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"Changeing (like the rest of the country)"

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Portland, OR

Tigard, OR is a thoroughly miserable place to live - 3/16/2012

Statistics are one thing, reality is more important. Living in Tigard, OR is hellish. The weather is horrible - rain, mud, algae, sleet, hail pretty much most of the year - and the people are worse. If you are, unfortunately, thinking about relocating to Tigard then spend 2 weeks here in the middle of winter which runs about six months out of the year...somewhat less with global warming. The quality of life will be muddy, cold, gray, insular, unfriendly, unappealing and generally...hellish. Why anyone who is not forced to move to Tigard, OR by circumstances or sheer stupidity (raise hand) would do so is beyond all understanding. The town is ugly, has nothing in the way of entertainment, has the nastiest people ever encountered and leaves people sick, depressed and hoping for the salvation of death. Really.

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Portland, OR

Tigard, OR - 12/10/2011

Tigard is conveniently located to the major highways, a little slower pace of life, and the west side of the Portland metro area has better weather. The city is progressive without being over the top like Portland. The area is hilly and has very nice views, being in Washington County the jobs and schools are better since we have Nike and Intel in our community.

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Portland, OR

Changeing (like the rest of the country) - 4/21/2009

Lately changeing (like the rest of the country). Hotter summers and colder winters.

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