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re: What is the most peaceful and clean neighborho - 12/24/2010
Jimmy, I am a Realtor and had to crack up reading your post. I'm not sure where the hek you moved, but there are nice neighborhoods in the outlying areas of Houston. For one, you don't sound to me like you moved "into" the city. Sounds like you traded one suburb for another one closer in. I count "in the city" as inside the 610 loop. I used to live in the Heights and completely disagree with your assessment of it. I'd much rather live in the Heights that live on the northeast side. Why didn't you move to the Woodlands? Sugar Land? Sounds like you need a good Realtor if you can't afford the inner loop west of 45. You should have gotten better advice ;-) e@efowler.com

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Houston, TX

Everest Transportation - 8/24/2016

Thank you so much for the information

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Fayetteville, NC

Best Places to Live - 8/8/2016

I am moving from NC and just wanted to know what the best areas are to live in Houston, TX. I am unfamiliar to the area and needing some advice.

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Commerce City, CO

Might As Well Live In A Rainforest - 6/20/2016

Houston (and all of southeast Texas) is a miserable place to live. The climate is classified as "subtropical", but there seems to be no real difference between tropical and subtropical. Just realize that the weather is nice about 20% of the year. The summers are long, hot, humid, and unbearable. It's pretty bad during the day time, too. A normal year has about 10 months of "summer" and two months of "other". If you're not dodging giant mosquitoes, you'll be dodging floods and hurricanes. The traffic is out of control, and there is no scenery. If you enjoy looking at tons of ugly ass billboard signs, cows, endless miles of flat land and concrete, this is the place for you! In all fairness, Houston is a big, modern city with lots of entertainment, restaurants, world class medical facilities, and nice pockets of urban dwellings. The residents come from all classes---homeless to billionaires--and almost all ethnic groups are well represented. Houstonians are tolerant and forgiving, for the most part. You'll find more open-minded people here than in the DFW area, for example. Sure, there's cowboy/redneck types around, but not nearly as many as in Dallas-Ft.Worth. There are a TON of fat, bible-beating, ignorant pot-bellied, narrow-minded rednecks up there! To summarize, Houston weather is awful, but there are things to do. The best places to be in Texas are in the hill country regions. It's still hot in Austin/SA, Kerville, Fredericksburg, and San Angelo...but it sure is pretty in those places. Stay out of Houston, if you can.

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Memphis, TN

Future resident - 12/6/2015

Planning 2 move 2 Houston in the first part of the year & I need 2 know how the cultures get along or if they get along at all. I'm a person who loves diversity & wants 2 surround myself with different people & views. Can someone help me with this?

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Houston, TX

City of Dreams Hidden Under Beach Sand - 11/22/2015

I have lived all over Houston, I drive through the entire greater Houston on some days. I Love that there are virtually all types of people here...All types of food (from Cajun popcorn alligator meat to Turkish Coffee)... ALL types of music, free and paid live performances, all types of clothing shoes, mom and pop business, large companies, etc. There are hundreds of car dealerships. Maybe 100 Walmarts, and more clubs on one street like Westheimer than some entire cities. You have parks like Memorial and Herman for the slower paced "take a long walk" or "break" from the corporate buzz or brick and mortar edifice playgrounds. Ooh yeah, and there's lots of MONEY to be made for anyone with a solid idea and massive drive due to -almost- the population and sprawl alone... We have inside hockey arenas, ice skating, art museums, sky bars, "hole-in-the-walls", gymnastics, football from little league to semi pro leagues, fashion shows, media buying, Audio/Visual production studios galore.... Go Houston!!!

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Cypress, TX

My city - 11/18/2015

City of Cypress, TX is not on your list?

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Houston, TX

Beware of where you settle in Houston - 11/12/2015

Houston is all about location, location, location! I have lived here for three years and it's not horrible, but it's far from great. Lots of sprawl and weird funky parts of town. More bad then good. It's worth the money and security to be in a great part of town. I live in the Galleria area and it's great. I call it my island of good surrounded by third world funk! If you live in a good area like The Heights or Galleria you have everything you need without having to leave the island. I am in the hospitality field and want to work through the 2017 Super Bowl time period. Then I'm checkin out! I lived in Austin prior to Houston and can't wait to get back to Central Texas.

