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"Seriously considering a move to Spokane"

Seriously considering a move to Spokane - 3/17/2011
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Rockford, IL

I've never been to Spokane, and, I must admit, I'm bit conflicted with all of the differing opinions I have read. I grew up in Rockford, IL - a city of almost 200K that is consistently rated one of the worst places in the country to live, by any poll (education, economy, crime, etc). I grew up with harsh winters, months of snow, ice and bitter cold, so winter doesn't scare me. I do believe, after doing some research, that Spokane winters are actually milder than those in the Midwest, anyways.

Spokane seems to have affordable housing. Many people have said that Spokane doesn't really have a ghetto, but certainly there are probably nicer areas. My children are grown - it is just me and my cat - so I will not be buying anything fancy or too costly. I want an older home (pre 1930's), and Spokane seems to have these in abundance. I love outdoor activities: hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, etc., and Spokane seems to be a great place to do this too. I am a nurse by profession, so finding a job should be possible.

My questions are these? Does Spokane have a lot of natural beauty? Are there lots of hiking/cycling paths in and around Spokane? What is a good, older neighborhood to live in? Does Spokane have a decent downtown (charm, restaurants, live music, etc)? How are the property taxes? How are the people (very general question, I know, but are they nice?)?

A lot of people have said some very bad things about Spokane. And, frankly, a lot of people have said some very good things. But I am getting older. I don't need excitement, but I do long for natural beauty and (maybe) a sense of community. Any and all opinions are appreciated.

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re: Seriously considering a move to Spokane - 3/17 - 3/24/2011
I too am planning a move to Spokane. Just happened upon your post. It's been about 20 years since I've been in Oklahoma...hate it..divorced so heading back to the mountains, hiking etc. I will be driving w/2 dog's! If you want, let me know if you made it!! Thanks, Lori

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re: Seriously considering a move to Spokane - 3/17 - 5/18/2011
Hi Dylan, randomly came across your post while searching for places to take my dogs hiking and signed up with a membership just so I could comment. I absolutely love Spokane. I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ but have lived other places including Utah, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. By far I feel the most at home in Spokane. My partner and I picked Spokane because Eastern Washington University had both of our majors and the cost of living and tuition was much cheaper than other places we were looking at. I had never been here before the big move but as soon as I got here I knew that I had made the right decision. It's beautiful here. Don't get me wrong, there are some rough parts that could use some cleaning up but if you look past all that you see the true beauty of the city. The downtown is active and thriving with local stores and restaurants, and yes a lot of live local music. First Fridays are popular for viewing local artists work if that interests you. I could spend hours just reading a book at the downtown park, the river cuts through the middle and the falls are an absolutely beautiful sight in the spring. As far as the housing market, I've seen a lot of places for sale. My partner and I were definitely not in the market to buy a house but kind of fell into it anyway. We got into a very cute 4 bed 2 bath that was built in 1897. I couldn't believe how old it was but that's probably why I ended up loving it so much. Recreation is probably the easiest thing to find here. The centennial trail runs along the river and is great for biking or just walking. The Columbia River is a short hour and a half drive and is well worth it. There are plenty of camping/fishing opportunities in all directions. I hope this comment helps your decision. Everything I've heard from people that grew up here is that sometimes people leave Spokane but in the end they always end up coming back. Well I hope my long winded reply helps your decision. My advice...just do it. Make that jump and I'm sure you won't regret it. Regardless, good luck!

