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Tallahassee, Florida

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Tallahassee, FL

home in Tallahassee - 12/16/2006

I grew up in Tallahassee and after H.S., "ran-away" to Boston for about 10 years. I've been back in Tallahassee for at least 15 so have gotten a chance to see some of the changes over the years. It's a beautiful city but is also somewhat small-townish. It's a great city to raise a family in as it is a very family-oriented town, but difficult if you are single and not in college or college-aged. One reason that Tallahassee has grown like it has is that college students who have vowed once they leave Tallahassee never to come back, find themselves coming back here a couple of years after graduating to settle down and have a family, and in doing so, bring the "grandparents" along with them, which enhances the family-orientation of the city. Unlike a larger town, your not just going to walk down the street and be entertained, unless you like nature and then you'd really appreciate the abundance of natural beauty. For the most part, you have to look for entertainment and can find some really cool things to do, there is just not an overabundance of cultural events readily available. That being said, there are frequent shows and events, enough to keep a wide variety of people interested. The only way that there is not enough to do in Tallahassee is that people aren't looking. You can't just sit back and have it all handed to you, there has to be some personal involvement; which goes along with the saying "there are no boring places, just boring people!" If you are into football, you've come to the right place. It tends to be somewhat of an obsession here. If you're not, it's a great time to go shopping or to restaurants as the crowds are all focused on the football games. It's an interesting city with a wide mix of people. The schools (FSU & FAMU, including FSU's International acclaimed "Mag Lab") bring in people from all over the world and there are many ethnicity's represented, much more diverse than the "67% white and 33% black, when I grew up in Tallahassee in the 70's. Now there are people on my street who are from Africa, China, Korea as well as many states throughout the US. No longer can you feel like you "know everyone in town" or do you recognize several people wherever you go as the town has become much larger. The Hispanic population has grown and you see a lot more signs in Spanish which was previously never the case, although I'm sure it has not grown as much as the rest of FL. Yes, there are red-necks here although I hav[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee Pros and Cons - 10/29/2006

Pros- No problem finding a school, church, like to hunt, fish, drink at home unless you are a student. Parks are topnotch. Wonderful trees and the like Cons- Small town with a big town mentality. Infarstructure is horrible ie most roads, traffic, intown utility bills are stupid high, forget shoping unless Wal-Mart has it. Check out the crime rate- 7, thats like detroit or Clevland. We lived here 3 months and were looking for a way out. If you really want a challenge, be here during any of the college homecomings-a mad house.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

A progressive cultural oasis in the red-state red- - 10/3/2006

I'm not sure where the "too-conservative" comments are coming from. With Jeb in office, if you are working in the higher levels of state government, that may be the case. But the rest of the city is loaded with education-based jobs, of the type you'd expect to see filled with more left-leaning folks. The art, theater, and restaurant scenes are all far richer than you'd expect in a community this size because of Florida State University. "Party school" it may be, but the theater, music, and hospitality programs are world-class, and the city benefits a great deal from all three. The city also has an amazing parks program and has done a fantastic job of aquiring greenspace and making it accessible for recreation. That said, yes, it IS as hot and buggy as people say. But that's just the summer. The abundance of gorgeous natural places nearby makes three months a year of hiding out in the air-conditioning more than worth it. Fall and winter aren't bad at all, and in spring, Tallahassee is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen (as long as you steer clear of the silly parade).[more...]


Very small, conservative, and bland - 9/25/2006

First of all, Tallahassee is not a city, its a town. One which is run by the schools it boasts and the Capitol. Which makes for a very boring and conservative environment. Real jobs are difficult to find and most major businesses cannot be found in Tallahassee. There is no reason to move here if its not for an education, and even then, there are always other options.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

I have lived in many more desirable cities, yet - 9/20/2006

I find myself here in Tallahassee. Like your commentor Kathy from 5/11/05, (of whom I probably share much in thought), I came here for school (and had a parent and grandparent who were professors here) and got married to someone who owns a business here. I am from Madison, Wisconsin (enough said)and grew up traveling extensively and have lived in various states and countries. I've found myself feeling trapped here for my husband/convienience sake. Although Tallahassee at first look is green and lush, with sleepy charm, collegiate endeavor, and the promise of capital government,if you are of another background in philosophy, you will find the luster wane. I've learned over the years to find the areas/people/hobbies/pursuits I feel akin to, but I wish it was more natural to this area to harbor more inclusiveness, diversity, creativity, and dynamicism. Essentially Tallahassee is an updated old south.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Good and bad - 9/16/2006

I've lived in Tallahassee for 9 years. Pros? affordable living, beautiful trees, canopy roads, nice parks, a few decent restaurants, great seafood, (mostly) friendly people. Cons? rednecks, overabundance of SUVs, political types (lobbyists, etc), Jeb Bush, heat and humidity, mosquitoes, quality of education (student/teacher ratios are terrible), comparitively low incomes. FSU is pretty much a party school and not exactly a bastion of academic excellence. My husband and I are seriously considering a move to New England for better schools, weather and more things to do. That being said, Tallahassee is the only city in Florida I'd considering living in. Everywhere is is too crime-y, hot, and crowded with terrible traffic. Plus I don't speak Spanish so that pretty much rules out any city south of Orlando.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Pros and Cons - 8/27/2006

I moved to Tallahassee about 5 years ago from Ohio to pursue a Master's degree at Florida State University. It definitely took time to get used to the different (Southern) culture and climate. I thought Ohio was humid, but Tallahassee takes the cake! Beaches are deceptively far away. This is definitely a "college town" that takes its football (high school and college) VERY seriously. There are terrible drivers in this city! I'm deathly afraid to ride my road bike out on the roads. The cost of housing is alarmingly high for the (lack of) square footage you get, no matter if you're renting or owning. But with all of this said, there are some pros to living in Tallahassee. The winters are mild. For the most part, the people here are friendly. There are many things to do in the Big Bend area, if you're willing to have an open mind and try new things (i.e. go to a Monster Truck show at the Civic Center, attend the Blue Crab Festival down on the coast, check out the local art scene, etc.). But you really have to let go of your biases and be willing to try new things. I, personally, want to move as soon as I can. I'm just a Midwestern girl at heart, so I can't see myself living in the South for much longer. And I miss the snow! Hope this is helpful.[more...]

