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"Cajun Culture"

Cajun Culture - 4/7/2009
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Lafayette, LA

Crawfish and fiddle music can be a bit boring

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not tellin
New Iberia, LA

could not possibly HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE it more :D - 4/3/2012

hate the real estate market_ any house that will be left standing after a hurricane is priced WAY too high for not enough home!! HATE the segregated education!!! there is NO magnet system so if you are poor you are OBLIGATED to receive poor education sad for those who are smart but poor Great for those who are mildly rich but stupid! HATE the food- tourist state yes, diversity is education; education is imagination; imagination is evolution and there is no evolution in Louisiana (anyone raised in Louisiana won't understand that statement)!!! The people here are so "rich" in culture that they cant see past their own noses! So many things are abandoned!! things that aren't abandoned are just neglected and its perceived as "beautiful and authentic". I'm going insane because of the closed minds here!!! I could go into detail here for hours about why i feel what i feel, but to sum it up fast...HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!![read more...]

Lafayette, LA

I live in Lafayette, LA - 1/18/2012

It's a great place to call home.[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Housing - 4/2/2011

Housing is very expensive! No bang for the buck.[read more...]

Jacksonville, NC

lafayette,la. is not a nice town! 'God honest trut - 3/7/2011

im born and raised in lafayette,la. until the age of 13 and move around alot to various places due to my father being in the military and myself also and i must say that my experiance of being here and there showed me how much lafayette really lacks and a whole lot. it showed me how little is actually put into the city as a whole everything from naturallandscaping,attractions,roads,education, not downing my hometown, but rather upset that we lack all these things over the years and all these other towns not as big as lafayette are moving on building up and we still look like a town with a 80's image.dont mention downtown nothing impressive at all,and thats the truth about lafayeet,la. [read more...]

Lafayette, LA

c'est la bonne vie (it's the good life) in Lafayet - 2/13/2011

My wife and I moved to Lafayette from Quebec about 5 years ago, and it's been a wonderful place to live. I think anyone that has posted negative comments around the people and culture must have really chosen their company poorly. I've found everyone really inviting and friendly thus far. As we have French Canadian background, we've really enjoyed the unique culture here, from the French immersion programs at some schools, to the unique Cajun/Acadien French dialect and cuisine. Acadiana also has many wonderful cultural festivals (Festival International de Louisiane, my favourite) throughout the year; it's been a lot of fun for the family. Although housing costs are a bit higher than I'm used to, it has not been too bad. They have many beautiful neighborhoods here as well like River Ranch, Greenbriar, The Settlement; there's a really nice sense of community. I would highly recommend Lafayette to anyone looking for a unique place to raise their family. Crime is low, people are quite friendly, and the culture is truly unique in America. Bonne chance tout le monde! Jean-Claude[read more...]

Abbeville, LA

Your Opinion of Lafayette Will Be Directly Related - 2/8/2011

Lafayette is UGLY. There are very, very few attractive places in relation to the vast majority of commercial and residential areas that are neglected. If you have lived in a city that cares about it's impressions to visitors and potential residents, you will notice this immediately. Very few greenbelts or parks, virtually no attractive landscaping, and it has some of the ugliest shopping centers on the planet as you drive down Johnston (the major artery)unless you are passing the college. If you were raised in the area, you probably will not realize this absolute fact unless you have lived in an area where some funds are spent creating a modicum of pride in the city's appearance. The people are very nice and polite on the surface. Underneath there is a pervasive prejudice against people of color. I have never heard the "n" word used with as much flippant use as I have living in this area, and correct or enlighten at your own risk. Again, is you have lived here all your life, this fact will fly under your radar, as this is fairly normal and acceptable. There are many fantastic attributes the people here embody. They are hard-working, largely honest and forthright, and they have a very deep sense of pride (as evidenced right here in the comments of the locals who were raised here). The culture promotes and esteems good times and great food. There is a live and let live mentality, especially among the Cajuns, that is refreshing. Lafayette and the surrounding areas have their good points and bad points. And if you comment on the bad points, even when prompted, you can expect to be told to go back to where you came from. [read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Lafayette-A Cajun's Point of View - 11/25/2009

I love my city. It is a part of America, and because of that Jack and Terri are allowed to write whatever their opinion is about Lafayette. That's called freedom. However, freedom does not promise wisdom or sensitivity. This is a truly wonderful city in which to live and raise your children. I have to ask this question about their comments, "What is wrong with you?" Our French culture is genuine; born of a people who were isolated from the rest of the country for a couple of centuries. I'll tell you what I tell anybody who comes to America and doesn't like. If you don't like it here go back to where you came from. We only want people who know how to enjoy themselves here. We won't mind because there are plenty of other people who also love this city. God Bless you on your merry way.[read more...]

