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houses - 2/7/2010
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Kenmore, WA

still expensive.

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Everett, WA

A little piece of heaven - 2/21/2014

Coming from the East Coast, Eastern Washington with it's beautiful scenery & temped weather is wonderful. After living on flat Long Island for the first half of my life, the mountains are one of my favorite things. [read more...]

Westlake, OR

Retirement Potential - 1/10/2014

Southwest Washington in Lewis and Cowlitz counties seems to have very good climate and geography for a relaxing place to buy a retirement home.[read more...]


Stop trying to re-invent the wheel - 1/4/2014

We escaped California because of intrusive legislation and to enjoy clean rural living based on Judeo-Christian Principles; which, overall, we enjoy here in Washington. The biggest problem is that Olympia fails to understand that you cannot tax/fee your way out of debt or pay for programs that cost more than the sovereign earn. "Nemo Repente fuit Turpissimus--None reach the height of vice at once" I would like to see the responsible citizens start standing up against the 4 big Puget Sound Counties, especially King County; who think they know what is best for the other 35 counties of this State. Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis [read more...]

Tucson, AZ

Pacific NW - 10/18/2013

Looking for the warmest, driest place to live in WA.[read more...]

Tacoma, WA

the state of washington - 6/22/2013

looking for the best yet affordable place where there are plenty of diversity in the county with great schools, shopping, entertainment,great paying jobs.[read more...]

Olympia, WA

Variety - 6/21/2013

Western Washington has many recreational opportunities: hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, etc. within a few miles from where you live. There are many top notch medical facilities, colleges and Universities, fine arts, museums, sports teams, etc. The life here is much more laid back from many of the places I've lived. I don't find the weather a problem-it's diverse. I've lived in the desert and tropics-never again! I like other people going to the desert and the tropics so Washington does not become crowded:)[read more...]

Lynden, WA

Love Sperling's BestPlaces! - 3/11/2013

After reading postings on here for so many years, I am finally signed up to participate! It's a great forum for pioneering types like myself who have moved around a lot and are still keeping their options open :) Opinions can be quite diverse about locales, people and climate, so please don't let one comment push you towards or away from somewhere. Ultimately, we all make our own beds for ourselves and have to find our own personal connections. I, for instance, live in Western WA State where people always say how cold and rainy it is. By comparison to where exactly? People on the east coast and in northern Europe will know exactly what I'm talking about! Personal experience is everything, and in regards to human interactions and the quality of life we enjoy, "what we give is what we get." We shouldn't move anywhere expecting to hand us our dreams on a silver platter. You have to make your dreams happen for yourself, which are more likely to materialized when shared with other people and their dreams. [read more...]


love pain - 2/4/2013

i have got engaged with doctor lady and i after my traveling to USA she refused to follow me and we got separated. it was very painful love story [read more...]

Kirkland, WA

rainy - 1/25/2013

well here in seattle its allways,that would 8months out of 12,so bring youre umbrellas when you visit.[read more...]

Sacramento, CA

Head for home - 7/13/2012

Place to breath, be me, welcomed, secure, home.[read more...]

Ocean Park, WA



Vancouver, WA

Mountains and Oceans - 2/9/2012

Living in Vancouver, WA you only have to drive less than 2 hours to reach the beautiful mountains and gorgeous Pacific ocean![read more...]

Kirkland, WA

Seattle Washington - 10/23/2011

I live in a suburb in the outskirts of seattle and i am not the biggest fan. I enjoy the city life being only a 25 min drive away. But the weather is a disappointment. It is always cloudy and rainy. Or just drizzles. Because of the rain, theres not a lot of outdoor activities to do. [read more...]

Renton, WA

pullman - 10/7/2011

great small town.decent climate,good food,college town and all the positive elements that come with it.i will retire there. next door moscow is ok too. no crowds or traffic ![read more...]

Arlington, WA

The Evergreen State - 4/28/2011

The westside of the state is beautful, green w/lots trees,lakes ocean. That's the good side, the bad side is the weather. It rains way to much. [read more...]

Wilsonville, NE

Columbia River Gorge Remembered. - 4/26/2011

I grew up in Stevenson, Wa from 1962 to 1986. I graduated from the Stevenson High School in 1981. I remember North Bonneville before the second power plant was built. Stevenson was such a different town before "Wind Surfing" became popular in the late 80's and before the Federal Government proclaimed the Gorged a National Park. I went through Stevenson back in 2008 and the down town area has been all updated and there is even a resort just to the west of town. Which provides a variety of services and activities to the passer-by. Every time I come back on home on vacation and drive up the Columbia River Gorge it still takes my breath away. The Char-Burger is still my favorite place to eat, on the Oregon side of the river in Cascade Locks, OR just at the bottom of the Bridge of the Gods. The view is beautiful and hasn't changed in all these years. Then I love to drive West on Interstate 80, OR side of the river, to the old scenic hwy. and take it into Troutdale. ((GET YOUR CAMERA READY)). The waterfalls along the way are jaw dropping. Once you get to the top at Crown Point the Vista House is one of a kind. The view is amazing, you can see into the Gorge to the East. This little road trip is a must. [read more...]

Woodinville, WA

Washington - 12/12/2010

Looking for income to housing ratio[read more...]

Monroe, WA

Washington is the Perfect Place to Live - 11/3/2010

Western Washington state is the most beautiful place I have ever visited and/or lived.[read more...]

Milton, WA

Low income housing - 10/19/2010

I feel like I am being discriminated against because I am a married white female that was unable to have children. When I got married my case worker said that was the stupidest thing I could have ever done. Here is my story! I am a married white female with less than 50% custody of my step-children, on disability & my husband making minimum wage with 50% of it being garnished for back child support. We do not have good credit or good rental history, but no criminal history. There is absolutely no housing that will accept us as a family. We are homeless and have been homeless for almost a year. In this past year we have lived with 4 different family members, which is very hard on the children not knowing where we are going to be staying the next time they come for visitation which is every other weekend. I refuse to expose my step-children to a homeless shelter (which I am not even for sure that one would take us with our family situation). We lived in our tent for 4 months in a friends backyard, but now that it is getting colder out that is no longer an option. [read more...]

Portland, OR

Southwest Washington State - A Great Place to Rais - 10/14/2010

Southwest Washington state, in particular, Clark County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the country in past years for a reason. Great sense of community, access to recreational activities, quality of life, good education system and employers who are committed to the community. [read more...]

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