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Auburn, WA

Best place to live and raise a family! - 2/26/2016

Hello, I have lived in Auburn WA for about 8 years or so, Auburn is a great place to live, full of awesome people and awesome everyday life if you enjoy a 9-5 job and hardly anything changing. Let's face it, Auburn is considered a midsize town these days, and most 9-5 jobs here are dull and you want to skip a day every ounce in a wile. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT Auburn is still a great place for the wealthy and single like me(wooloooot)tobreeeeze around and find young attractive women at the local bars.

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Auburn, WA

Auburn - 9/20/2014

Auburn is a very ugly, and dirty city, rain and clouds 9 months of the year. Has become really ghetto and would not recommend anyone coming here. Houses are expensive now, most schools in the city are terrible. About the only cool thing about Auburn is the weather during the summer.

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Auburn, WA

cost of living - 2/6/2012

Too high for seniors

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Tacoma, WA

A Great Place to Eat in Auburn WA.- A New Restaran - 3/1/2010

Not only is the Golden China Buffet a great place to eat but the price is right in these days where we are all looking for a good place to eat with a price that we all can afford. The service is some of the best I have had in a long time espeically at a buffet. Usually the food is dried out and you have to wait for the trays to be filled, not at this resarant. I have been there twice now since it opened and both times I was very pleased. The prices are exceptional at Lunch being $6.99 and Dinner being $9.99 for all you can eat. the address is 502 15 st. NE Auburn WA 98002 This is a place I will take guests out to dinner without breaking my pocketbook and can leaved with a full belly and no complaints.

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Wichita Falls, TX

Why I enjoyed Auburn - 10/28/2009

Out of the many cities I've lived in, I've enjoyed Auburn the most. I'm an outdoor person so living right next to a bike trail was like heaven for me. I would bike and roller blade with any spare time I had. If I wanted to go camping, a one or two hour drive would bring me to a spot suited for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and swimming. Having the option to ski or go to the beach without having to travel a great distance is also a plus that I haven't had in many other cities. Although, my permanent residence is now in Wichita Falls Texas where I have more people to share my political and moral views, I will always love traveling back to this area in Washington to take in the beauty around me.

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auburn, wa - 5/31/2009

A rusty depressing kind of place with daily rain, little sun and a poor economy. I guess its OK if you're stuck there but not a destination to head to if you've got any say in the matter

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Auburn, WA

Auburn - 4/26/2009

An OK town that really needs a makeover.

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Auburn, WA

Beautiful Weather - 5/19/2008

We have beautiful, mild weather year round!

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