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Spokane, WA

Should You Move To or Visit Spokane? - 6/12/2014

Oh heck, if you are looking for a great place to live or just want to visit, move to Spokane, or come on by my place! 89% of the people here are fantabulous. The rest, coming and going, want more for less, don't want to work, are whiners, know-it-alls, in short not worth listening to, so ignore their negativity. I own The Heart of Spokane, it is a retail store currently on Monroe Street. If you come in and it's your birthday and you tell me I will sing for you. If you need something vintage, jewelry, collectible or something dusty to keep you busy come on by. We dance, tell funny stories, you can watch me paint, or check out the fine art in the store. There are also seventeen other vintage stores on Monroe in case I bore you, but I pride myself in knowing all kinds of stuff about Spokane. If you just want to take up some time, do it here, I promise it will be fun. If you need advice on your kids, husband or spouse I offer it up with big chucks of silly, and funny stories, I mean really you have to get free stuff sometimes. If you need to know where to eat try Christ Kitchen up the street has the best doggone gourmet chicken pita sandwiches in the world, they are a wonderful group of women who have gone from being homeless to being an important part of the community. But I have a list of the gourmet, as well as the best junk food in town. There are a dozen places to check out art, close to 900 restaurants to feed your face, and the median cost of houses are $120,000.00 if you are looking to buy. There is lots of business being done all over Spokane and in most cases the business folks are handshake loyal. We have some lovely bars, and some unbelievable events. Hoopfest, and Bloomsday are huge people draws. We have picnics and parties all over Spokane. People are diverse here, and most of us love everyone. Yes, there are a few crabs, a dozen or so meth monkeys, always a bad apple or two but that's life anywhere in the world. We have some real pearls The Davenport Hotel, and its offshoots. The Fox Theater is amazing. Riverfront Park has all kinds of things to view and there is an amazing sculpture walk along the river. Manito Park is our most formal park and is a great visit, and if you want a bit of a drive CDA is about 50 miles away. We have skiing, biking, basketball, rafting, boating, horseback riding and a whole lot of wineries. It's not that expensive to stay for a short time and it's easy to live financially comfortable here too. Fairchild Air Force base is nearby and we have lots of active and retired military in the area, don't forget to shake their hands when you see them. I've never met one who I did not want to know better. I want you to know I welcome you to Spokane, have a great short visit, or, move here, either way come spend some money in the area and have a great time. See you soon!

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Cheney, WA

City that needs jobs, less liberals and an identit - 5/26/2014

Spokane is a city that seems to have lost it's identity. Not a bad place to live or raise kids. Like all areas, it has ghettos and crime in particular areas. Democrats in the Governors office and US Congress WA reps have done little or nothing to create jobs. The pro sports entertainment is lil fish in a big pool. Only Junior Hockey and rookie league baseball. There is a growing arts culture and Spokane Valley and Sprague has great potential to be an arts district. Education? There are too many schools to name in the area. SFCC, WSU, EWU, etc

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Puyallup, WA

DON"T MOVE HERE - 2/20/2014

I moved here and started a business 4 years ago. I have had to spend more time trying to fix this community than I could on my business. No matter how many nonprofits and community groups I have joined it did not change the facts about Spokane. Spokane is poor and defeated, miserable and hostile, trashy and unprofessional. Most of the people have adopted a culture of lazy, selfish, hostile, and violent behavior. Spokane is a Cesspool! Spokane is the real-deal ghetto. The whole place! I am desperately trying to liquidate everything here and move. I will be taking most of my staff with me. Not joking... It is that bad. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Spokane will turn your little-ones into convicts and your property into rubble...and the cops don't even show-up when you call 911 (can you believe that?!) DO YOUR REASEARCH. Don't buy into the positive image the city is trying to promote.

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Media controlled site.... - 1/18/2014

Didn't realize this was a communist type site that reviews comments. That is so controlling, and unfair to people who are trying to get honest feedback. If I am saying I am looking for an all white place, you won't post it. If I say I am proud to live in a diverse place, you will post it! Hateful racist anti-white site!!! I bet my bottom dollar you won't post what I just sent in, and I would not have bothered if I had known you review comments. We live in the Middle East!!! Controlled media everywhere, how freedom of speech lovely of you! Thank goodness people are starting to fight back. America is dying....

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Liberals and non-whites please consider California - 1/18/2014

