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Kihei, HI

Hawaii...reasonably priced.... - 11/21/2010

I live in Kihei, on the sunny South West shore of the island of Maui. Do not believe all the rubbish you hear about Hawaii being an expensive place to live. Much of course depends upon the area to which one compares Hawaii costs, but the following make Hawaii a wonderful and reasonably priced place to live: 1. The climate is America's best, mild year round. You will save money cuz you wont need to buy jackets, parkas, gloves, winter boots,snow tires,and other costly winter gear. 2. And, your winter heating costs in most areas will be nothing---compare that to $500/month and higher bills in cold parts of America. Many homes and condos dont even have heat systems, as there is no need. 3. If you buy a home, you will find that property taxes are among the lowest in America. My 2 bedroom condo--assessed at about $300,000--has an annual property tax bill of about $160 after the Homeowner Exemption--this is not a misprint. Compare this figure to Texas, for example,where a $300,000 ppty would have ppty taxes of about $8,000 per year. 4. Home and condo prices to buy are generally lower than in Coastal areas of California, also a mild climate state. 5. If you rent, a 2 bedroom condo in South Maui rents for about $1,300 per month...far less than most parts of California and far less than such places as nice areas of New England. 6. If you swim or surf, surfboards and board shorts are cheaper than on the Mainland, generally---I surf,I know, I buy them. 7. What is higher priced? Beer, for one, stop drinking and avoid hangovers.... 8. The main supermarket chain in the state hands out cards to Locals that allow discounts on the prices of most groceries...and Safeway has stores in the islands, with some items such as soft drinks at California prices. 9. Lastly, you will live longer---Hawaii has one of the longest living populations of all 50 move here and enjoy....

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Kihei, HI

has gotten too expensive - 2/7/2009

we have lived here for over 20 years, raised our kids and really enjoyed living here. the cost of living here has gone out of control. we are retiring soon and plan to leave maui for a less cost of living area on the main-land. kids are all grown with their own families and they are staying here, they have very good jobs.maui has been very good to us through all these years, but retireing here is not good for us. we will travel back and forth to see our kids and grand-kids, so too bad. we will miss it here very much. take care.

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Kihei, HI

The price of paradise - 9/2/2008

Hawaii is a wonderful state to live in for many reasons. We have wonderful weather (no need for those winter clothes!!) which is great for outdoors most of the year. However the cost of housing, gas, groceries and services are very high. People really shouldn't move here without extensive research on cost of living and what they can afford. Kihei has beaches galore and bike paths with lots of free access for those interested in the out of doors.

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Kihei, HI

Kihei Lifestyle - 11/10/2007

I've lived in Kihei,Hawaii since 2004. My wife always wanted to return to Hawaii and we finally made it back. Kihei is a great place to live and play if you're close to retirement and still active. Lots of things to do and places to go. Located between Lahaina and Makena on the South shore it's a very dry side of Maui. However, it is expensive to live here.Cost of living is much higher than the Mainland. Not a place to come with no visible means of support. Lots of jobs are available, especially for skilled construction workers. Overall, we love living here. The people are great and the weather is good year around( it is Hawaii, afterall). Come visit and judge for yourself.......

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Kahului, HI

great weather, nice people, - 7/9/2007

I really liked Kihei. It is a great place to live if you are into ocean sports and like a sunny, tropical climate. It has a small town feel and wonderful sense of community. ( I'm from San Diego) The negatives to consider are1. the high cost of living(don't forget to factor in the expense of air travel to visit family and alleviate island fever) is often so windy in the afternoon that you can't go to the beach is dusty especially in North Kihei 4there's smoke and ash from the burning of the sugar cane fields 4 it is a terrible place for single women as there are so few quality men 5 there's little to no nightlife. 6 you have to life with a lot of tourists. The funny thing is, I still enjoyed living there. I am just trying to make anyone considering a move there aware of some possible downfalls.

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Kamuela, HI

finding a nice home - 3/30/2007

What is not to like about Kihei? the beaches are wonderful, the climate warm and inviting the fact much is transported in and effect is a higher cost of living, but it is modulated by the free outdoor pastimes and friendly interactions with locals. those who entertain frequently will gladly come to Hawaii for concerts, so culture abounds. to ease island fever, we go to the Big Island 2 times a year and Oahu about the same number of times.....home sweet home

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