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Crescent City, CA

Weather in Crescent City Ca. - 1/12/2014

Our weather is mild but with the prevailing wind blowing from west to east we are always fighting rust. We have a very high humidity that causes much ache and pain.

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Merced, CA


If you are thinking of moving to Crescent City, CA save yourself the trouble and DON'T! It's a miserable, depressing city infested with meth heads. Most people live in poverty and being a career welfare recipient is considered normal there. There are few good jobs in the city (working at the hospital/prison/school) but eventhose who are able to afford a nice life can't because there is nothing to do! It's beautiful with the redwoods, smith river, and beaches...but when it's raining just about all year long and COLD even in the middle of summer you don't really get to enjoy it. There's nothing to do. The mountains cut the city off from the rest of CA. The closest place to go is a 30 minute drive to Brookings, OR which is also a boring little city. This is a place for people who are happy living a boring life who don't want to advance. If you ever go you will see exactly what I'm talking about, because the people in the town are so BORED they have nothing better to do than gossip and start drama. I moved away two years ago and couldn't be happier, I would never even consider moving back!

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Santa Paula, CA

peaceful - 9/5/2010

I made a trip up to Eureka about 20 years ago, thinking that I might like to live there. I've always loved the redwoods and the ocean and it seemed like the perfect mix. But there was something about that town that was just depressing. Last year I made a trip to Crescent City to visit my sister and was pleasantly surprised. It's fairly remote (Eureka is 90 miles away, but it will take longer than 2 hrs to make that trip, but Brookings, Oregon is about 30 minutes away-which isn't bad). So if you need to shopping, the events and the crowds of a larger city, Crescent wouldn't be the place for you. But I loved it. The traffic was refreshingly light. The people were friendly and the pace of life was just slower. It's also cold--well, cold compared to Southern Ca. You won't see many days reach the 70s. But you get dramatic storms and gorgeous green foliage everywhere for putting up with that cool whether. Housing is affordable, but you have to find a job. Of course, finding a job anywhere these days is a challenge. But, overall, I found Crescent to be a wonderful place to be!

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Crescent City, CA

Living in Crescent City Ca - 11/18/2009

Think of Del Norte Count as "Mayberry" with redwoods, clean rivers, beautiful clean beaches, rain, sun, fog and once in a great while a dusting of snow. If you want a life style where you get to live your life instead of just surviving and shopping then this is the place! Where people young and old go down to the river and sunbath, swim, fish and picnic after work. Where the whole county shows up for the 4th of July Parade and the fireworks display down in the bay. I can sit on my deck and watch the sun set all summer, the whales migrate twice a year, and lightning light up the ocean in the winter. I would not want it any other way. If you do not at least visit this area, you are missing out on the real California.

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Crescent City, CA

A great place to live - 1/1/2007

A great place to live if you like walking the beaches and looking at redwoods.

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