Trenton, MI

concerned - 8/10/2006

Trying to decide if we should take a job here. We have a family and have some concerns, there are a lot of bad remarks. Is Tallahassee that bad? We do care about weather, good schools, and a safe community. Is it really that hot and buggy? What about hurricanes? Any info would be nice. thanks.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Climate - 8/1/2006

Winters are great down here, but summer is blistering hot with high humidity and biting bugs. Not a whole lot to do here either.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

too hot. - 6/22/2006

the nearest beach is an hour drive away from tallahassee leaving no refuge from the ever present, broiling heat. 80% of the population is still in the "college-wild youth" phase, and again, there is little respite from that, even if you do drive to the beach. on the plus side, there is affordable housing if you are willing to find it, and the numerous state parks scattered throughout town are actually very pretty. nonetheless, i cant wait to leave. :)[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Slow southern city with good educational attribute - 6/21/2006

I have lived in Tallahassee for about 4 years because of school. I have not had any problems since I have been here. Traffic is good. The people are very friendly and helpful. The only problem is that the housing market is ridiculous. My wife and I looked but the only properities we could find were well over 190,000. That might not sound like alot to some people, but Tallahassee isn't New York City and San Fransico. The only things here are the capital and the universities. But, other than that a great place for families, retires, and young professionals.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is full of college students... - 5/15/2006

I once was one of these students, now I can't stand them. Tallahassee is ok, The real estate is still reasonable, there are activities for all age groups. The thing I don't like right now is that they are getting outrageous with developing. Progress is great, but now it seems like anywhere you see a patch of grass you are guaranteed to see townhomes built on it in about 6 months. But the traffic is acceptable, not too many high paying jobs but there is still opportunity for businesses. Tallahassee doesnt really get hit with the hard part of the hurricanes either, however it gets a little too cold for me.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL


I really like Tallahassee, however there is definetly a good ole boy factor here. This to be openly blunt; Is a town where you can cleary see the Confederate Hate still glowing in this city's eyes. I guess its not the citys fault but who do you blame? Tallahassee is a Racist town, no question about it. The good thing is that the kids that come here for collge bring their diversity here which slowly people are learning to except or deal with. You pick which word you like. Sometimes I look or deal with people here and You can see why it took so long for us white people to free the slaves. Maybe one day things will change but today is not the day.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL


I really like Tallahassee, however there is definetly a good ole boy factor here. This to be openly blunt; Is a town where you can cleary see the Confederate Hate still glowing in this city's eyes. I guess its not the citys fault but who do you blame? Tallahassee is a Racist town, no question about it. The good thing is that the kids that come here for collge bring their diversity here which slowly people are learning to except or deal with. You pick which word you like. Sometimes I look or deal with people here and You can see why it took so long for us white people to free the slaves. Maybe one day things will change but today is not the day.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

reading all comments - 5/8/2006

I was not able to see all the subsequent pages of posting on the Backfence section. selecting the page link just gave the same info as on the first page. what do I need to do different? Thanks.[more...]

Americus, GA


My husband and I moved here from the midwest. Tallahassee is a aesthetically beautiful city and the weather is great! But there are many other cities that fit that bill. As a community, Tallahassee is one of the most racially polarized cities we have ever lived it. It hold close to it's antebellum - "confederacy" type mentality - Though it tries to disguise itself and "an all American city," This is a city that celebrates old southern heretics in its' annual "Springtime Tallahassee" , a very conservative local paper - "The Tallahassee Democrat", etc. etc. While there are people of color in major position - senators, mayor and chief of police - they really seem to simply window-dress and not add any real ethnic dialogue and activities to break through a very strong barrier of racial intolerance and segregation that is blatant throughout the city. If I didn't love my home here so much - and our children not so attached to their friends here - we would be out of here ASAP. Which is our goal as our children graduate from high school and go out into the world far away from this stiffling city. I was recruited here by the university - and my mistake was falling in love with the beauty of the place - but remember beauty is always only skin deep.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

Beautiful Town - 4/17/2006

Tallahassee is overflowing with lush vegitation that is truly a sight to behold.[more...]

Tallahassee, FL

about the weather - 4/14/2006

climate is why, hot summers though[more...]

Dallas, TX

Making Tallahassee My Home - 3/31/2006

I will be transfering to Tallahassee from Dallas at this point I don't know any one or never been to Tallahassee. I'm searching for a place to stay by website and not to sure of good areas to live in. Shopping at Walmart I can handle, Love stores like Ashley's, Simply Fashion and One price stores, and Dollar Stores I'm hoping to find some of these, I'm also a arts and crafts person too. Is Tallahassee full of more college kids verses the older crowd of people in their 50's and up?[more...]

Killeen, TX

Tallahassee - 3/19/2006

I would like to know why Tallahassee is such a great place to live.[more...]

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