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"a joke"

a joke - 1/25/2011
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San Antonio, TX

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS COLUMBUS IS A JOKE! Went back last year and just trash. the only reason half the people are still in columbus because they cant afford to leave! Schools are crap and people always say oh its the southside of town that makes columbus look bad....but the ones that are saying that, if you look in the past they are from the south side! bars and just a bunch of ice smoking prep people from auburn!

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Memphis, TN

Schools - 8/14/2012

This is a poor excuse of a school district. The majority of the students that attend Reese Elementary the teacher let bully the other children. I can't count how many times these children have mentioned to me about the teachers turning heads to the abuse the smaller or different children are treated. The children that get picked on are the better, more beautiful, or more intellegent children. The other children the teachers know they can not help so they let the others go down with them.......a complete shame. You should be fired each and every teacher allowing this to happen. Pitiful excuse for a teacher you are. "Pray" the only answer. Poor children trying there best treated bad because they are different........should not happen......pitiful[read more...]

Columbus, GA

Disappointed Resident - 3/3/2012

I was born and raised in Columbus and it disappoints me that the vast majority of people commenting this site on Columbus are negative. Columbus is a great place to raise a family in! We all grow up and can't wait to move away from home and of course I did, I moved to Atlanta and to Virginia Beach and ended up back in Columbus! There's no place like home! Yes it's hot and humid, we are in the SOUTH! Like all southern cities it's hot and humid. If you don't like the heat move up north. If you don't like what's going on in your city, write your local Legislators. I agree, to some degree, the "names" in town have control over salaries and keep them to a bare minimal. I do think this is improving and with all due respect, some of the older "names" are dying off and being replaced by some of their children/ grandchildren who want to improve things. As far as crime, yes it is high, do you have a neighborhood watch? I guess the moral to this story is what are you doing to improve the city you live in and/or call home? I ran across this website by mistake doing research for work and was so disappointed that I felt compelled to say "shame on you" you take the time to write a lengthy email of how horrible Columbus is. Why don't you take the time to write your Legislatures or do something in the community to make a difference?[read more...]

Columbus, GA

Lived here my entire life - 8/2/2011

I have lived here in good ol' Columbus my entire life and came across it on a search to get the heck out of here. I am 33 and cant take another year in the miserable armpit of a town. The only perk to Columbus GA is the cheap hockey program for my son. The service anywhere you go is terrible and people are generally rude. This is not a southern hospitality town. The job market is pretty much limited to two major companies with one doing layoffs so frequently that it is scary to work there. There is no money to be made here. The companies and people are cheap and the government is run by old money that doesn't do anything to expand the growth of this town. Columbus could have so much more if it was not suppressed by the stuck up and selfish council. The heat is unbearable for most people and mixed with the humidity it feels like a sauna all summer. I have seen so many people come in and try to change this miserable town but none have been successful and we are getting out!!! [read more...]

Columbus, GA

Rich cultural environment 90 minutes from Atlanta - 7/16/2011

Columbus has a rich array of opportunities in arts and education: a ballet academy, a metropolitan-class symphony, an active community theatre, a local museum surprisingly strong in modern art, and a university with outstanding fine arts programs. The major presenter of touring artists is[read more...]

San Antonio, TX

a joke - 1/25/2011

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS COLUMBUS IS A JOKE! Went back last year and just trash. the only reason half the people are still in columbus because they cant afford to leave! Schools are crap and people always say oh its the southside of town that makes columbus look bad....but the ones that are saying that, if you look in the past they are from the south side! bars and just a bunch of ice smoking prep people from auburn![read more...]

Fortson, GA

Columbus, GA - 7/3/2010

Columbus is nice because we have TSYS, Synovus, Carmike, and other great businesses. Also, Columbus is next to Ft. Benning, "The Home of The Rangers." It is culturally diverse and has many colleges to choose from. The winters are mild, but the summers are pretty hot and humid. [read more...]

Columbus, GA

Parks - 2/26/2010

The parks in Columbus, GA are horrible. The few that exist are poorly maintained. The parks department is run by idiots who do not care, which actually could be said about the whole government in Columbus. Callaway Gardens, about 40 min N of Columbus, is nice if you want to pay. Other than that, if you are looking for stuff to do outside besides ride dirt 4 wheelers or shoot deer with hillbillies, you have to search hard. That said, there is potential for Columbus, being a river city with a nice climate if you don't mind rain. If only the local government would get off their hands, quit putting tax dollars into nice administrative buildings for them to squat in, and put money into parks and recreation.[read more...]

