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Beaufort, SC

Horrible for Young People - 4/21/2016

This place is exactly what you'd expect for a small town. Great for old people who like a slow lifestyle of fishing and pig pickings. Horrible for young people -- teenagers or young adults. There's nothing here for them. No shopping (just a little strip mall with Walmart, TJ Maxx and Belk), no concerts, no nothing. No ethnic diversity whatsoever, the population is very "monochrome" (black and white). There is one tiny movie theater showing mainstream movies if you're into that. Nightlife? Ha. You want to go to any stores like H&M or Forever21 or Anthropologie or whatever? Go get in your car and drive an hour and a half to Charleston. Want to attend a concert? Get in your car again. Hell, we don't even have a Target here. Job market is great if you want to work in the fast food industry. If you're young, you get the hell out as soon as you can to escape the crushing boredom.

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Port Chester, NY

Special needs education in Beaufort and Port Royal - 10/2/2014

We are relocating to the area and I am wondering about the elementary school special needs programs. I will i appreciate any feedback.

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Woner why Beaufort has lost 8% of it population? C - 9/6/2014

In 1992 when we first came ot Beaufort we oculd walk the streets day and night and even late into th enight and we always felt safe. Now? We wouldn't feel safe if General Patton was surrounding us. Local authorities and politcos have left the crime get out of hand because, in our opinion, they just want to try "dialogue" and be those good old namby pambyes so as not to offend anyone. And it is easier to put up someone going 2 MPH over the speed limit than to go after a gang group at might or a sex offender or a druggie or a wife beater or a child molestor. Plus they have all the out of town tourist money to take in their little speed traps and parking violations. To hell with the locals, just play it safe for themselves. A lot of movies use to be filmed in and around Beaufort "Forrest Gump" "The Great Santini" etc. Now we're not sure when the last major film gorup came here. orth Carolina's governor is taking the good stuff and we lose over & over Thus said, if you're thinking about moving here to live, retire or start a business know the following: The crime rates, Violent and Property are NOW HIGHER THAN DETROIT & NORTH CHARLESTON. Check it for yourself on Sperling's Best Places and if you call the PD and ask why , you get a run around and denials even though the stats are showing it...then they'll hang up as we have experienced..not always but usually. Well it's your choice. We are leaving for safer grounds, say some place like Iraq

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Beaufort, SC

Small Town Charm - 6/8/2014

Beaufort is a small town with lots of charm, history, and a good jumping off point to larger cities to fulfill ones need for the arts and culture (Charleston to the North and Savannah to the South).

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Ladys Island, SC

A Small Paradise - 2/21/2011

After living in some of the largest cities in the world, Beaufort was a much needed change of pace. The slow southern life style is perfect for anyone wishing to build a family, enjoy the outdoors, and become a part of a real community. The waterways are breath taking. The downtown waterfront park is like the heart of the small town. With swings draped in ivy, cafes with awesome views, a children's play area, and plenty of amazing art galleries; unless it is shopping malls and traffic you crave, Beaufort is for you. Beaufort can't be judged by a drive by, unless you see it from the water, you really haven't seen it.

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Seabrook, SC

Beaufort..... - 7/12/2010

I live here in Beaufort, I actually grew up here, but have lived in a few different places. The main problem with Beaufort are the people who run this town. Our schools are some of the worst in the nation, and nothing is being done about it. We have a huge lack of education, low paying jobs, and A very high cost of living. The rest of my family actually lives in Hawaii, and the cost of living here is cheaper, but not by a whole lot. The difference is, what you would get paid $18.00 an hour for there you make min. wage here. Health care, is not so good here as well. Beaufort is a nice little place to live though. A beautiful enviroment, great history, rivers, beaches,fishing, and wild life. Beaufort could be a wonderful place to live, if the people here demanded some changes. We have quite a few VERY wealthy people that call Beaufort there home. This still does not seem to break this trend of the "I don't give a rat's !*s about anything" attitude from our local officials. Other than that, Beaufort is a quiet little town, a town where you have local festivals, outings on the river, and great culture. We like our town quiet. We don't mind driving to Savannah to go to the mall. It is nice to leave it all behind in Savannah and come back to our sleepy little town.

