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"long Winters "

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Kings Park, NY

Just take a walk - 1/29/2009

WE have been looking in Schenectady for a few years. We have stayed at the Parker INN a few times in the Presidential Suite. It has what we want. City atmosphere, but small and manageable. Lots of renovation already done. Proctors theatre is great and filled with affordable culture. A bread bakery on Jay Street that can't be beat. A library and small shops. Upper Union Street is a bustling neighborhood on the brink of a suburb. Friendly people and lots to do. We will retire here with a bunch of kids in an old big house and walk where we want. Look it over. The Stockade gives you history. The Mohawk waterside. Jay Street a botiqeary line up. Gershon's a good sandwich as tp Slicks tavern also, pile it high. The Price Chopper for al the groceries. Downtown farmer's market for fresh. All in a walk or bus ride. Affordable houses fro a buch a folks. Good standard and cost of living. For a little more go to the GE Plot fro a winner.

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Schenectady, NY

target areas - 1/6/2008

shenectady is a great place to start businesses as well as providing affordable housing

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Schenectady, NY

long Winters - 4/15/2007

Wintery weather starts in October and can go until late April. Today on April 15th it has snowed more than 3 inches.

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