Carencro, LA

Living in Lafayette - 11/8/2009

We have lived here two different time peiods in our lives. The people are unique, friendly, and independant. The city is very progressive, and has the only real net increase in populatin in the last 10 years in the state. We are far enough north, that hurricanes do not provide any tidal surge to Lafayette Parish. This area is the heart of Acadiana, it is a cultural melting pot of french, creole, german'ss, spanish and cajuns. There are many who have worked in the oil patch companies, who return to retire here. A great health care system exists, as well as innovative busniness have chosen to locate in Lafayette. The cost of homes is higher than other places we have lived in, as the cajuns value their land.[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Not your ordinary... - 6/15/2009

...little big city. Lafayette has a strong grip on its heritage, that makes you wish you'd found it much earlier.[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Cajun Culture - 4/7/2009

Crawfish and fiddle music can be a bit boring[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Nice, if you can take the humidity - 4/5/2009

Lafayette is a really great place, as long as you can take the long periods of high humidity.[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

. - 2/18/2009

decent place to live. festivals and outside music venues are good.[read more...]

Bossier City, LA

MIssionary Baptist Church - 12/5/2008

I pastor a Missionary Baptist Church is Bossier City, La. Through recent surveys I have noticed that there are few Baptist works in general in this area and none that is associated with the A.B.A or the B.M.A. that I know of. If you are reading this and would be interested in starting a new baptist work affiliated with the American Baptist Association please respond and let me know. This would be a conservative work based on the Holy Bible. My email address in[read more...]

St. Paul, MN

housing situation, hospitals - 10/21/2008

Nice neighborhood and possible employment at nearby hospitals.[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Pearl of Louisiana - 3/21/2008

I have lived in Lafayette for all my life and I must say that it is the pearl of Louisiana. My visits to all the other major cities in Louisiana leave my yearning to return home to Lafayette. The quality of life is much better than that of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The crime rate is low and the home appreciation, despite this site's information, has risen significantly. I was in awe to discover that a three thousand square foot house in the trendy neighborhood of River Ranch was on the market for 1.1 million. My house has more than doubled in value over ten years. The economy of Lafayette is very diverse, despite the factitious stereotype that it is oil-driven and reflects the predicament of petroleum market. Greater Lafayette is home to many hospitals, ten of which are located in the city proper. The southern suburbs of Lafayetee have seen tremendous growth in a period of ten years and the next ten years looks promising. From a transportation viewpoint, Lafayette is positioned at the junction of I-10, which is undisputably the country's main arterial and I-49, which will soon reach northward to Kansas City, Missouri and southward to New Orleans, Louisiana. Many other transportation projects are in the works, including an interstate toll loop around the western suburbs of the city. This will certainly stimulate growth in the area. The future looks spectacular for the city of Lafayette, under the leadership of maverick mayor Joey Durel, and the state of Louisiana with the practical mind of Governor Bobby Jindal. It is correct to say that Lafayette is a big city with a small city atmosphere.[read more...]

Lafayette, LA

Lafayette is your home. It's my home. It's our hom - 10/30/2007

I am floored by the negative comments about Lafayette, LA- both about the city and its people. My question is for those who made rude comments about the people of Lafayette. You say they don't accept you...are rude to you...are uninviting. How do you act towards them? Unaccepting? Rude? Uninviting? I'd venture to say yes on all accounts. My fiancé moved here several years ago for work. He'll be the first to admit that he hated it. Then he came to realize that this is HIS HOME and he could continue to hate it or venture out and become involved in the community. He strives to be an example to his co-workers, all of which are from out of state, that if you open your mind and your heart to the area, the area will welcome you in with open arms...just as I strive to be an example to his co-worker's significant others. You don't like the schools? Get involved. You have issues with the roads? Get involved. You have issues with the people? Get involved. You can sit on your sofa and stew about what you don't like about Lafayette or you can get out to Downtown Alive or Festival Acadiens or Festival International and meet people who think Lafayette is the best place to be and want to share that with you.[read more...]