I am so relieved to read that Spokane is conservative, and that if you are non-white, you should consider somewhere else. It is a sad day that we MUST look at diversity as no other option. Like forcing marriage onto someone with a partner they have nothing in common with. No other country has this stress. If you live in Japan, you can move to any city and it sill feels like your culture, your language, and your home. Diversity is not for everyone. That isn't to imply automatic hate exists, or that anyone wishes bad things on another race. I love different cultures and different groups of people, and that's why I have spent my entire life traveling. If I don't wish to bring back every part of the globe I have visited to be my neighbor, because I love and value my own culture and language, that does NOT make anyone a bad person. The progressive liberals who force their preferences and political agendas onto everyone are the people full of hate and lack of sensitivity. The blatant unfairness of being forced to live with the globe in your own homeland is so sickly unfair I don't know where to begin! No other country does this to their own people! After what I have read, I am considering Spokane seriously, because I am now in California in an all non-white neighborhood, and although people are ok, I am lonely. I prefer my own culture and language, and I won't be made to feel guilty or ashamed of my own people. In so many subtle ways, that is the hate agenda that is being pushed. If somewhere is not diverse, it must be forced. That's just wrong. We aren't allowed to go to the forbidden island in Hawaii if we are no of Hawaiian blood. Our differences is what's makes the world a beautiful place. If we force us to mix, those differences will disappear! Japan won't change, but America, Canada and Europe are on their way of being good and lost culturally......Anywhere where Europeans live they want fragmented and diversified into shards of nothingness. It's a racist hate, post-WWII agenda, aimed at an entire innocent generation of people. If you are also white-Euro, or of this ancestry struggling to find places to live where you are a majority, and stand to remain so - start taking a peaceful stand.

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Spokane, WA

Climate - 9/11/2013

Spokane has 4 distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each has its charm, as well as outdoor activities from fishing in the Spring, camping/hiking in the Summer, Green Bluff trips for pumpkins in the Fall and awesome cross-country skiing in the Winter. Winters can be real sneakers, ranging from just a few showers of snowfall to ice storms that require battening down of the hatches. Fall colors on the tree is without doubt one of the prettiest shows in town. Spring is heralded in by the sweet smell of lilacs, the city's namesake flower. Their colors range from whitest of the the white to deep purples and pinks. Summer temperatures rarely go over 90 degrees and are more likely in the 70-90 degree range, tempered by the occasional and very remarkable thunder storms that take over the sky with sheet and strike lightning.

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Spokane, WA

A good place to live - 7/21/2013

First of all I'm going to try and clear up some misinformation and misconceptions and down right lies and meanness about Spokane. We must all remember though that many people have an agenda going when they write things myself included for the above reasons, others because of their own problems, issues, negative or positive experiences. That said...I've lived here all my life 65+ years and have been involved in many different aspects of the city and valley and because of my career I've worked with thousands of people and know their personal experiences. Spokane does NOT have a homeless problem any worse then any other city in fact not as bad as most. A poster on here implied that there are multitudes because of the 4 hospitals we have that they come for the care, that is just plain illogical thinking they can get care anywhere most choose not to. We have 4 hospitals because greater Spokane serves a half a million people not just the 200,000+ in Spokane proper. Someone else said the farmers burn their fields and smoke us out not any more haven't been able to in awhile. Another said we're overrun with gangs again not true there are gangs not anymore then any other city our size and a special gang enforcement unit was put in place and that's helped. We're to quiet of a town to attract to many, not important enough for them. Meth yes same as other towns it's a scourge on humanity. Streets not safe, drug deals on every corner that's just bull, unless you're in a bad area of town then mostly you won't get bothered unless you're looking for trouble. Panhandled maybe but just be nice and say you have nothing on you and keep walking. People in there 20's are often unsatisfied, not enough to do or they are kind of outcasts the nerds, geeks, party goers the homely girls and guys that feel slighted, etc. so they go looking for the greener pastures. If you want some good info check out... Don't make a mistake of believing everything you read on here or any where put it all together, go visit, talk to people and judge for yourself. Some of the things that have been said on here have given me a good laugh like the poor man who said mental illness was rampant here. I wondered if the poor thing had experienced a stay in the mental hospital, it must be awful to think everyone around you is mentally ill, sounds paranoid to me. And the list of inaccuracies goes on but you get the idea. Collie

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Johnson City, TN

weather - 7/14/2013

is spokane hilly or flat. when it snows do they keep the streets in good condition?

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Spokane, WA

4th of July ( Independence Day ) - 7/4/2013

I moved here in Jan. 2012. I have loved it here until today. Your celebration of the 4th of July is unbelievably bad. First I find out that no fireworks at all is allowed in the city or even the county. Then I find that I would have to go to River Front Park to see the fireworks and fight for both parking and space just to enjoy fireworks? I tired to see from my porch the fireworks but peoples trees are in my way. No place could I find to even see them. Wow, this is horrible. My children and grandchildren with me can not see fireworks on the 4th? Are you kidding me? For generations my family have been using fireworks and no one ever has even injured themselves, why because we carefully supervise. This is so disappointing. Worst holiday ever. Thank you Spokane.

