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"What is it like in Las Cruces?"

What is it like in Las Cruces? - 1/18/2006
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Buffalo, NY

Possibly relocating....anyone out there??

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Las Cruces, NM

A balanced opinion on LC - 9/26/2013

I've lived here since 1988, went to middle and HS here and always used to want to "get out" and live by the beach in Cali; always ended up coming back because other places are so much more expensive. Being older (late 30's) and having traveled and lived in Cali and Kentucky I have something to compare to and understand the + and - better now. I'm writing this because I'm about to move to actually have a chance to find a decent job- used to work at NMSU many years and if you have a decent-paying job, its not bad here, mostly because the EP airport is <1 hour away! If you're a doctor or nurse, wealthy retiree, Government worker, Prof at NMSU, or own your own car dealership (moon astronaut Frank Borman has one here!), you'll do fine, almost everyone else seems to survive on welfare, marginal pay, fighting pit bulls or dealing you-know-what. There are several things I like about Cruces, and I want to be fair. If you like the outdoors- hiking, mt. biking, camping are epic- the landscape breathtaking (except during large portions of the 5 month long hell summer or the long spring dust-storm season.) There is often beautiful weather here, though. You aren't likely to see many people beside yourself and any friends you manage to have with you out in the desert or mts(a very few people here are into it) since most people here seem to just watch tv, eat out, drive around, do drugs and drink for fun. I consider that a big + compared to climbing over crowds on the trails around a place like Boulder. One of the best rock-climbing areas in the world (Hueco Tanks) is just 75mi. away. Elementary schools seem to be good here, but by HS, it seems like they've given up and just babysit. I barely fought my way into NMSU by tooth and nail in spite of the almost total neglect by teachers. My niece had the same experience a few years ago. NMSU is good and always improving. Without it, LC wouldn't be 1/2 of what it is. I think it has the largest campus by area in the US! and is well maintained. There is some very interesting paleontology and history here, from the recently found mammoth bones to Mogollon pottery and arrowheads in the deserts, to Billy the kid, the space program etc. The two major "cultures" here, "Hispanic" and "Anglo" mix well. Many people a Midwesterner would call "Hispanic" consider themselves white and can't actually speak much Spanish and most Anglos seem to like the Hispanic culture. There are a very few "cholos" who posture and give the cold shoulder if you aren't one of them, but generally keep it to themselves (and then there are what they call "hippy cholos" who are generally really great people.) Someone mentioned "rednecks", but I have never seen much at all here. More actually would be nice- you know "diversity" and all. COL very low, but you get what you pay for, except it seems much safer here even in low-income neighborhoods.[read more...]

Lancaster, CA

Nice City but Beware of Sprawl and those BAD ROADS - 10/23/2012

I have lived here 4 years now, and being a transplant I do feel a little out of place but the people are friendly enough; but it still has the small town attitude. It also has a tad redneck feel to it as well and you will see that around town, but for the most part there is alot of tolerance for people of different varieties. The southern portion of New Mexico is more conservative, but Las Cruces is neutral or a bit progressive, but nothing like the more progressive northern New Mexico. The biggest areas that Las Cruces is suffering is it has above average crime issues, but the police are way on top of that all the time; mostly property crime and there is very rarely any violent crime. I do have an alarm system installed in my house, however. The schools are not top notch, but there is a cutting edge high school built called Centennial that is trying to change the image of the town. The University is the heart of the town along with the cultural feel and the Organ Mountains. The campus is very pleasant and historic. I love all the festivities, food, wineries, etc. and the pecan groves, but after some time I do feel I need to get away as it is somewhat isolated, and El Paso does not offer alot of amenities. The two towns are called the borerlands, and it does not have the violence you would expect, but it does not have alot of entertainment either; most entertainment is done through the Las Cruces Orchestra, Plaza Theater in El Paso, Shows in both towns, and fiestas!! I do feel the town suffers from inbred politicians, however, and is becoming a developer driven town and sprawl is very evident. A third Wal-Mart is being built! Now that is sprawl for a town of 100,000!! Infrastructure is suffering from the sprawl and the roads are poor and not maintained very well. This is a real problem. The town is growing North and East and the rest of the city is being left to minimum standards. Just keep that in mind! [read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

A Pleasant Climate, A Pleasant Place - 10/13/2012

For those who like high desert, warm (hot) summers and mild winters, Las Cruces is an up-and-coming place to live. Situated at the juncture of Interstates 25 and 10, Las Cruces well-placed for those who like to travel. Summers often see temperature highs in the upper 90's and low 100's and winters tend to be pleasant. Lows (at night) will hit freezing and below, but rarely see much by the way of single digits. Should one care to find cooler temperatures during the summer or snow in the winter, the mountain towns of Ruidoso and Cloudcroft are within a two-hour's drive. When experiencing adequate levels, Elephant Butte Reservoir provides plenty of water recreation for those particularly warm summers. All in all, Las Cruces provides a pleasant climate for those considering a move to the desert Southwest.[read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

