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"Too Small to Care"

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Lafayette, LA

Too Small to Care - 11/11/2012

I lived in Ville Platte for 17 years. I was born and raised there and most of my family and friends are there. There are way more cons than pros for this small town. I'll start with the pros: There is a lot of country land and close by is Louisiana's state park, Chicot. I lived right by Chicot and the land is beautiful if you love trees and woods. It is a great place to raise a family since the cost of living is very minimal and you have a lot of open space. The cons: Any one who does not have immediate family or friends here should not move here! The town is basically a big family so outsiders are not very welcome. It is full of small-town talk and closed minds. The "well-off" families are prideful and look down their noses at others. Everyone who lives here has been here their whole lives and know nothing else. The town is composed of mainly one street and the only things to do at night is hop from the town's two bars. Schools are crappy and if it's not a radically Catholic school, it's a school composed of kids with "I don't want or need to do anything in life" attitude. I'm so happy I have left VP and look forward to moving even further once I'm finished college. I'll tell you what I tell everyone who moves to VP--turn back before your entire life is ruined.

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