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Spokane, WA

We do not have 4 seasons - 2/7/2013

I have lived in Spokane for 28 years. The statement that Spokane has four seasons is inaccurate. We get 3 to 4 feet of snow most winters. Yes, you read that correctly. You had better like dealing with tons of snow and know how to drive on icy streets. Check out You Tube if you don't believe me. The snow generally stops in March and it stays chilly and cloudy until after the 4th of July. After July 4 it shoots up to over 95 degrees. It finally gets nice in August, but that is when the farmers decide to burn their grass fields so the air is filled with smoke and chokes your lungs. So you have to keep your windows closed. There are no jobs here. Do not move here unless you have been transferred. The downtown area used to be nice, but gangs have moved in and it is not safe to be downtown after 5:00. Kids hang around and intimidate you until you stop coming downtown. The bus system is excellent. I realize this is a negative review, but you are been forewarned. To say that this is one of the best retirement cities is ridiculous.

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Beverly Hills, CA

Do NOT move to Vegas - 12/23/2012

We have lived in Las Vegas for about 2 years now. I can honestly say I wish we had never moved here. It's not about a gambling problem.. We aren't very fond of heat..I know your thinking why cove to the desert. We thought we would try it out. When you visit here you don't get to see the. Beautiful areas here. Anthem Madeira canyon is on the west end I believe. Beautiful homes and neighborhoods. A lot of new homes. Crime is bad and drugs are horrible. People get run over weekly and killed here. It's sad. My complaint is the people here re terrible. Extremely rude. Now we do live in a high rise on the strip but no matter where you venture out to you won't find that many nice people. I'm not trying to be best friends with people it a simple hello or thank you would be nice. I've had my hands full with groceries and someone will be in front of me walking in and not hold the door. This happens way too much. A lot of young people here.. The only thing on their minds are what bar they will go to next and who they will take home. It's really sad just how self centered this generation has become. They drive 3 series bmw's and think they are hot stuff. We are looking to move to Spokane Washington. We love colder climates and sow and from what I've researched the whole state is so beautiful..if you like rude people move to Vegas..

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Spokane, WA

5 Months great, 7 months not so nice - 12/18/2012

The weather is great here during June through October. The other 7 months.....not so nice.

