that it is a great place to live. The city is smaller than places like Seattle and Vegas and L.A. which is why this place is so good to live. Rush hour, what rush hour??? I lived in Vegas where sitting on I-15 for 2 hours and only moving 2 feet was the normal. The roads are bumpy and rutty thanks to the studded snow tires that are allowed so that all of the 2 wheel drive people can get around in the winter time. There is lots of stuff to do up here especially if people turn off their T.V's and get off the couch to go explore what is out there. Camping, sure and it's only a few minutes away. Beautiful gardens, yup it's at Manito park. What about going to Pig Out in the park in late summer where you can try all kinds of restaruant food or what about the county fair that has all kinds of stuff to do and see. If you like malls then we have a few of those too. Like most places on earth, Spokane has weather and can be viewed by stepping out the door or watching the news forecast. Unlike some places that I have been, Spokane actually has 4 seasons. Winter is cold and that is why it is called winter. Spring is called spring because everything springs back to live after a cold winter. Summer is nice and generally reflects what this site shows for the average. Fall is neat because you can see the change in all of the things around you. To the person in college that can't wait to leave. Your comment was nothing but wrong about Spokane. If you don't like it then please leave because the rest of us don't want a complainer in our great city. By all means I hope you graduate early and move somewhere else and please don't let the door hit you on the way out. To everybody else. I invite you to see what Spokane is really like for yourself and to form your own opinion which you are certainly welcome to!!![more...]

Spokane, WA

Everything, Really. - 2/17/2011

I highly recommend not moving to Spokane, or anywhere on the Eastern side of the state. I moved here for college in 2007 and cannot wait to leave. First of all, I hate the weather. It is far too variable for my tastes. It's gotten to -20 in the winter and up to 110 in the summer, neither of which is agreeable to me. I like moderate climates with less drastic changes. The spring and fall seasons here are also very short, which is unfortunate. The cost of living is much lower than in Seattle or any other major city in the state, but you do get what you pay for. The roads are atrocious and are only getting worse. People consistently vote down ways to improve the education systems. The standard of living is much lower than in the other large cities in Washington. There is a ridiculous amount of drunk driving and drug use. If you look at a crime map of Spokane, you'll find that murders and rapes are very rare, but DUIs and assaults are at the top of the list. There are large parts of the city where it is not advisable to go out at night, especially alone. Culture and recreation...things that are very hard to find here. There's a nice park downtown (can't go after dark) and Manito Gardens (absolutely wonderful). There's the MAC, which is nice, and a couple of smaller museums. There are without a doubt some great areas to hike over here, some nice camping, and the Spokane river is beautiful (but too polluted to swim in). However, the hiking and camping on the peninsula is better, and that's about all you've got. There are 4 WalMarts, I believe, so there's great people-watching. The unemployment rate of Spokane is worse than the state/national averages, but only by a couple of percent. The median income is lower, as is the standard of living and property value. There are a lot of people here on SSI, disability and welfare. I won't take a stand on whether businesses do well here or not as I'm sure my opinion would reflect recent trends rather than overall tendencies. 1/3 of high school students drop out. This is about 6% more than the state average. Eastern, the local public university, has a 42% retention rate and a 72% graduation rate. People here do seem to be average or below (generally, not everyone is) when it comes to IQ, critical thinking, and reasoning. Religion and politics here are pretty one-sided although it is improving quite a bit. The county is 60-70% Republican and overwhelmingly Christian. There is a Buddhist temple and one or two synagogues, but it's very much like moving a bit of the Bible belt up to the Northwest. I've been insulted and physically threatened for wearing pro-Obama and atheist gear. That said, most people who disagree just give me disparaging looks or make snide comments about Obama supporting welfare, after all. Pointing out that I've never received assistance and do, in fact, own my own home usually quiets them. And, as I said, that's slowly changing. The horrible quality of roads aside, transportation here is pretty good. There are some bus routes that are always late, but most are on time. They have good coverage, nice drivers, and reasonable fares. I wish they ran later and earlier, but they're a great resource. There aren't many bike lanes and people here do not generally like bicyclists. Walking is also a challenge in some areas because drivers ignore crosswalks. That said, pedestrians frequently ignore them, too. The lack of courtesy goes both ways. Also, the drivers here ARE IMPOSSIBLY TERRIBLE. Speed limits, lane lines, red lights, stop's beyond at least 1/3 of them. Also, per Enterprise Rent-A-Car, about 40% don't have insurance. I recommend the bus. Things I like about Spokane: Spring here is nice. There is good hiking. The cost of living is low. I bought a house at the worst of the recession in a neighborhood that is being built up. In 2 years the value has gone up $14000 over what I paid, and I still have 3 years of school left. A da Vinci exhibit is coming to the MAC! A lot of locally owned businesses are opening up and doing well. There are some GREAT local restaurants. Spokane Valley is pretty nice. The South Hill. Lots of farmers means a wonderful farmer's market. The interest in organic food is growing! There's a growing community of progressive, sustainable-growth focused citizens who are trying to help Spokane realize its potential. Great views of the mountains! Where I come from: I was born in Virginia, then raised in Mississippi, Florida, and Seattle. I would rather move back to MS than stay in Spokane. At least I could afford horses there. I moved here for college, as I said earlier, and have no intention of staying here after I finish my master's. I would not raise a family here. Hopefully that helps![more...]

