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Bedford, TX

Education in Southlake Texas - 5/22/2014

The schools in Southlake Texas mostly receive the highest ratings. THis is a great place to live and a great place to bring up children!

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Southlake, TX

Soutlake, great place to live - 9/22/2013

I am from the Fort Worth, so i have lived in Texas all my life. Southlake is my current home with my wife and 4 boys i can't say enough about the school system. If you have lazy kids, like mine, they won't be after going to Southlake. We live in the cheapest house in Southlake, 339k, and are actually selling it to move into a larger home around 470k. Consider Southlake schools a free private school, so if you have to spend a little bit more on a mortgage rather than private schools it is worth it. I have not had any car break-ins, or house break-ins in the 7 years I have lived in Southlake. It is a great place to live and really convenient to get to Fortworth, or Dallas. My house is for sale and you can find it on Good luck.

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Prince Frederick, MD

Great infrastructure and schools but horrible air - 1/25/2010

I lived in Southlake for over four years. I loved how well planned and attractive the community was and how convenient it was to get to a multitude of nice shopping and dining establishments. The schools are the best in the entire state of Texas. My daughter has a 504 plan for her dyslexia and she received the absolute best individual instruction in the middle there compared to anywhere else in the country. My only complaint was that for pretty much the entire time I lived there I was constantly sick with upper respiratory infections and allergies. After seeing numerous specialists, including those at UT Southwestern and the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, I was advised to leave DFW because the pollution and ozone were making me sick!

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Dallas, TX

Candyland - 12/11/2008

Southlake is an incredible place to raise a family. Low crime, great educational system, decent restaurants and close proximity to the DFW airport. Southlake is located relatively eqidistant from Dallas and Ft. Worth which makes either city an entertainment destination option. There is a very high degree of civic pride in Southlake, much of which is centered around high school athletices (football in particular). The city consists of many executive-level professionals and entreprenuers which results in very high standards for achievement in all areas of life.

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Southlake, TX

Dragon Tales - 1/22/2008

For all the talk about the football program - great record and great kids - the draw in Southlake is the education. While a bit pricey by Texas standards, the cost of living is cheap compared to other major cities and the schools are very, very good.

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Irving, TX

Welcome to Stepford! - 7/17/2006

If you've ever wondered whether there is a real place like the one depicted in the movie "The Stepford Wives," just go to this upscale, thrown-together, plastic "town" between Dallas and Fort Worth. Oh, it's nice. Real nice. That is, if you like everything around you to look like a movie set or scene for a photo shoot. I will say it's incredibly clean. For now, anyway. It just gives me a creepy, empty feeling. So I shop at the Costco and hurry back home to Irving.

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Southlake, TX

Thoughts on living in Southlake, Texas - 1/22/2006

My husband moved our family to Southlake 11 years ago from the northeast because of a job relocation. We moved to Southlake because the schools are rated high for the state. In general, my children received a good education here but the schools do not begin to compare to the education system in the northeast. Southlake has a great brand new "downtown" area and there is a nice community feel to the area. Beware, there are many high end, expensive homes here and Southlake has a negative image in the surrounding areas as being "snobby, and wealthy". Not true (we are an example of the fact) but I have found myself not wanting to tell people that I live in Southlake since the response is "oh, you must be rich". Be aware that property taxes are VERY high here and will continue to go higher as the district is property tax wealthy and Texas has a state mandate which taxes property wealthy areas to fund the poor school districts in the state, this is non-affectionately know as "Robyn Hood", taking from the rich to give to the poor. The schools are also highly competitive in all areas. Both of my children played in the high school band but there is a lot of pressure to be "number one" here in all areas of school competition. One extreme of this is the Carroll High School Football team, the State Football Champions in the 5A district. There are shades of "Friday Night Lights" here, there is an expectation that since we are Southlake Carroll we are supposed to always win. Keep that in mind if you have kids in sports. Sometimes it borders on being unhealthy. But frankly, this is Texas, the football capitol of the US. You will probably find this attitude in any town in Texas. The town is full of transplants from all areas of the country so don't worry about being ostracized for being a newcomer. But, this is also a highly conservative Republican area; liberals beware!

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