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Beach Bum
Beaufort, SC

Life in the Lowcountry - 6/14/2010

The cost of living is way over what it should be. A house near a swamp can cost over $300,000 just for the "Water front view". Besides realty, Beaufort is pretty awesome as far as beaches and nature at its finest. Beaufort itself doesnt have much for entertainment, but is centralized to many places if you dont mind driving. Savannah, Ga and Charleston, SC is only 45 minutes away. You can make a weekend trip to Jacksonville, Fl (5 hours) or Myrtle Beach, SC (4 hours). Its a vacation area. Its small and I have never even heard of it until I recieved orders to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. I was raised in a big city (Houston, Tx) and this is a nice step away from the hussle and bussle that comes with the big city lifestyle. Overall, Beaufort is in my top 6 (out of 14) of the places that I have been based.

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Beaufort, SC

Dont relocate here... - 1/16/2010

This is a terrible place to live...the realestate is extremely overpriced...

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Beaufort, SC

Living in Beaufort - 10/17/2009

First off- I am living in Beaufort due to my husband in the Military and we are both originally from California. When we first moved out here we were in SHOCK!!! There are no metropolitan things & really not much to do in this little city. All of the people we met told us that the town sucks and there is nothing to do anywhere within 30 miles. However, knowing that we have to live here for the next 2-3 years we've decided to look for things to do locally & found some decent stuff. Downtown Beaufort & Ladys Island are nice. Unfortunately, there are NOT many options for shopping in this city, you'll have to travel almost 40 minutes away to get to the nearest Target :( & if you are coming from the West Coast, they have never heard of Del Taco here, haha. I have read many of the city reviews and yes there are many downsides of coming to Beaufort- the drivers are indeed crazy ( I have almost been run off the road twice from someone switching lanes) & there are many accidents. There are quite a few of rude locals, mainly the Wal-Mart employees. You must travel outside of the city for most things. & for administrative personnel like myself, there are not many jobs. However, there are many good things about living in Beaufort opposed to a big city- no city traffic at ALL times of the day, peaceful living, clean beaches, the palmetto trees are GORGEOUS, the weather isn't too bad, there are MANY places with warm welcoming Southern Hospitality. & you can now say you've lived in South Carolina :) I know it can be a real jaw dropper coming from the hustle and bustle of the West Coast but give it a chance to grow on you, like I said we've only been here a few months but we'd better make the most of it if we have to be here!

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Ladys Island, SC

Beaufort is two thumbs down!! - 7/13/2009

Ok, im in a military family and i travel alot and i now currently live in Beaufort and i must say its the worst place i have ever been to. First of all there is absolutely NOTHING to do unless your old and enjoy doing boring stuff. The people here seem rude and judgemental. southern hospitality?? pssh as if!! Im a guy and i kinda stick out cuz of my hair and sense of style and i must say i get quite alot of mean glares from people. I attend Beaufort High School so if anybody i should have the most info, and the school is okay but the students are horrible!! All of the kids think they are tough, violent gang members and it gets on alots of peoples nerves. If your a teen like me you would absolutely despise this place. This place just seems so old fashioned and needs to get in with current things, for example more entertainment!! all they have here is a movie theater. Honestly i would do anything to move away from here, i hate this place so bad i just have to warn people.

