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"Great place to escape the summer heat!"

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Ellijay, GA

Elliajy - 5/15/2011

Not really an attractive tow, but usually very friendly. Local people are very accepting of newcomers. Probably because of the perception that it is a tourist town. Unfortunately, the only tourist value in the town is the ability to have an out of town weekend cabin, usually owned by individuals from Atlanta or somewhere in Florida. The main portion of the town is very economically depressed and there is no viable economic development other than real estate development, which is really hurting now. (Spring, 2011) No local entertainment, no community activities, weak educational system, moderate road maintenance, decent utilities, building inspection and code enforcement only in effect for approximately ten years.

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Plano, TX

Great place to escape the summer heat! - 8/29/2007

I have been traveling all my life, mostly renting cabins and condos in east coast states. This year a friend invited me to Ellijay, GA. I must say I was skeptical, never even having heard of this place. I can not describe the degree of beauty and the freshness of clean air only an hour and fourty minutes away from the buzy and crowded Atlanta. It's absolutely gorgeus, and perfect for both quiet, romantic getaways and family vacations with children to escape the summer heat.

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