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Relocation - 6/25/2010
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Memphis, TN

I am currently living in Memphis, Tn. I am considering moving to Georgia! How is the job market there, and which cities do you recommend to consider buying a home?

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Decatur, GA

We Can Do Better - 11/25/2011

Depending on where you live in Decatur, you will have a different view of the city. Here in Georgia, you have the peculiar situation of having both a city of Decatur and then there is the unincorporated portion of Decatur. Same with Stone Mountain. At any rate, if you live in the city of Decatur, you can't help but fall in love with the place. It has been named a "top city" several times by city organizations who rate cities for quality of life. It has a lot of appeal for the young and old alike. Lots of quaint shops and restaurants. Low crime, nice clean streets, and lots of nice residential communities within walking distance from the center of town. The only drawback for me is that they don't have a lot of affordable housing in the area and it's getting more exclusive than ever. In the unincorporated areas of Decatur it also depends on where you live as to what you will say. There is a mixture of "good neighborhoods" and "tough/bad neighborhoods." One thing that stands out to me is that there needs to be more (and better) recreational facilities in the city and the county (Dekalb). There are simply not enough good accessible facilities for kids here. [read more...]

Atlanta, GA

sh--it on a stick - 9/6/2010

decatur aint no better than the city of atlanta , do yourself a favor and find som place better !![read more...]

Memphis, TN

Relocation - 6/25/2010

I am currently living in Memphis, Tn. I am considering moving to Georgia! How is the job market there, and which cities do you recommend to consider buying a home?[read more...]

Decatur, GA

near & far enough - 3/1/2010

living in Decatur has the perks of Atlanta, big city style, but without the downside of higher taxes and congestion.[read more...]

Decatur, GA

Diverse and growing - 7/13/2009

Decatur is 7 miles from downtown Atlanta. It's a place of diverse population with lots of growth, restaurants, live theater, galleries, and shops. City taxes are relatively high but you get alot for you buck. Weather can be an issue - comfort index is on the low side because of hot, humid summers. Cost of living is lower than other US locations with comparable amenities in my opinion.[read more...]

Ellenwood, GA

Nice place to live - 7/2/2009

It's a good area, quiet.[read more...]

Decatur, GA

nice place - 2/4/2008

nice place to much trafic[read more...]

Cleveland, OH

Exon--Decatur - 7/18/2006

Are there some neighborhoods in particular that I should what out for? I'm visiting in a couple of weeks. I've already heard about South Atlanta, but I heard that Downtown Decatur is pretty good and safe. Thanks[read more...]

Chicago, IL

RN - 4/4/2006

I am looking for affordable housing, great schools with a track team and activities for my children, warm climate, hospitals, running groups.[read more...]