Wilkes-Barre, PA

awesome town - 2/18/2010

i'm moving back here soon. can't wait. great hang outs, new jobs to choose from. they have plenty of bike trails and skateboarding centers to keep me busy.[read more...]

Fortson, GA

Military Benefits? - 12/11/2009

To be honest, Columbus isn't a bad place to live. It does have some very nice neighborhoods, but it is not what I'd call sophisticated or even close to upper middle class. It's a middle class town that is growing and realistically, nothing really makes it special. Not too crowded, not boring; it's not lacking services or things go do and if you like, you can still live outside the city limits and not have to drive an hour to go to the grocery store. But like any military commnity, the housing is more expensive than it should be. The military's pay scale is no big secret so everyone knows what you earn and that does play a big part in how much the cost of living is.[read more...]

Columbus, GA

Love it. - 2/16/2009

Love it. [read more...]

Valdosta, GA

Living in Columbus is like taking a step back in t - 2/10/2009

I was born and raised in Columbus. I left for the military when I was 19 and that was the best decision I've ever made. While my entire family still resides there, Columbus is full of people with small minds. Columbus is a racist city. My family lives next door to a white family that hasn't spoken to them since the day they moved in. The customer service (where ever you go) is less than stellar. The majority of the people in that city are rude. Columbus is behind the times. It's 2009, but people's views and the way the city looks is more like 1989. The schools are OK at best. The high school I attended had teachers and students calling blacks the 'N' word. (in 2002)! There are not many jobs. So, if you're looking for a job, STAY AWAY. I have traveled around the world, met many differant people, and experienced many cultures. I would NEVER move back to Columbus. Moving back there would be like taking a step back in time.[read more...]

Columbus, GA

I've been here all my life. - 8/15/2008

I've lived in Columbus all of my life and I agree whole-heartedly with the vast majority of the opinions on here. I have spent time in Atlanta, NYC, various parts of Florida, Las Vegas, and many of the states along the east coast and I can definitely say that Columbus is uncultured. We have plenty of room for expansion and plenty of places that we could clean up but it doesn't seem like the city wants to do that. The museums here aren't very exciting and the few plays we have from time to time don't get advertised very well. I absolutely hated being a teenager here because the only things I could do were go to the movies, Hollywood Connection, or friend's houses. I've always had an "alternative" appearance (facial piercings, tattoos, etc.) and even though I was a good person who made straight A's in high school, I would always either get kicked out of places because of the chains on my pants, glared at, or judged and preached to by either "open air" preachers or just random people. I would not want to raise kids here, especially now since the city is beginning to go downhill. The only things that people find entertaining here are the many bars and clubs, restaurants, drugs, and the two malls -- there's really not much for kids or teenagers to do, which is partly to blame for our drug problem. There is nothing really "local" to speak of because, as everyone has said, Columbus loves Wal-Mart (we have like, five) and other big chain stores. You can't sit in a park and feel safe here because it seems like danger is always lurking...maybe it has to do with the lack of people in the parks. I can honestly say that I felt safer walking around New York City or taking the subway alone than walking around Columbus alone. My fiance just recently got mugged at a gas station in Phenix City (our neighboring city) as he was walking to his car. Fortunately, having grown up here, I know where to and where not to go, but every place is questionable, even on the north side. The weather is horrid and unpredictable, the schools aren't the greatest, and the job market isn't too promising. I'm a student at CSU and they only focus on art and music majors -- I mean, honestly, in a city where Aflac and TSYS reign, wouldn't you think there would be more emphasis placed on majors that relate to occupations such as those? Placing emphasis on music and art isn't making people stay here or making Columbus more popular -- it's making them leave for bigger cities where they have a chance to put themselves on the map. My advice -- don't move here unless you are positive that you have a job lined up somewhere, I wouldn't pick Columbus as a place to raise a family, and don't come here expecting culture or to be accepted by a lot of the people born and raised in the South if you are from somewhere else or you are left or liberal in your viewpoints. There are a lot of closed-minded people here that are unwilling to stray from their roots. Fortunately I was raised by open-minded people and I can see past people's differences. I think that Columbus needs more diversity and more culture, overall.[read more...]