Garden City, ID

Spokane is a really nice place - 10/26/2010

We moved from Las Vegas to Boise about 15 years ago. Found out that we didn't really like that area and moved up here about 4 years ago. It is much better than Boise. A hair more expensive, but it is worth it. I have been everywhere, even overseas. Some areas are bad, but most of the areas are really nice. We own a business and during the last two years we have done really well. Not too much new construction though, but we adapted. The weather is nice, just not the winter of 07 or 08, but last year was nice. We do construction and we are still working now and it is the end of Oct. here. If you are looking for a nice place with decent weather, this is it. Not too many bugs, not too hot, the people are nice, no traffic really, decent schools, close to nature and tons of things to do. This is the place that we came to and could actually afford to buy a home. I think that our home is worth the same as when we bought it. The taxes are high, but if you work for someone else, they are decent. If you are considering Spokane, it is a good place. [more...]

Reno, NV

Rating Spokane: - 10/26/2010

I grew up in Spokane and lived there for 29 years. The Cons: Crime rate is not what you would think. A good deal of vehicle and home theft, petty crime. Winters are long and cold. In fact, if you are looking for a warm place to live, forget Spokane. It barely gets warm here until after July 4 most years. Not a lot of rain and most years for a city so far North, not a ton of snow, but they can get dumped on some years. Not a good place to start of move up in a career, a much better place to end up or to retire. Mostly caucasian. Not the most diverse place to live, for sure. Little to really see or do here if you are not into the outdoors and outdoor recreation. The Pros: If you like the four seaons, cold/cool cloudly weather, this is a good place for you. Good schools. Good, diverse colleges. Very nice downtown compliments of Expo 74'. Reasonable cost of living, but not cheap by any means and more on par with the rest of the U.S. in housing costs now. Property Taxes are a bit high, but utilities and other costs are reasonable and no state income tax. Can live in Idaho just across the line and save on property taxes and work in WA to not pay income taxes (Vancouver/Portland scenerio). Good place to raise a family. Great for hunting, fishing, boating, anything to do with water because Spokane has tons and tons of all kinds of water in and around it. Better than it used to be for national events, cycling, skating, has Arena Football, good college sports nearby. Gonzaga BB. [more...]

Truth Or Consequences, NM

Thinking of moving - 10/2/2010

I am originally from SoCal, moved to NM for my hubby to go to school cheap (he is now a paramedic and further going to school for his RN), and now we are looking to move to the Northwest where we can raise our family, including our autistic daughter, and experience snowy winters, cool springs/falls, mild summers, lots of nature/hunting/camping/fishing, and be able to live kinda close to the workplace. The workplace in my husband's case would be a private ambulance service (like AMR) or a hospital, preferably with a fully equipped ER and surgical department. How are the hospitals out there? Are they pretty advanced and technologically current? Are they large city hospitals or small community hospitals that are limited in the patients they are able to treat? I would greatly appreciate anybody who can answer these questions. One other issue was the Autism Insurance Reform bill...does anyone know if the governor there is any closer to enacting that bill? Or is it gonna sit on the desk for another year?[more...]

Spokane, WA

Big small town - 5/17/2010

Spokane is a wonderful mix of small town values and big city ammenities. Love the four distinct and equal seasons, cultural and community events, outdoor activities and good schools.[more...]

Spokane, WA

Life Long Resident of Spokane Wa! :) - 2/27/2010

I was born in Spokane in 1959. I love it here! I appreciate the 4 distinct seasons, the lower than average cost of living, and the stability of the housing market here. I have raised 5 children here.Housing trends here are far more stable than much of the country. You can view my blog at to see the latest statistics. BethAnn Long Coldwell Banker Tomlinson 509-362-4607 (website) search homes for sale in Spokane Wa.[more...]

Placerville, CA

Spokane, WA good place to live - 2/9/2010

Lived in Spokane for for 19 years, great place to raise a family, great schools (espec. Mead District), awesome outdoor activities (lakes, mountains), but very difficult to find a job to support a family. It is a huge service industry city, with a large medical community, but for the average middle class, is difficult to find a job over $35,000. Loved the four seasons, although Summer is short, so party hard on the hot days![more...]

Spokane, WA

Clash of the climate changes - 2/2/2010

I have lived in Spokane on and off for nearly forty years. Spokane gets cold, and it gets snow every year. Unfortunately, it seems to be just temperate enough not to get LOTS of snow each year, and some years (this one included 2009-2010) the snow doesn't stay on the ground for more than a few days. Spokane gets four seasons, which I enjoy along with many folks here. One of the favorite passtimes of residents is complaining about the weather, instead of the streets which are in horrible shape for a large city.[more...]

Spokane, WA

Wonderful Place to live - 1/14/2010

Having lived in Seattle for 34 years, then moving to Spokane 10 years ago, I would never go back. Spokane has more than 6 months on sunny days, 4 distinct seasons and the people are great. Check Crime Statistics for Spokane County to check out the crime in an area you are interested in. Traffic is almost not traffic compared to Seattle. The cost of owning a home is in the "reasonable" area and it simply is a good place to live. If you want to visit the "big city of Seattle" it is only 4 hours away and it is an easy drive. The outdoors are a big draw and over 30 Golf Courses within miles of Spokane. Simply a great place to live.[more...]

Anchorage, AK

Spokane weather - 12/10/2009

After living in Spokane for a year, I mostly like the weather here. The winter last year got pretty cold a few times, but compared to Alaska where we moved from, it wasn't bad. We got a lot of snow, but again, it wasn't that bad. The summer was wonderful.[more...]

Spokane, WA

Slow pace living - 11/26/2009

I moved here thinking I was moving to the sticks, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice place to live. I am a minority and the area is mostly Caucasian populated. At first I was worried that I would not fit in but most have treated me fairly, even though I initially walked around with a chip on my shoulders. The schools are excellent and the economy hasn't been hit too hard by the current financial collapse. There is plenty of outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and snow activities. The air is great and the landscape is nice to look at. The only negative thing I come up with is that there are not many big retail companies.[more...]

Spokane, WA

Great Place - 11/10/2009

Love it here.[more...]

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