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Sioux City, IA

Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa - 12/10/2015

Climate in winter ranges from 10-15 degrees to 85+ in the summer 7% sale tax population @75,000, economy ok

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Sioux City, IA

Great Place!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/19/2011

Sioux City is an amazing place. Low crime rate, Great Schools, Great People, Most People are friendly and Polite. Just an overall great place to live!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hayesville, OH

Sioux city, Iowa Terrible place to live - 3/21/2011

I lived here for a year. Its the worst place to live. I have 2 children that were harassed and bullied. Nobody did anything about it. Alot of gangs and drugs. Young girls getting pregnant. My husband got jumped by 4 men. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. People are also mean and rude.

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Sioux City, IA

New in Sioux City - 10/27/2009

We've lived in the Siouxland area for just about a year. We came here in November cold, (no pun intended) and discovered that the housing market was stable as was the cost of living. Moving from a more metropolitan area Sioux City was a bit of an ajustment, but people are nice and straightforward. The medical industry is pretty good and Sioux City is only a four hour drive from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The Summers are nice and filled with lots of summertime activities, such as boating on the Missouri River and surrounding lakes, (only two hours from Lake Okoboji Resort area), as well as softball, soccer, walking and hiking trails. Sioux City is also home to semi-professional baseball, hockey and arena football and lots and lots of small but decent golf courses. Winters can be harsh, but no one moves to the upper midwest with knowing this and dressing and driving appropriately. Besides, the winter makes the summer that much more special. Oh, and there's sweet corn. The best in the world.

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North Sioux City, SD

Sioux City job opportunities little to none - 10/30/2008

Sioux City is becoming a city with no job opportunities

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Barry, IL

Sioux City - Pros/Cons - 2/17/2008

Pros: 1. Low crime rate 2. Extremely low cost of living and housing 3. Affordable place to live 4. They're revitalizing the downtown Cons: 1. Poor school system 2. Not very much to do 3. The economy is not as good as other cities in Iowa

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Sioux City, IA

Nice place to live except for weather - 2/13/2008

Weather very unpredictable and 4 extreme seasons

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South Sioux City, NE

What A Lie! - 4/25/2007

Sioux City is not a dangerous place to live. Most crimes commited around here are either drug related or juvenile related. Nothing to major. I also have a hard time believing that CA is a safer place than Sioux City. I've been here my whole life and I still leave my doors unlocked at night and leave my keys in my ignition over night. If you're not involved in illegal activities than consider yourself safe.

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Dakota City, NE

Many, many options here - 2/25/2007

Speaking from the experience of living only 10 minutes outside of Sioux City, I can say this is a great area. I actually live in Nebraska but my commute time from home to about any job in Sioux City is only 15-20 minutes, tops. There are no traffic jams to worry about so your commute time is distance time only. As far as the crime, yes we do lock our doors but I believe we would do that no matter where we lived bc no one really knows their neighbors now do they? Although in our little town, there are too many dogs for my comfort, if it weren't for that, I would not hesitate to walk at night with my husband and would feel safe. I live in a quiet neighborhood and the best part is, you can own a 1000 sq. ft. home with a normal 75X150 lot for around and even less than $100,000.00, pay less than $1500 in yearly taxes and cost of living is very, very low. My only serious complaint with it is the weather. Although I've lived all my life in this area, I loathe wintry roads and wish I lived in warmer climate and didn't have to worry about snow. If that doesn't bother you, this is the life! Jobs are not real plentiful but there are jobs here. Basically, if you have a job here and if you can stand to report to it daily, you hang on to it with all you have. Sioux City is definitely a little rougher than surrounding cities but these surrounding cities are so easily accessible and distance is not really a factor.

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Kansas City, MO

Good place to Live! - 8/19/2006

Sioux City is an excellent place to live and raise a family. Don't look at the crime statistics because there really is hardly any violent crime. Gangs come and go and the city is very pro-active to eradicate them as soon as they become known. The city is growing retail wise, with many offerings that towns of similar size already have. Over 3 MM sq. ft of new space available. The city has a new 10,000 seat arena so concerts look to stop in the area. The city is trying to revitalize the downtown core and stockyards area. Sioux City also has Nebraska and South Dakota in its Metro area. Those statistics do not get included with these. another 20,000 people live within 5 miles of the city limits. There may show net migration, but people move to South Dakota frequently because of tax advantages that Iowa residents cannot have.

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Modesto, CA

Crime - 9/5/2005

I am reading the stats on this site, it is telling me that the City ranked worst in America for Auto Theft and personal theft is not as bad crime wise as Sioux City IA. I have a hard time believing that Modesto Ca is a safer place to raise a family. Can anyone tell me how I am wrong or what I am missing?

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