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Spokane, WA

affordable housing - 12/8/2012

Housing is affordable

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Spokane, WA

The Beautiful Northwest at its Best - 10/15/2012

I read ALL of the comments about Spokane and had to write my own review of my beautiful city. Spokane has alot to offer--but even that is very subjective. It depends where you are in your journey,what you are looking for and why you want to be here. I have lived in Spokane for 49 years--born, grew up, started off on my own, had my family, went to school, worked, stayed home, professional in emergency services and academia, a single parent, and now in grad school, an empty nester, looking for that "good career" in mid-life. I think I can offer a wide view of the area. Spokane and its surrounding area's are BEAUTIFUL. Hot/warm summer, cool, brisk fall with beautiful foliage and canopied treed streets, cold winters, wet winters, mild-severe winters. Beautiful Spring. It's here. Over 76 lakes in the area, snow skiing and snow sports close by, hiking, camping--we are within 20 miles of the Idaho border for additional hunting, camping fishing, shooting, whatever outdoor sport you like, we have it, from expensive to free. Museums, civic theatre's, casino's, fairs, small business venues, local music and artists, many cafe-style bookstores, fine, 4-5 star hotels, mom and pop diners, many places to walk the puppies, or stay home and have a warm fire because MANY apartments have fireplaces as well as homes here. Spokane has diversity--but one has to understand the majority of the population is white, unfortunately. We have many churches of different denominations, spiritual events and spiritual stores to purchase goodies--organic neighborhoods with street vendors indoors and out. Rural areas known for picking your own fruit--or not--some of the best and biggest organic peaches and nectarines I have ever seen. You can cut down your own holiday tree or purchase--ride a motorcycle on the freeway and still be reasonably safe--AND you get home from anywhere in the city in about 15-20 minutes. We also boast many natural areas still within the city limits. County and state parks are just 5 minutes right outside of town if you want something close. The best market for a career position here, I feel, are in the medical and emergency services fields. Alot of unskilled labor, government jobs, and administrative positions. Spokane is "old money"--our Kirkland Cutter mansions boast the days of the great Railroad here and the grounds where they exist are pristine. Topography was designed with keeping alot of its naturalness so the south side of our town is hilly and provides a beautiful view to many. Trees literally canopy the streets. So beautiful! Rentals are relatively inexpensive still comparatively. An 800 sq. ft, 2bd. apt. in a decent neighborhood should go for under $700. A 800-1100 sq. ft apartment in an older home can be had for around $600+. Because of our "old money", we have tons of huge houses that have been transformed into mega-apartments. These give the character of the late 1800's and early 1900's with the storage that goes with it. We have new and modern buildings as well. Homes are very inexpensive to purchase here with our minimum wage being as high as it is currently. (Over $9.00 per hr.). Cons: The crime rate has risen. We have a new Chief of Police and a new Mayor who is doing well so far. Yes, there have been police involved shootings. Yes, we have meth and drugs. We have gangs. Are we over-ridden? NO. Are some area's not ok to walk in wearing expensive clothes with your expensive phone and your expensive watch and diamond rings? Yep. Ghetto's? No. Low income areas, middle income and upper all exist. My answer to the former review slamming our police department? Be respectful on traffic stops--if the police have to come to your house for something that you did, do what they tell you to do. Pretty simple for the most part. Con: Some of our streets are rutted--true. Con: We do have some fun clubs and excellent restaurants but we are NOT Seattle. We have excellent resources for low-income. We have excellent community colleges (2) and top rated Universities (3) and at least 2 more with a little bit of driving. We have been hit by the economy and seen businesses close as well. However, this is an excellent place if you don't want to give your money to big box stores and want to instead support small business. I hope this helps. Please contact our Chamber of Commerce and they can also email and mail information to you at

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Spokane, WA

Quality of Life - 10/11/2012

Spokane is a great place to live if you enjoy a small town feeling. It's impossible to get lost in Spokane. We have hot very dry summers and unpredictable but usually cold snowy winters. Good place if you enjoy 4 distinct seasons. Worst part of living in Spokane is there is little to do. Spokane is basically an island, surrounded by hundreds of miles of nothing until you come to the next substantial city,which is Seattle, making it difficult to drive out of town to an interesting city. Still it is a good place to raise a family if it's limitations are acceptable.

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Spokane, WA

living in washington - 9/6/2012

have been in construction for over 20 years..the state is not very small business friendly... high cost of employee liabilities... high insurance labor and industries... just tired of the high taxes sales tax 8.7% property 9-13.5% L & I 3.85 an hour per employee

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Deer Park, WA

Pro's and Con's of Spokane - 9/4/2012

I have lived on and off between Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and Spokane for my entire life. There are always up's and down's to every place, so I'll be to the point. The Pro's: If you don't plan on living in the city itself, there are lot's of great things about some suburb areas.. Good private school options. Homeschool friendly. Great summers. A few days in the 90's, but mostly in the 80's. Tons of lakes and mountains nearby. Good skiing in winter within an hr. Great local produce from Green Bluff. Very little rain. (I hate rain so I like this aspect.) Some nice parks (Manito) and a river running through. (lots of people like to float down the Little Spokane in summer) The Cons: The city has a very high homeless rate. VERY HIGH. The reason is because Spokane has 4 hospitals for a city of only 200,000. They come here for medical/mental health care. They also bring their meth problems with them. If you work in the medical field there are tons of jobs. If you don't there are very few decent paying jobs. We have been here for 6 years straight now and my husband still commutes to Seattle every week for work, as there are no decent jobs that pay high here. (unless you are in the medical field or just happen to get lucky) It is COLD here in the winter. Not as cold as some places, but expect a 17 degree day in January or Febuary. with a low around 10. And it does snow. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Most of the population is white, and there isn't much diversity. My husband is filipino and we always joke about how rare it is to see someone of another race. Because of this don't expect much culture. At the same time, there isn't much racism. (Husband doesn't encounter it anyway) Dining is so-so. You have to drive downtown or to the South Hill for good food. Public Schools are so-so. Mead and South Hill schools are probably the highest rated. *The town is politcally conservative, and has high corruption in it's inner poltics. (What town doesn't?!) I'm not saying conservative is bad, (I am fiscally conservative) but some Liberals may want to know that their votes won't win elections in this red town.