Columbus, GA

BE WARNED! - 8/10/2008

I have lived in other places around the US(CA, OR, IL) and columbus, ga is by far the most racist place i have lived! For the past 4 years it has gone further and further down hill. If you cant ride down the street without having your whole car being vibrated by some one else's stereo system or go out to fast food with out getting some kind of attitude. The ONLY decent parts of town are the newly developed whitesville, bradley park, and whittlesey rd. DO NOT MOVE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF TOWN(past exit 8) it is known for drugs, robberies, and all around ghetto appearance and attitude. The west side of town is close to the same way and growing worse. The east side (flat rock rd.) and north side of town (whitesville rd) and further north is nice still. But trust me its going down hill very fast[read more...]

Midland, GA

So-so town - Want to leave - 7/4/2008

I read a lot of the reviews on Columbus, GA and I agree with them. Like anywhere in this world, you can make the best of where you are and keep a positive attititude. That said, we've lived here for a total of fifteen years (two stints) and we still don't feel like we belong. We hail from the Northeast. Positives about Columbus: It is rural and sprawling. Population is around 188K but, unlike real cities, Columbus covers a large amount of space relative to the population. Houses are cheap compared to other parts of the country, but prices are expensive relative to the local salaries. Retail is great if you don't mind big-box, which most of America doesn't seem to mind. There are a handful of nice laid-back parks. To their credit, there is a lot of development dollars going into improving "up-town" (really the old down-town main street) and other local areas, parks, roads and shopping plazas. Strangely, though, many of the nice attractions are heavily underutilized by the locals. Negatives about Columbus: There is a really slim group of large employers in this town. AFLAC, TSYS and Wellpoint, Pratt and Whitney and some manufacturing firms are present, but the biggest companies are controlled by a small set of entrenched families who coincidentally also control the local chamber of commerce. They really have the ability to control which businesses come to town and the region's median salary. Those same folks happen to be connected with the controlling families in this area, who also have a hand in the "Columbus Consolidated Government". Outsiders are not truly welcome. You have to have connections if you want to be truly successful here. Another problem - disgruntled employees. Because there is a small group of employers, the local companies simply swap off unhappy workers. The result is some form of freaky corporate culture inbreeding. New ideas and innovation are stagnant, and, unless you are "in" with management cliques, you stand little chance of making a difference here. There are also plenty of small-minded "I grew up here" attitudes that are shocked when bad news comes their way or threatens their limited world (i.e. a shooting north of that Macon-Dixon line). Someone else left a comment about how Columbus simply migrates North. I can affirm that comment. Fifteen years ago, while in the military, we were told that anything south of the I-185 Buena Vista Road exit was bad territory. There was a nice mall on Macon Road and plenty of decent shops. Now, Macon Road is a "bad" exit, Manchester Expressway is questionable, and "new" development has cropped up along the JR Allen parkway (in reality, much of this "new" development is actually shops that moved from Macon Road, Manchester Expressway or down town). The point: Columbusites love something "new". When it is new, a crowd flocks to it. Within a year the newness wears off and people stop going. Then, developers merely build the same thing further up the highway and further the cycle. They call it progress. :-) As further evidence, look at Columbus' bid to become the "Softball Capital of the World" in 96. Columbusites packed the newly built softball complex. After the Olympics attendance dropped sharply and Columbus lost key NCAA competitions. The same can be said about attendance at the minor league Ice Hockey and baseball teams. In summary, Columbus is a wonderful place for those who really want to just settle down in a quaint area but don't really care for career or social growth.[read more...]

Columbus, GA

Unhappy in Columbus - 1/10/2008

Because my husband and I have family here we moved from the Ft.Lauderdale area a year ago. We have bought a home and have struggled since. It seems impossible to succeed here without having the right connections. Lots of poverty, lots of teen pregnancy, and lots of judgement. The wealthy keep to themselves and the blue collar fill the bars, clubs, and what could be neat and fun places. The population seems to turn on local business and flock to chain industry. Despite our families we are not comfortable and quite unhappy.[read more...]

