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"Overall, a very nice place to live"

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Longwood, FL

Living in Lake Mary is great! - 12/1/2010

I moved here from PA 11 years ago. I've seen this place grow and for the better. Everything is conveniently located. We have every store and restaurant imaginable, shopping and entertainment. The schools are great and it's very safe to live here. Since the housing market has significantly dropped, you can steal a house. The winters are beautiful compared to up north, although it gets very hot and humid in the summer for several months.(5 months) We are 40 minutes from the beach and Disney. We also have beautiful springs and parks closeby. All in all, I'd recommend Lake Mary to anyone looking to move to FL and outside of Orlando.

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Lake Mary, FL

Wonderful - 3/10/2007

A lot of shopping, nice and quiet residential areas, beautiful, great for families

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Lake Mary, FL

Overall, a very nice place to live - 7/15/2006

Overall, a very nice place to live

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