Avoid this city at all costs - 9/23/2012

I need to get out. I'm 16 and my experience living here my entire life to date is too much ugly graffiti and an ignorantly stupid community. There is no visibly appealing area to speak of unless you have a sand and rock fetish. Setting aside the ghetto cholos that make up the community this place is hot and bland. The education system is a disgrace and the university is the only thing that keeps this city from being a sand box with a big head. I strongly encourage everybody to avoid trapping themselves here at all costs. [read more...]

Lancaster, CA


I can only assume all the negative reviews that occurred in 2011, early 2012 were people looking for a cheaper way of life in Las Cruces from some other place, given the state of the economy, and worked briefly (we do have low pay) and did not experience the city at all! Las Cruces is a state of mind, not a luxurious high-end shopping mall. If you want to live in those places you will have to pay higher taxes and experience lots more traffic and smog. The ancenstry of the people here go back several generations and I have never met such nice people who are proud of their traditions in this town. There is no feeling of segregation here at all like you have in Tucson, where there is alot of hate in my opinion. It is not rich, but the people are classy. I cannot always say that for the caucasians that wander through this town and want Arizona/California type ammenities; which by the way these states were hit the worst by the recession and are foreclosure nightmares. I highly enjoy the culture, history, THE NEW MEXICAN FOOD, festivals, Art, University, new educational public schools being built or renovated, museums being renovated, the state parks around the area, the proximity to Elephant Butte and Hot Springs, Ruidoso and Silver City in the Lincoln and Gila forests are a nice reprieve as well as small towns in the mountains and ghost towns. The setting of the Organ Mountains is spectacular, the weather cannot be beat, there are 3-4 golf courses, nice tennis courts a new indoor pool, and lots of outdoor pools. We may be marginally below the national average on income, but the people are proud and not on as much welfare as you would find like in California. They are happy, and live for their families. It is not dirty, and many of the so-called run down homes are adobes and wonderful, unusual architecture. There are places to get away from the city center, like Picacho Hills, Sonoma Springs, Telavera, Mesilla, Los Alturas and others that are very nice areas that do not have that awful neighborhood design found in Vegas and Phoenix. There are many upper end neighborhoods. Cultural things I do not appreciate is trash, loud music from cars, and stray dogs are kept off the streets, but there is a need for a better spray/neuter program. The graffiti is kept under control, as well as the crime. There is property crime so most people like me who built a house put in an alarm system. Most of the grocery shopping is done through Walmart or Albertson's, and drug stores are Walgreens or CVS and discount stores like Target and K-Mart. It makes it easier for me as these stores are clean, clean bathrooms, and not real crowded, nor do I feel this is a drug problem community from what I see of the people in the stores. I put my son through high school here, and the teachers and staff care about their kids. The buildings may not be top par, nor the curriculum, but the University or Junior College will bring them back up to speed. There are two hospitals here, one private and one public. One is new and the other renovated. Store owners keep their stores and bathrooms clean. There is alot of small businesses here, so you will find about anything you need, but from a small store, not a big conglomerate. They are putting in a trail system around the whole town, and The Organ Peaks National Mounument looks like it will pass. This is an up and coming city and has alot of potential where cities like Tucson had their hey day and it breaks my heart that planners have sprawled that city all over the place. This city has a progressive government and the people here, many retirees and students, care deeply about the development of their town. The only thing I would mention is the winds in the Spring and there is a lack of sufficient amount of health care due to the low pay. People looking for additional healthcare go to Tucson or Albuquerque. I would not recommend El Paso, but they do have a Costco, a wonderful Plaza Theatre that plays Broadway musicals, a movie theatre in the Bassett Center that plays art house films, a very nice zoo. Las Cruces has a brand new performing arts theatre, a world class orchestra, the Rio Grande theatre and other venues for plays and music. It is a great place for retirees and students. It may not be the best for singles looking for a high tech job, or a significant other. I feel very safe here and not part of the mess in the rest of the country. I love the drives in the Mesilla Valley and one of the largest Pecan Groves in the Nation up and down Hwy. 28, as well as we have been voted the best Farmers Market in the downtown area. It really is genuine and fabulous, and quite refreshing, not Americanized or trendy. I do agree with one person who said the drivers are crazy here, so be on the lookout. They go slow, but can wander or get in front of you :0). We are aA couple that relocated from the California nightmare, after my parents lived here for 10 years. Our house feels like a resort!! People tell us that all the time. [read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

