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"Seriously, this is the TRUTH about Rocky Mount"

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Rocky Mount

re: Seriously, this is the TRUTH about Rocky Mount - 9/8/2014
I appreciate your honesty about the pros and cons of Rocky Mount. At Rocky Mount Review (a website devoted to highlighting the positive growth of our great city) we recently wrote a blog post about downtown revitalization. You can find it here:

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Rocky Mount, NC

Seriously, this is the TRUTH about Rocky Mount - 3/16/2013

Okay, I'm writing this review because I use this site a lot. I think there's some mis-information about Rocky Mount here. Truth be made known, it is neither as good, nor as bad, as folks are writing. So, here is my honest-to-God opinion about this place. I'm not a native, but moved here for a job and have been here for 10 years. Pros and Cons: Pros: The people here are very, very, nice. The city has a great arts center, a wonderful kayaking trail, and a community theatre that is actually surprisingly good for a small city of this size. Housing $$ can go much farther here--- you can have a great home overlooking the golf course for $200k. The traffic is not bad. Downtown has had some rough times, but revitalization seems to be slowly, slowly, taking hold. While there aren't a lot of restaurants, shops, etc. a good 80 percent of your basic needs can be met without driving to Raleigh. (chain restaurants, Target, WAl MArt, that type of thing) There is a small but enthusiastic group of visual, theatre and writing artists in town...hard to find, but very cool people when you do find them. For the most part, if you find someone trustworthy, I've found some of the most incredible friends I've ever had. Crime is high for a city of this size, however, most of it "seems" to be in certain areas of town, so avoiding certain areas at certain times---while it doesn't guarantee safety--does help. Also, if you have a good paying job, 30 to 35k can go a long way in this town (at least when compared to Raleigh or Charlotte). I came here as a complete stranger, knowing absolutely no one, and I have been welcomed into the community with open arms.I do not have kids, but I have been told it is a good place to raise kids. If you don't like Rocky Mount, the town of Nashville (15 minutes west) is a really cute, charming little place. Cons: For the size city, it does have an uncomfortably high crime rate. For the first time since college, I carry mace on my keychain. However, I tend to believe that anything can happen to folks anywhere, but it is definitely a place where you want to keep your doors locked and be very aware. Sadly, there is a lot of poverty in the area, and sadly, this seems to include a lot of minorities, which tends to lead to crime. I have several wonderful AFrican American friends, and I hate that this aspect reinforces a negative stereotype, but poverty + lack of opportunities (for ANY race or ethnic group) is going to lead to crime. Utility rates are unreasonably high because the city was a part of the whole electric co op back in the 70s (?). If your house is not well insulated, expect to pay 300-400 a month in power bills (which leads to poverty + crime). I have heard there is a gang problem here, and I don't doubt it because gangs are everywhere, but friends of mine from larger cities say it is no worse than it is in other areas. There are some racial issues within Rocky Mount. However, there are also some things that are made into racial issues, which I think takes the focus away from the REAL legitimate racial issues, and just pushes everything back. It is NOT a good place to be if you are single. I do not have kids, but I have been told that the quality of the school system varies greatly depending upon where your kid goes to school. People are not consistent about supporting new businesses. In short, as you can see, it's a mixed bag at best. So, do not believe the posts that say this is an incredible area with amazing shops and fabulous, restaurants and culture, but by the same time, do not believe the posts that make this sound like Mad Max in the ghetto. Honestly, I am looking for another place to live. If I had it to do over again, I would not have come to Rocky Mount--however, I do NOT regret coming to Rocky Mount in the first place. I'm just trying to get some honest information out there.

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Rocky Mount, NC

What should I do - 1/17/2011

I move from Washington DC to rocky mount nc nov2008 and I sold my home in Dc and brought a home in rockymount cash money.But Know ready to leave should I hold on to this home and just go back to DC OR just you it for a get away home.or mabe rent it I dont know what to do.

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Rocky Mount, NC


I have been here in Rocky Mount for 21 years now and I am ready to leave fast!! There are no jobs, crime rates are extremely high, crazy electric bills, and nothing positive going on. The only thing that has kept me here was getting my kids through school. Now that they are out, I'm outta here! I'm currently looking for somewhere to relocate to as we speak.

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Rocky Mount, NC

RUN AWAY FROM HERE!!!! - 12/8/2009

I have lived in Rocky Mount for just shy of 2 years now and I can't wait to get out of here! This place is riddled with crime, bith vehicle AND property! If you have anything of value, someone will take it. The police department does very little to prevent this. You are lucky if the police even show up when you call, unless its something extremely minor like a stalled car on the side of the road. The only reason I ever moved here is because my job relocated me here and I have been trying to get out ever since! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this town!

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Rocky Mount, NC

life in rocky mount - 9/5/2009

i have lived here for two years and witnessed the rapid fall of hte cities values. its hard to find a job. the homes are aweful; the rent is too much for the money you make; the city does little for the people but go up on taxes. i would not recommand moving to here unless you plan to start your own business. and even then the business' here do well for a while then fall. the people love the business and are excited about it, then as soon as the excitment and newness leaves, the business falls due to less traffic of people. many small business owners have closed there doors due to the residents leaving to go to local city and caitpal raleigh for there excitement. the city offers very little but a nice place to raise children and even then, crime is growing and killings happen once a week.

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Rocky Mount, NC

Living in Rocky Mount - 2/17/2009

I live in Rmt and I will be moving in a few months. I have a two bedroom apartment and my utility bill averages 250 during the coldest winter days and hottest summer days. I travel about 2 weeks out of each month and keep my thermastat at 75 and avoid using extra energy but it doesn't matter. The utility company is robbing these poor people here. It's really ashame. The crime rate is the same as charlotte even tho it is considerably smaller. There are many murders here but they are unpublished. Last year, the first week of the year, there were 7. The gangs are overflowing, the city is run down, there are no jobs availble, Rocky Mount has the highest unemployment rate in N.C and the racism is a trip. If you are looking to move here...Don't. There are no opportunities for advancement and the level of crime is outstanding.

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Washington, DC

Move to Greenville or Raleigh - 6/15/2007

There is nothing to do, no jobs, no entertainment, and just plain boring. Crime and gangs are bad and all the businesses are closing and leaving for places like Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, or out of the state. If you want something to do and live in a better city with stuff to do and with jobs, live in Greenville or Raleigh.

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Battleboro, NC

City of Rocky Mount - 7/24/2006

The City of Rocky Mount has a stronghold on its utilities customers and is slowly but surely causing the decline of a growing population. Utility rates are at an all time high and there are obvious spikes in the coldest days of winter and the hottest days of summer. The City Council Members are rubbing elbows with the The City and together are trying to destroy the very foundation this town was built on - the blue collar workers and the mom and pop businesses that held it together all these years. I was born and raised here and were it not for my elderly parents who still live here, I would have long been gone. About the best I can do now is move OUTSIDE the City of Rocky Mount limits and make sure the City of Rocky Mount doesn't get any of my hard-earned money. To anyone considering moving here, DON'T - this town has NOTHING to offer you but high taxes and utility rates, low wages, a corrupted City Council (white and blacks alike) and the shame and embarrassment of living in a town with no conscience or morals.

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