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"Oasis Outside of NYC"

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Westfield, NJ

Cost of living too high!@!! - 12/5/2011

Looking for a simpler life - taxes too high in New Jersey

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Westfield, NJ

Oasis Outside of NYC - 3/6/2011

As a resident for over 10 years, overall I have to say that Westfield is one of the most beautiful towns to live in within commuting distance to NYC! Here is a little breakdown of the Good and Bad: Good: Almost everything! Beautiful Village-like Downtown with great stores! From a metaphysical shop to a Coach store, you can find everything here without going to the Mall. Absolutely wonderful restaurants. People travel here to eat! Trader Joe's - enough said! Wondeful people - very easy to make friends. Very open-minded and accepting of different religions, races, politics, and sexual orientations. Supremely excellent School District from special needs to mainstream children. Easy commute to NYC - you have your option of a bus (with typical 50min to 1 hour ride) to train (with a switch at Newark Penn Station for 50 mins). Extremely family-friendly and lots to do with multiple parks, children-focused shops/activities, and many fairs and gatherings. Bad: Taxes are high - typical $10,000 for a starter home! House prices are higher than typical ($500k won't get you far - a 3BR/2Bath on a busy street with renovations needed). Due to the affluency of the town, you do come across some teenagers with an air of expectations/arrogance and some attitude (although it could just be typical behavior for the age). Drugs in the High School seems to be a problem, although significant efforts have been taken to curtail. Overall, I have to see Westfield is just wonderful. Someone mentioned about racism. My family is hispanic and I have never felt anything coming close to not being accepted. There is a gay couple that live down the street and have been here for years. If you can manage to find a home, you will thoroughly enjoy the life the town has to offer!

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Westfield, NJ

Westfield, NJ! - 5/11/2010

My family and I have been here for 11 years! Housing is expensive, but that is really the only downside (and snow!!!) Seriously, it is beautiful, clean, with great schools (which is why we moved here, shopping and downtown area! It is as safe as can be, and everyone is PROUD is say they live here...need I say more?? Now if I can get it to not snow it would be perfect!!!

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Westfield, NJ

Suburban Oasis? - 1/25/2008

It's a pretty little town about 25 miles outside of NYC. There are beautiful homes, plenty of parks and lots of old churches. Downtown Westfield is a busy walking town with great shopping and restaurants. There are a number of great street fairs an events throughout the year, outdoor jazz festival every Tuesday night in the summers and free concerts in Mindowaskin Park weekly on summer evenings. It's a friendly and affluent town - very family oriented and reputed to have a great school system. A nice place to live, but lacking in diversity. I'd like to see a little more culture and a little less consumerism.

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Westfield, NJ

Do not live here if you're African-American!!! - 2/4/2007

My family and I are black and have lived here for the past 2 years. I can't move quick enough!!! These people act like they've never seen people of color before, it's awful

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Westfield, NJ

Great Place to live - 10/2/2006

Westfield is a great place to live. Schools are very good; most children can walk to elementary school and either walk or ride bikes to middle or high school. Real Estate is very expensive as are real estate but the latter is just a function of living in NJ.

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Westfield, NJ

Westfield is a lovely community - only negative is - 7/31/2006

I've been a Westfield resident for 6 years. I love this town. Only negative is the price of housing and taxes depending on your dwelling. The community overall is lovely. Quaint downtown with great shops and restuarants, beautiful parks, easy access into NYC, very good school system, safe, great place to raise a family.

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Britt cpa
Westfield, NJ

Real Estate Prices Becoming Ridiculous - 5/22/2006

I would recommend looking in surrounding towns prior to deciding on Westfield. The housing prices have escalated 100% plus on the Northside of town in the past 7 years. A cost-benefit analysis may lead you to Cranford or other nearby towns.

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