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"You Forgot To Include Pagan"

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re: You Forgot To Include Pagan - 6/6/2007 - 9/1/2012
Latest census and other surveys found that Only about 1/2 a percent are christian. Rest are non-christian religions or athiests. The people are Narcistic. If they know something is harming health or extremely annoying or incroaching on the comfort safey and rights of others or dangerous to others they dramatically increase the behaviour to "get back at" and "you dont like it here take that" "Ill show you". You call that nice people and christian behaviour and attitudes? Vindictive and hateful is what it is. As far a hard working they are the reason that Gov workers have a bad name. Not all Gov workers are lazy and dont earn their money but here in kitsap County they do almost no work for their high salaries. And then gripe, whine about how "poor" they are. The Norwegians are multi generational inbred. Dont delete me Sperlinsg there are county, city, state and police records as well as thousands of people who were born in incest and/or molested as children as proof that it is fact. They cant learn or understand anything and do everything the most slow, dangerous, inefficent, harmful, time wasting and stupid way possible.

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Corrales, NM

Rainfall - 9/23/2015

Need contour map of rainfall

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Poulsbo, WA

Complete Lawlessness In All Areas Not just firewor - 4/27/2014

Lorena MOVE TO KITSAP COUNTY Washington IF YOU WANT FIREWORKS. Extreme and excessive fireworks used there. Illegal rockets and other Indian Fireworks (are literally just dynamite with some color dust) are purchased by most of the 255K population in May, June, July, August and Dec, Jan, Feb every year in addition to the legal kind. Every neighborhood has more then one person who buys a pickup truck load of the illegal dynamite. Numerous people also light a big wet and green wood bonfires to add tons of Dioxin (most toxic substance on earth), black carbon soot, Acrolein, Benzene (causes myleofibrosis and leukemia) and 200 other health damaging substances to our air to mix with the tons of sulfur dioxide laden firework smoke. This toxic suffocating cloud hovers over the whole county for 3 or more days and nights. Poulsbo WA has their 4th of July Public display on the 3rd so everyone uses that as an excuse to have 2 days and nights of non-stop explosions and big smokey fires. This scenario is repeated for the 5 weeks leading up to and 5 weeks after New Years Eve. The 4th of July fireworks are exploded anytime day or night Starting in May and not stopping until November. The illegal kind let off next to a home deafens the occupants, shakes the house, rattles and can even break the windows. Sends pets running often to never be found. In addition the the toxic pollution cloud the level of noise everywhere in the county on the nights of the 3rd and 4th is well over 85 DB which cause hearing loss. One neighbor measured 3 hours at 108 DB in his home with doors/windows shut. This is typical in most neighborhoods and even in public shopping areas not the exception. People who visits friends on those nights literally run for their car to get away as fast as they can as soon as it starts with the comment "how can you stand this insanity?"

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Poulsbo, WA

Enjoy Living Here - 4/29/2013

I've been a resident of Poulsbo for 2 years, lived on Bainbridge Island for a few months, in Lacey (near Olympia) and Port Orchard before that. I've only been in WA for 4 years at this point. Poulsbo has charm; is Norwegian and celebrates that and is a lovely place to live. Of course, there are bad sides to everywhere. The Post Office is small enough that you can't ship anything on off hours--but Silverdale is close enough that I can go there and use their automated machine in the lobby to get postage for a box and ship it. Downtown is quaint and has good food, nice shops, but is more than I spend many times. Most people are friendly "we're here if you need us" individuals who are very private, yet will enjoy a glass of wine or spot of tea with a neighbor occasionally. It's a community of dentists, orthodontists, lawyers, doctors, electricians, landscapers and more. You name it, someone with that professional probably lives in Poulsbo. Most individuals are community minded but I've seen disagreements arise that cause angst that can't be resolved, too (though rare). Long time residents' children come back to live here many times. Easy access to the Olympic Mts; easy access to water, docks and ferries; easy access to Seattle; bus system works well, especially for trips to ferry to walk on to Seattle. Local community college is excellent; easy access to numerous other colleges as well; skilled and unskilled workforce live throughout the area. Peaceful; good farmer's market, easy access to organic foods including beef, pork, chicken; soon to have a Safeway as well as the cultural grocery center "Central Market" and Albertson's. Other than that--head to Silverdale and let them have all the traffic!

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Poulsbo, WA

The Best There Is - 10/4/2008

Poulsbo and the surrounding community offers a a quality of life that can recharge the soul and spirit of anyone. People here are friendly, courteous, thoughtful,kind and ever willing and open to take the time to practice the golden rule. The pace of life is calming. No one is here to rush or outdo the other. And, all of the beauties of nature surround you no matter where you travel. Cultural events are everywhere and the city of Seattle with its many offerings is just a short 20 minute ferry ride away. Sailors come from afar to dock their sailboats at the most unique and quaint Poulsbo harbor to enjoy good food and the best bakeries around.

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Poulsbo, WA

You Forgot To Include Pagan - 6/6/2007

The Scandinavian roots of Poulsbo are conservative, hard-working and Christian. However, there is a substantial number of people in Kitsap County, including Poulsbo, following pagan, wiccan, and native american beliefs. I attribute it to the proximity and abundent beauty of nature all around, so it makes sense that people follow practices that pays homage to the seasons and the earth.

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Poulsbo, WA

Don't Count on Getting Out of Your Car - 6/6/2007

Poulsbo is part of Kitsap County, which has the most shoreline of any county in the State of Washington. Washingtonians tend to have an aversion to building bridges or expanding or building new highways until about twenty years after they are needed and that certainly includes Kitsap County. So we drive AROUND a lot of bodies of water on overcrowded two-lane highways. Add to that the fact that the State has cut the funding for ferry and bus transportation and suddenly you have no option but a car. We can bike, but this is not flat land by any definition and very few bike paths.

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