Carencro, LA

Lafayette, Louisiana - 8/5/2007

The first one must know about Lafayette, and Louisiana in general, is that the climate from March to through October is extremely hot and humid. Second, the public school system is abysmal, which caused is by wide scale cronyism, and legendary governmental corruption. Everyone that has the wherewithal sends their children to private or Catholic schools. The roads, generally, are awful, and not just because of the aforementioned systemic corruption. There is no bedrock to speak of, foundation slabs merely float on the soil. Same thing for roads. Even new roads don't last very long because of the poor foundation. On the plus side, Lafayette is extremely diverse. Whites only represent a major minority. The climate is conducive to growing anything. Unemployment is low, and it is fairly easy to find a job, even though the jobs may not be the best available. Of course, there are hurricanes and we all know what happened with Katrina. [read more...]

Duson, LA

Lafayette is a family-friendly town - 5/5/2007

Lafayette is very family-friendly. There are many activities surrounding children's sports: karate, t-ball, hunting, fishing, and the like. There is a children's museum and a natural science museum (needs a little work, though!). We also have the University of Louisiana - Lafayette here, with all the amenities that come with a college town. We have one of the largest Academy Sporting Goods in the country, and we have multiple outdoor-outfitting shops. The annual Festival International is held every April and is a free event, with great music and wonderful food. The area is predominately Cajun-Catholic, with an influx of people from other areas of the country due to the 70's and 80's oil boom (which eventually busted, I might add). Professional jobs pay a livable wage given the low cost of living in Louisiana (no property taxes), although housing is more expensive due to the scarcity of units (Hurricanes Katrina and Rita of 2005). New Orleans is about 2 hours away, and Baton Rouge is about 45 minutes down the interstate. I would highly recommend this area to anyone.[read more...]

Opelousas, LA

Unique lively city continued - 4/20/2007

The rest of my post that was somehow cut off (Maybe I had too many words for a post on this site. As I am a well rounded educated individual, oh and have all my teeth, I could choose to live anywhere, but choose to stay here, something is just different about this place that keeps me here. Maybe because its like no place else in this country. I Currenly don't live in Lafayette but work in Lafayette, Am Currenly in Opelousas about a 20 min drive north of Lafayette (Only because of the cost of housing to me is too high in lafayette and has gotten worse since the hurricanes of 2005 As we say done here Leze Le Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good times Roll) and Joir De Vive (Joy Of Living). Lafayette is a city of Life and Good times. John P. Breaux Citizen of the state of Louisiana (not the Former Senator that Resides in Maryland)[read more...]

Opelousas, LA

Uniquely different - 4/20/2007

I don't know what all the negative commets about Lafayette are for. I was raised in this very Unique Louisiana City. The City has a Very lively and Unique Culture. Yes We the people of Lafayette are very different from most places in this Cookie Clutter Country. At least most of our Neighborhoods are Unique and most homes don't look the same and are different Architecturaly. We are a very Different City than most Louisiana Cities. You Can Travel From one end of the state to the other and No Dialect is the same, New Orleanians sound like there from Boston or other New England Dialect. Lafayette people have a very differnt dialect all on there own cher. Lafayette and Surrounding area is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Louisiana even before Katrina & Rita. If it was so bad Schools, Roads, People, Then why is it one of the fastest growing cities in the state. (As some where saying in Other post that schools and other quality of life issues were horrible). Yes We do have our problems like most American cities Do. Yes it does get hot an Humid, but I'd rather be warm than cold. And its easier to beat the heat these days, Its a modern thing Called Air Conditioning(For those who are Complaining about the heat). With all the different Resturants & Fresh seafood is plentiful, Cajun Spicy Food, theres enough to satisfy anyones taste buds. Also there is the National Chain restruants if you don't like the Local Resturants. We are a very Laid back People, Who are never in a rush to get anywhere, and Family is the most important thing in most peoples lives here. Even if some family member does something to offend the other, Folks blood is thicker than water. I have traveled to many places the worst so far I've been to is Las Vegas, Very Rude People there, People there are very much all about themselves, there is no culture and no respect for others. At least when you get a flat tire or car troubles People here in Lafayette (and surrounding area)stop to help. Every Friday in the Spring and Fall there are Downtown Concert series Called Downtown Alive, Where else in the country and you have a big dance party in the middle of the street, Representing many different types of music. Its nice to see all the diffent people and Cultures mixing with each other and having a good time. With the Downtown Revitalization, New Buisness and old are thriving in the once dead downtown area. As I am a well rounded educated individual, oh and have[read more...]

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