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Newark, CA

Beaufort - 9/11/2008

Andrea, shame on you Valley Girl to dis a small community like Beaufort. The water is good the air clean and the beaches have warm water and mostly clean sand, not oil sand like in your area. Beaufort is very old and yes, not the malls you are used to. About the drivers, whoa..where are the most car accidents but in the L.A area. Beaufort has it's faults. but it also has a lot of history and charm, which you probably never tried to seek out. No it does not have a zillion restuarnts or high end little shops. I too was stationed at Parris Island for two years and never had problems with the Beaufort people. As for bad manners, must be the L.A. schools that did not teach you to be kinder to others. And of course, where but in L.A. are people more hung up on themselves and their looks. Get real honey. Yes I can say all the things that I have as I too am a California Gal, with much better manners than you will ever have. I have never had a Beufort person ever be negative to me or my friends. Beaufort is not a rich community, but I would not hesitate to stop there should I go back to that area. As the other people stated and I agree, it is close to Savanah and Charlston where there are fine food places, quaint shops and lots of history. Hopefully you will not dis other communities as you have done to Beaufort. From another California Gal who appreciated Beaufort during my stay at Parris Island. Oh one more thing, have you ever gone out on a shrimper or watched them leave or come in with their catch. None of that so close to shore as in Beaufort. As you well know in areas they shrimp in California, they really have to go out far. Beaufort, thanks for your hospitality when I was there. JK

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Mauldin, SC

Salaries - 7/31/2008

Seems like the salaries are lower than what they should be for the high cost of living for the area.

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Saint Helena Island, SC

My Home Town!!! - 11/13/2006

Andrea!!!! Listen UP!!! All of Beaufort's locals are not rude and inconsiderate... And we do not hate our military we love it (Ooh Rah!!!)... It’s what makes Beaufort well Beaufort... Your right there are no places to shop except for Wally World, but it only takes 1 hour to drive to Savannah or Charleston and I live on St. Helena Island which is a good ten minutes from downtown Beaufort... If you would stop complaining and just relax you would find that not all of us a bad... Yes there are the people that are rude and bad drivers but name one town or city or anywhere that everyone is nice and are perfect drivers... It's because of people like you that our local are "rude" because you move to our town and then complain if you don't like it then get your butt out... And it's not our school's that make the children so rude.. It’s their parents... So Beaufort isn't the best place in the world but it's not the worst like you treat it... Now here’s what Beaufort has to offer… - Beautiful Hunting Island State Park (Beaches, wild life, awesome sunsets & sunrises) - Historic Beaufort, (old plantations, old historic houses, horse carriage tours) - Paris island (the Number 1 training facility for U.S. Marines in the USA) - Beautiful Marshland - Very quiet and peaceful place to live. Sam Clements Frogmore, SC BHS C/O '07!!!

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Beaufort, SC

Just moved here. - 7/12/2006

Ok place to live. Very quiet and small compared to Orlando. People seem to be very friendly.

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Beaufort, SC

Lack of Health Care Choices - 2/25/2006

In Beaufort there is one hospital that offers low pay and inflexible hours to employees and low tech basic care for patients.

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Beaufort, SC

hmmmm Beaufort..... - 1/13/2006

Let me think of the best way to define Beaufort..... oh I know!!!! HORRID! My husband and I were stationed in Beaufort for 2 years and all I can say is what an aweful town it is. I am sure if you were raised here it would be different, the majority of the people here are rude and inconsiderate, they aren't happy to have the military here (proven by their bumper stickers 'save our space, get rid of the base') though the military make up a good portion of this town. In regards to the drivers here, I would take an LA freeway at rush hour over driving here, red lights here are a suggestion not the rule, tailgating is considered only 2" off your bumper, and the excessive concern for how one's hair and make-up looks or whether or not the seat is "far enough" reclined takes presedence over paying attention to the road. The only thing that is here in the way of shopping is a Wal-Mart kindly referred to by the locals as "Wally World". You have to drive to either Charleston or Savannah to go to anything that resembles a mall, both of which are almost 2 hours away, despite what mapquest says. Given I am originally from the west coast I am a pretty open-minded person, I am 27 years old, and female. I would not want my child in the school systems here due to the way I see te children act, they too have no manners. Good Things About Beaufort.... Parris Island, the Marine Corps recruit depot for the east coast, is located here and really neat to explore. ummmmm, well the beach here is beautiful...... There are fast food restaraunts..... ummmmm, oh! There is the beach!!! There is a beautiful historic Beafort with the old plantations..... ummmmm, did I mention the beach???

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