Avoid at all costs - 2/16/2012

This town and state stink, literally. This place just exudes filth and mediocrity. Before you say "Why don't you just leave?', I am trying, i came here to take a job with good pay with the federal gov, assuming it would be like alot of desert communities in AZ. I couldn't be more wrong. I tried so hard to be positive, always searching for the good, but it just slowly crept in that there is something wrong with this place. I'm not from a very rich or prominent town but compared to here it seems like a paradise. The city is just lacking, what some have called authenticity is simply dilapidated, poorly maintained, and spartan. There's barely any streetlights and i constantly have to check weather its the road or something wrong with my car. Everything closes early and on sunday, fine for the people that work those hours but some of us actually have to work graves and on weekends, my heart goes out to all the service workers and emergency services that have to do shifts in a dead city. The culture is nearly non existant. the festivals that are put on will have you asking if there's more of it around the block, that is if you show up early enough to attend, again, no love for the working man. I'm not being racist by complaining it's very culterally homogenous here. Mainly hispanic and white, with too many of both sides living to the stereotype of the ignorant, rude, lawless hillbilly/cholo, of course there are many who aren't but then they never ruin your day. I'm hispanic and i hate it here, being a non native speaker i don't fit in anywhere, I miss seeing and interacting with faces and cultures that simply aren't here. Statistically the number of asian, african american, european, and south american people are are insignifigant. Again, just white and hispanic. And cultural celebration or diversity pretty much means white ranch/cowboy culture, or mexican/mexican american culture from the very local area. I don't know how you defend this?! its just lame. And the food is awful, especially mexican food, I've been to the local institutions, Roberto's etc and it's just awful. Years of loyalty keep these businesses afloat, not quality, tasty, and fresh prepared food with local ingredients. Or maybe becasue people just don't know any better, I have no idea. The weather is good only if you enjoy constant unfiltered sunlight, barely any rain or clouds, and the air is constantly full of fine desert dust and pollen making it hell for allergy sufferers. The building codes are subpar, so yes the housing is cheaper than cali or arizona or cali, but it's for a very good reason. In my new apartment there are drafts and poor insulation everywhere, meaning alot of extra money goes to AC or heating just to keep it comfortable, not to mention the roaches that come out of the plumbing fixtures. And again, these are one of the nicest and newest apartments in the town. Traffic is dreadfully slow, just like nearly anything else, yes i guess it's lower stress too, if you don't have to go anywhere or do anything, but just doing a few chores around town are as frustrating as driving in downtown los angeles. Not to mention the horrific drivers. I would have been in probably a dozen wrecks or fenderbenders if i wasn't constantly on edge when i drive. People driving the wrong way on streets, seniors nearly comatose behind the wheel, sudden lane changes without signalling or looking, and of course the drunk drivers. Also drunk driving is a huge problem here, despite enforcement attempts. Although given the lack of entertainment, i can see why it along with under age pregnancy and hard drugs are such a big problem here. Its at least an hour drive but up to three to go see anything else in the surrounding area, and what's there is barely worth the time and money. The people seem to be very rude and agressive, especially against women, when you go out be prepared for the locals to call out to you or challenge you, and violate your personal space on the regular. I won't let my wife walk alone anywhere after all the times people have pushed or bumped into her at a store or public place. Which brings me to the stores, the selection is just sad, with frequent instances of an entire staple not being in stock, like milk or garlic, and many other ingredients simply not being available. And the customer service is atrocious, with wait staff and employees just seeming to not care at all about their job or acting like a human being. Things are slooooowwww. No one isi n a rush ever, not to check you out, or see you, wich some people like, but again, some of us work long inconvienient hours, and don't expect a stop at a single store to eat up all the free time they had. Food both from grocery stores and restaurants is more expensive that any other place I've been (Ohio, Nevada, Arizona and california. And it's of worse quality. And being surrounded by even more destitute and strange settlemants, you will encounter some truly bizarre and upsetting people who i know for a fact through my work, live by themselves in an un-airconditioned, rotting trailer, miles from the nearest neighbor. No social skills, hygiene, or ability to communicate is the norm. So if you are from a real city anywhere back east, or any populated region on the west coast or even AZ or UT or CO, this is like living on a different planet. And if you truly value privacy, sunshine, a slow pace of life, and staying at homw, this may be your paradise. But if you like to go out, see and do things, (besides getting drunk in the handful of bars) then avoid this weird hell hole. You will not be welcome and you will not fit in unless you have a familia here or your daddy owns a ranch. Locals will defens it to the death but consider they have lived here their whole lives. I'll get out soon god willing and never come back.[read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

my town - 1/8/2012

love the small town feeling; the farmers market and all the festivals[read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

