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Denham Springs, LA

A lot, but not a lot - 4/2/2011

D.S. used to not have much, but now a lot of restaurants and retail shops are setting up shop here. Still, there's not much else worthwhile to do unless you like eating, going to the movies, and shopping everyday. Traffic is terrible and only gets worse as you get into Baton Rouge. It is however a good place to raise a family. Just not a good place for young adults.

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Denham Springs, LA

Back home freedom - 3/6/2009

This parish is trully a down home place to be. It has the best schools, great homes, and neighbors! From the city to the horse farms- it is trully a great place to be.

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Denham Springs, LA

TOO HOT - 6/14/2008

Louisiana is a great place live we have strong family values and traditions. The food is absolutely second to none. However the climate leaves a lot to be desired. It is soooooo hot and humid in the spring and summer it is miserable. The cost of living is still low.

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Denham Springs, LA

Growing Rapidly - 8/29/2007

Denham Springs is just outside of Baton Rouge, La. It is in Livingston Parish/County. Population growth, median income, quality of living are all above average within the parish and have been for the last 15 years+. These positive attributes are directly linked to the Public Education here as being the best in the state for many years. That alone has been the sole driver of the growth of community consisting of people that have great jobs, live here to send their kids to the public schools, but mainly work in the Baton Rouge area. However, with the new installation of a Bass Pro Shop tourist attration and other economic catalyst that are positive, this once quite town with great schools and a great atmosphere to raise a family will become something of a tourist attraction to the tune of three million annually. In addition, a new hospital, minor league baseball team stadium, and a development that is often referred to as a city within a city is scheduled to begin construction within the year, give or take. This development will be located one exit (2.5 miles) east of the Bass Pro Shop cite. I feel with the expansion will come only positives for the area. Finally, Denham Springs and its neighbors within the parish/county are far enough inland to be sheltered from all the major Hurricanes that have come thru in the last decade, so there is no threat in this regard.

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Denham Springs, LA

Denham Springs is changing rapidly - 8/3/2006

We haven't lived in Denham Springs that long. The typical "redneck" stereotype applied to anyone that lived east of Baton Rouge. However, that is quickly changing as more affordable housing and better schools crop up right around the EBR/Livingston parish lines. But as that rapidly happens, traffic gets worse because of more commuters. In typical fashion, Louisiana always seems to be reactive than proactive about improving infrastructure...and we sit and wait. What choice do we have?

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