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"Utopia...if you can afford it"

Utopia...if you can afford it - 4/25/2008
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Thomaston, CT

Moved here from Northern California about 5 years ago. Have been living in a small town in Litchfield County ever since. Yes, the cost of housing is expensive....and so is heating oil, etc.. But let me tell you this, I live in a town of about 4,000 people and I haven't locked my doors since moving here. In fact, I honestly don't have any idea where my house keys are. We don't lock the doors when we go on vacation!!! Do you know why there are so many generations of families that never leave New England? Because there is no better place to move..period. We've lived in the south, we've lived out west, we have family that live in the central states, Connecticut...and the New England region in general is the only place left in the country where you can still find Ozzie and Harriet...Leave It To Beaver, etc... I NEVER want to move from here.

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re: Utopia...if you can afford it - 4/25/2008 - 2/22/2011
That's so good to hear since I plan on returning after living almost 40 years in Tx. I'd like to know what town you live in since I've looked into Litchfield County.

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Trumbull, CT

why dont the people get a job - 9/28/2014

stop robbing people get off your butts and get a job.

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West Hartford, CT

One of the only places where you get the full expe - 2/24/2014

My favorite thing about CT is definitely how true the climate is to each season: you get the most beautiful autumns, the freshest springs, as well as the harshest winters, however that is what makes CT one of the best places to live.

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Oxford, CT

CT TAXES - 2/17/2014

Politicians here can't find enough ways to take your money. TAX,TAX, and more TAXES. Their favorite sport is to chase seniors out of the state.

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New Milford, CT

Very liberal, very expensive - 12/26/2013

I like the CT town I live in, but it is becoming more and more expensive to live here. I hate the New England politics and with that, the cost to live here is high.

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Newark, NJ

Beautiful - 11/17/2013

I am from the Northeast area NY, CT and Jersey. I can say the best thing about living up here is being so close to NY and always having something to do and being able to experience and enjoy the 4 seasons. Certain areas are absolutely beautiful but unfortunately the cost of living is just getting to out of hand therefore I'm looking to relocate to Valdosta please provide any information that would help aid me in my transition.

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Waterbury, CT

CT. - 9/25/2013

CT. Is a beautiful state.

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Glastonbury, CT

CT schools - 8/10/2013

The schools in CT are considered over average but the have similar problems as others. The problem is not the school or curriculum or location but the system which presumes miscommunication between the educators- each teacher cares only about his/her subject. The new trends are encouraging though- particularly teaching chess in middle schools.

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Not good for asthmatics - 7/20/2013

CT is becoming so lush, in the summer it's more like a rainforest. If you are allergic to mold, this is not the place for you to live. If not allergic, CT is a reserved area except for the larger cities. The area is absolutely beautiful in spring and fall. Winters are icy and snowy, with average temps in the high 20s. Summers vary, but this current summer is sweltering with high temps and high humidity.

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Ronkonkoma, NY

Education - 5/9/2013

Why did this website stop providing information about education levels in the places it's covering? It's very helpful information to have about an area.

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Brookfield, CT

Living in Brookfield, CT - 3/19/2013

I love it here. It's a typical suburban, white, middle class to upper middle class community. It was a great place to grow up. You feel safe and because it's a small town you tend to always see people from high school. It quiet, not too much craziness goes on around here. If you're considering a move to Fairfield County look into the greater Danbury area and the surrounding towns. It's a nice place to live.

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Woodbury, CT

cost of living in CT - 3/13/2013

Way to high. State ioncome tax, sales tax, real estate tax, car tax, gas tax. You name it CT taxes it

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Wallingford, CT

Living in Connecticut - 2/26/2013

I've living in CT my entire life. My entire family (children, mother & siblings) are all here as well. As you're probably aware, Ct is a small state, but packed with plenty to do and see. It's a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We have a shoreline, mountains (it's certainly not the Rockies), casinos (if that's your thing), historical sites and much, much more. The economy is no better or worse than most states these days. We enjoy 4 beautiful seasons each year and for the most part, the weather is more than manageable. It's not paradise, but it's home!

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Old Lyme, CT

Country life or Down South? - 2/7/2013

We just recently moved from LA to a small town on the Eastern shoreline of Ct. It's a village really with a number of towns nearby which blend together to form the shoreline. What an adjustment. We were looking for more nature and less expense as well as the change of seasons. We pretty much got it except its more expensive here for some items like food and of course heat. We have lived in NY, Miami, La and now Ct. I am from Ct which is why we moved here. It's beautiful and familiar but now we see it might not be the ticket. Both my husband and I are having a tough time adjusting to the cold winter and gray days and are not sure if this is really the right place for us. We like the abundance of nature and the lack of traffic and rude people that LA has but think maybe a smaller city would suit us better and more temperate weather. Anyone know about Asheville or any other town on North Carolina that might work? We are both liberal Obama people who are not religious, have no kids and are entrepreneurs so need to be in a hip area with good food, arts and opportunities for growth. Any input wold be welcome!

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Shelton, CT

Political Views - 1/13/2013

Connecticut is a liberal state

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Wading River, NY

Great State - 7/26/2012

Connecticut is a great state for many reasons

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Stratford, CT

The great state of Connecticut - 6/29/2012

We've got it all here - beaches, great schools, great restaurants, and especially great pizza!

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Seymour, CT

Cost of Living High - Quality of Life Not So Much - 4/11/2012

I've lived in CT off and on for nearly 40 years and I must say that I'm more disappointed each year. The prices of homes in a decent area are very high and the price of food and utilities has skyrocketed. Most of the higher-paying jobs are in the area outside of NYC so the commute is no picnic. There is a reason why I've never seen this area listed in "Best Places to Live".

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Brooklyn, NY

Distressed Homes, REO Properties and Foreclosures - 7/12/2011

I live in NYC it is very crowded here looking to make some changes.

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Madison, CT

Connecticut is not worth it! - 3/3/2011

Overpriced homes, overtaxed, no jobs, poor salary, poor air quality, no cultural outlets, worst weather possible!

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Greenwich, CT

Greenwich - 2/21/2011

Even though it is not reality, Greenwich is a great place to live. We have the smallest house in Greenwich (probably the smallest house pretty much anywhere, less than 800 sq. ft.) & we're not Greenwich "material", but you can't beat it for casual beauty, convenience to any & everything you need or want in Fairfield & Westchester, as well as all the town benefits. You will not believe the property taxes & mil rate because of the mega-rich businesses here. You may not be able to afford the property, but you can always pay your taxes (the exact opposite of Westchester, where I grew up & why we actually decided for a laugh to look at Greenwich back in the 1990's). Simple things like the town dump book exchange give you a small town feel & everyone on our block still wave at each other when they drive by (I came from New York & THAT took some getting used to, I can tell you!). The City, Long Island (we love Jones Beach) & the upper states are easy to get to, so a variety of casual, comfortable vacations are possible when you want.

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