I hate Las Cruces - 7/6/2011

I agree with Emma. I am an 8th generation Mesilla Valley Resident, unfortunately. I sincerely wish my husband would agree to move away, almost anywhere North, West, East. I hate it here with a an unexpressable passion. Ugly city, Ugly people, Ignorant people, No American Patriotism, Only culture is Mexican, Welfare is the state of living the border people call their job, no human motivation, no true-small businesses success, no neighborhood pride, no English Speaking jobs, no consideration, no thoughtfullness, no beauty, only dead or dying businesses, lots of ugly graffiti, lots of drugs, lots of "you owe me cuz I exist" mentality, no hope, no morals, no viable american government..... GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!![read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

yuck! - 6/15/2011

I hate it here![read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

It's nice in Las Cruces. - 5/2/2011

Folks think that living in the desert Southwest is hot and unbearable. That's simply not true, at least not for ten months out of the year. It is hot in May and June. During those months, the winds of March & April have subsided, and the monsoonal thunderstorms of July and August have not yet started. During the rest of the year, the days are warm and the evenings cool. Residents welcome the occasional winter snows. [read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

There must be something in the water! - 4/8/2011

I don't see why any sane person would want to live here. The school system here is a disgrace(except for the university), the weather is horrible, everything is brown brown brown. Everything around just seems dead. There are SOO many mobile homes it's shocking and not even nice ones. At least 60% of the population here are on wellfare, foodstamps, medicaid, etc. and they come from generations were being on government assistance is the norm! they don't better them selves just to be able to get government assistance. There are "cholos" on every corner, dirty sloppy fat rude hispanic people that don't even deserve to be called a true mexican. The hispanics here are the equivalent of a hillbily! I am a mexican woman that was raised in Baja California, Mexico and I'm embarrased to be associated with the hispanics here. The mexican food isn't very good, what matters most here is the spicyness rather than the flavor. Most people here have the walmart mentality, they don't support the farmers market because its too expensive. The so called "mall" that they have here is a joke, they don't even have a Nordstroms for crying out loud. Their is literally nothing to do here, no diversity, no variety. No wonder there is such a high pregnancy rate and crime rate, drugs are abundant everywhere. But if you like the desert with a bunch of spiders everywhere, then this will be perfect for you. This town is a tad bit better than the sore eye of El Paso. Don't even get me started on the ugliest town in the U.S. which is El Paso. But Las Cruces has the Organ Mountains, the sunset, the stars, the pecan trees, the..........that's it. I've only lived here for 2 years and as soon as I'm done with my degree I am getting as far away from this place as possible![read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

Clear Skies and Mild Winters - 2/23/2011

Mild temperatures with very little, if any, snowfall during the winter season makes Las Cruces an enjoyable place to call home. The summer temperatures may approach 100 degrees a couple times but is very tolerable due to the low relative humidity around 20. Clear skies more than 90 percent of the time adds to the charm of living in Las Cruces.[read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

Slow paced - 9/2/2010

We moved to Las Cruces from Los Angeles. We missed the big city stuff like large varieties of restaurant and eateries. The LC star filled nights are beautiful. [read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

transportation - 8/29/2010

i could not live here without a car[read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ

dating - 6/22/2010

I am thinking of moving here. I am 52 and a single woman. How is the dating situation for my age group? Thanks everyone![read more...]

Mesquite, NM

Climate is wonderful - 10/29/2009

We get about 350 days of sunshine! Its a great city to live in if you like the outdoors. There are many cultural activities, and many cities close by to visit.[read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

lovely small city - 10/27/2009

my husband and i moved here from nj 9 years ago. it has grown considerably since then! lovely weather, historic sites, interesting people from many different places, fine dining majestic breathtaking mountains that change colour with each subset. a fine place to live[read more...]

Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces has great weather - 10/15/2009

Summers are a bit hot, but winters are wonderful. I'd highly recommend Las Cruces to retirees. No snow to shovel and you can golf virtually all year long.[read more...]

Austin, TX

question about wind and water - 6/14/2008

Hi, I've seen a couple of comments about the wind. Just how windy and how often? And how bad (or good) is the water situation? How close is the water table for wells?[read more...]

Austin, TX

question about wind and water - 6/12/2008

I've heard some comments about the wind and I'd like to know just how windy and how often. Is it dusty? Also is there a water aquifer and how easy is it to drill a well or is all water supplied from the local reservoir? thanks! [read more...]

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