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Spokane, WA

Spokane - the death of a city - 7/31/2012

I moved to Spokane to work at a high tech startup - I write computer programs. In spokane I can live like a king on my income. The city has issues however, but since right now I am in my 20s and just saving money I dont really get involved with the things that concern some people that have kids and such (I actually laugh at all the issues I see - fortunately it is not my problem and I dont get involved). But from the eyes of a college grade in my 20s with a good job and I can report what I have seen here. What I can say is from my perspective Spokane is turning into a ghost city. I live downtown and I rode the bus home today, (spokane has great bus service) but when I got off the bus and walked 15 minutes home, I must have seen 4-5 drug deals going down. I dont fear the thugs that are taking over the city though. Just dont make eye contact and you will be okay. Also if they ask for something from you - dont look afraid, just hold your ground - most of the druggies are very weak from drug abuse and could not beat up a healthy person. I would guess the homeless out number the homed. I think there are alot of homeless in spokane because it attracts people that want easy access to Meth and cheap street drugs. It is funny to go outside and see guys walking around with no (or very few) clothes on - apparently when someone gets tripped out on meth, they get really itchy and take their clothes off. I once saw a guy in the downtown park rubbing his head in the dirt ( I guess it was itching - very funny to see). There is a really nice old building downtown called the Hotel Carlyle - it now houses mental patients and when you go by you see all kinds of people in various states of confusion (quite comical really) And they seem to wander throughout the city, you see them everywhere... but yet at night I suppose they must find their way back to the Hotel Carlyle somehow... On a serious note - I do wonder why there is so much mental disease in Spokane, could it be the water? High levels of Radon? Fallout from the Tri-Cities nuclear programs? Or just coincidence? I think someone should study this place and try to figure out what is going on here. Having lived in other cities I can say this place is genuinely weird. If I was not a fast runner, somewhat strong, and making alot of money writing software I would leave - All future economic indicators are negative for this city.

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Spokane, WA

Living in Spokane - 6/4/2012

Spokane is a large city but not too large. There's still the small town feel and mindset. We're the largest city between Seattle & Minneapolis MN yet still have 'culture'! Spokane's climate is mild yet wide. It does get hot but doesn't stay hot too long. Yes it can reach 100 for a couple days. It does snow how much depends on the year; and, it does get cold but not below zero like the midwest; which is fine with me. Single digits fine but not below zero. The people as a whole are friendly and neighborly. Job wise there is a ton of medical field jobs. Spokane is the Lilac City! Oh, and so many things to do during May: Bloomsday, several parades, and Hopfest in June!

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Beaverton, OR

Think twice visit often before you decide this is - 2/1/2012

I was born in Spokane, and I raised my child in Spokane. I moved away 10 years ago, but visit my aging family there often. Spokane is virtually a ghost town compared to what it used to be, there are very few jobs, many of the homes are run down, lots of closed businesses, and if you have children and you want them exposed to culture... Spokane isn't the place to move. If you are ready to retire and have a sufficient income by all means come to Spokane, they have great lakes to fish from and home costs are low. I don't recommend it for families, one reason is because Spokane houses a prison right on the edge of the city. It houses sex offenders and some of of Spokane's neighborhoods have a high population of sex offenders living in them because when they are released they move to Spokane. I also find a lot of the teachers I have encountered there while my daughter attended school were not in my opinion very qualified to teach and I was actually discouraged by two public school employees; a principle and student counselor to not take my daughter out of private school or her home school situation because the student teacher ratio was ridiculously not balanced and my daughter would most likely not get the individual attention I wanted her to have in school. My daughter is a 4.0 student but had low grades during her first 4 years of public school education because teachers weren't interested in teaching just interested in getting them in and out... This included when I approached the teaching staff many times to ask what I could do to assist with helping my daughter with her education. The crime rate their is high, I live a clean law abiding life but I have 5 friends who were murdered in individual incidents and all except for 2 of them were unrelated. One of them was a child. I recommend before you decide to just make the leap and move there to visit and secure a job before you make the move. There are a lot of great private schools there and home schooling is supported.

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