Midland, GA

Not sure why you'd consider it... - 11/4/2007

I want to preface this by saying I grew up about 60 miles from Columbus... I moved to Columbus when I moved back east, as a stop looking for a job in Atlanta. (I had friends here = cheap rent). I ended up getting a great job in town, and it kept me here. Like most other companies, they re-organized and relocated. We opted to stay...big mistake! All that exists in this town are service jobs and data entry type jobs. (Do you like cubicle gray, and having 3 tiers of managers above you?) The big names in town keep wages ridiculously low - I'm talking 50% of market rate 90 miles north in Atlanta. Of course, there is an excess of lawyers in this if you do that, you'll fit in. Litigation is big business. The summers are intolerably hot. The winters can be either bitter or mild. I've heard about Fall, but I've yet to see one. Race relations are horrible. Caucasians are the minority. The city creeps north as it rots from the south. Locals call the current no-cross line the "Macon-Dixon Line," referring to Macon Road being the divider between white and black areas. Recreation is essentially non-existent. The Riverwalk is unfit to venture out on alone. Public facilities are built in minority areas, so don't plan on going if you aren't of the same color. Callaway Gardens is close by, but how often can you do that? Minor league sports teams come and go, and again... they are located across the street from the largest housing projects in town. Don't leave valuables in your car...or in your pocket, as you are likely to be robbed. Did I mention the crime? I've lived in Atlanta, Seattle and 3 other cities and never once was a victim of crime. The first day I was in Columbus, my bicycle was stolen off my locked bike rack. My apartment was burglarized. I've had power tools, gas and other things stolen from me. My wife's car was vandalized. Friends have been robbed at gunpoint. Most people I know, including me, carry protection. The drivers here are morons. I've been involved in 3 no-fault accidents on my part, after being accident free for 15 years prior to that. Cell phones seem to be mandatory while driving, and don't expect anyone to understand Yield signs or 4-way stops. The lakes here are crowded, beach-less and not easily accessible. You need to drive an hour or two away to reach a decent body of water. Retail and restaurants are cookie cutter. You'll recognize everything, but won't find anything unique. We will officially have 5 Wal-Marts and maybe another... for a city of under 300k. Add 4 K-Marts, a Target and dozens of dollar stores and you are in retail hell. Most people that are here have been here for life, and will never leave. The term "clique" was invented here. Don't expect to make many close friends with the locals if you are new to town. For all of this, housing is expensive. Expect to pay a minimum of $110/sf to live in a safe area, and $128/sf to be comfortable. With average salaries in the 30-40k range, plan on having a two income household. I wouldn't recommend moving to Columbus for any reason.[read more...]

Ellerslie, GA

Location Location Location - 11/3/2007

Where else can you live in a mid size city without traffic, great cultural venues all less than 10 years old (River Center, Civil War Naval Museaum, Coca Cola Space Science Center), good schools and college, low unemployment, low cost of living, located on a beautiful river with a beautiful 15 mile paved and lighted River Walk, and also have the following within a half day's drive: Large Metropolitan Area (Atlanta)- 1 hour Pine Mountain and Callaway Gardens - 30 minutes Providence Canyon State Park (Little Grand Canyon) - 45 minutes Auburn University - 45 minutes Panama City Beach - 3 hours Smokey Mountains - 4 hours Columbus also is the home to high tech businesses such as AFLAC, TSYS, Synovus and others. On the horizon is an Army Corp of Engineers project to turn the section of the Chattahoochee River in Uptown Columbus into a White Water Rafting destination and a brand new National Infantry Museum with I-Max theater. For more info: [read more...]

Columbus, GA

Changing for the Worse - 9/3/2007

As a nearly lifelong resident of Columbus (born here in 1961), I can attest to the changes this city has been through. I wish I could say they were for the better, but I can't. Oh, new hotels, shopping strips, and restaurants pop up every time I turn around, but so do roadside trash and violent crimes (23 murders already this year). Most of the murders are drug and/or gang-related, largely due to the growing "minority" population. I can't say I feel exactly safe here anymore, and the job market is not so good. As far as things to do besides shop or eat, there are movie theaters, pubs and a few night clubs downtown, a so-so museum, the River Center and Civic Center for occasional events, a couple of parks, etc. The southside, closest to Ft. Benning, is replete with strip joints and tattoo parlors. Unfortunately, a few of these establishments are now found in the north end of town. Columbus used to be a nice place to live, but I can't honestly say that anymore. My husband and I are seriously considering a move.[read more...]

Columbus, GA

Heavy pollen;No (not enough) rain. (Sting) - 3/25/2007

Crazy weather, heavy allergy season, with wide temp. changes.[read more...]

Columbus, GA

Columbus - small size with a very small town menta - 2/28/2007

Columbus is still way behind the times in a lot of ways. Very tough town to make friends or get into a 'click'. Miserable HOT summers and very mild, almost warm winters. Shopping is not great and too many chain restaurants, but Atlanta is 100 miles away. Not very tech savvy people.[read more...]

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