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Houston, TX

Honest pros and cons summary from someone who love - 11/8/2015

I have such a love-hate relationship with this city. I am 25 and I grew up here. I had no intention of moving back to Houston after graduating from college but ... here I am :) And to my surprise I have honestly fallen in love with it since being back. Below is my honest review. I've listed pros and cons. Please note before even reading this : I live inside the loop (in the Heights) and have a good deal on rent. This makes a huge difference on my quality of life here. i would NOT want to live outside the loop, and I wouldn't recommend it unless you like suburbs and move to one. But note that if you do decide to move inside the loop, rent will not be very affordable as a general rule. Reasons why I enjoy living in Houston: TRAVEL A pro to me living in Houston is that it gives me a good launching pad to travel to other places. Exploring the world is important to me. Everyone knows Houston weather/geography pretty much suck. So when you get out of it for a trip, it is that much more delicious! The cost of living is low for a big city which allows me to save and spend on adventures. We do have 2 international airports here so it's easy to get wherever you are going. Plus, just a few hours from Austin if you do want to enjoy more outdoorsy activities. DIVERSITY: I personally love the diversity of Houston. There are so many different kinds of people here and I truly think it is beautiful the way I see people getting along. It turned out that the most of the friends I have made since moving back are either international or first generation Americans. I have learned so much about the world just from living in Houston! And now I have connections to the rest of the world if and WHEN I go visit. CULTURE/INTERESTS: In terms of culture/interests you can really find anything here. There is something for everyone as long as you are willing to seek it out. Things don't generally fall into your lap here because it is sprawling and there are so many people. I know artists, car obsessed people, athletes, yogis, food/wine junkies, etc and they all have found their niche here in Houston. Art scene is really good. Museums are great. Food is awesome. ECONOMY: Yes, it's good. I have found jobs REALLY easily here. And taxes in Texas are low. TEMPERATE CLIMATE: You never have to deal with snow, ever. YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE: There are so many different kinds of people here and so many people. You can create the life you want for yourself here. It is a good city for entrepreneurs and people who know what they want. Like I said, you can find a group of people with similar passions/ people that you get along with, no matter who you are. Random other perks: +Biggest medical center in the US, really good to be here if you have a rare medical condition +sports +nationally renowned rap scene +pretty much never any tourists here to deal with (haha) Reasons why Houston frustrates me: POLITICS/RELIGION: right wing evangelicals are pretty vocal and obnoxious here. if you stay inside the loop you are much more likely to avoid them. UGLY: It's ugly. INFRASTRUCTURE: The lack of public transportation for a city this size is extremely disappointing. It is due to the sprawl of course, but nonetheless disappointing. WEATHER: Slightly impossible to deal with during summer. Even if Houston was more walkable, people wouldn't walk anyway, because it's too hot to tolerate. SPRAWL. As a whole, it's a giant giant giant giant giant sprawl of mostly just ugliness. If you live inside the loop or in a choice suburb (depending on what you want) then you will get to enjoy more of a community feel and it's much better! Lastly - People from other places will will constantly insult your city and call it a shit hole to your face. It's just a fact of life. No reason to take it personally ;) Here is a quick quiz to help you decide if you would like living here: You have friends/family here (and you like being around them) : add 6 points You don't own a car : subtract 6 points You have a job lined up here or an economic situation to put you ahead : add 5 points You need mountains and/or cold weather to be happy : subtract 5 points You enjoy being in a city : add 4 points You need everything that you do (work/home/hobbies/activities) to be in your neighborhood : subtract 4 points You love shopping : add 3 points You can't deal with people hating on your city : subtract 3 points You are Christian: add 2 points You are trying to lose weight : subtract 2 points You love food : add 1 point You get annoyed when you hear other languages: subtract 1 point Did you come out in the positive? Then consider moving here! if not, probably don't come. And if you are looking for a place to fulfill or inspire you, Houston won't do that unless you put in the effort as well. Love, a happy Houstonian

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Houston, TX

Houston--think twice - 10/10/2015

I've lived here for 28 years. I've seen Houston grow and improve greatly. At this time I would not move here or live here if you can leave. Traffic and new construction are a nightmare. Crime is back up, and it's violent crime. Gangs and drugs are big here. Houston is the gateway to sex traffic and drugs coming from the border. Money is sent through here to Mexico as well. The town is now 60% minority. White flight is evident. Unless you can afford to live in Memorial area, Galleria, west of town out to Katy, West U you may be in for a huge culture shock. Roads are full of potholes and bad drivers. If you are in the dating age range, be very careful. This is not a good town to find a partner unless you grew up here and know people for a long time. For every plus you get here, you get a minus, so your net gain is zero. The city is facing budget problems and tax hikes eventually. The cost of housing is high even for rents, so that is one more reason to think before coming here. You won't too many friendly people either. Living here is lots of daily stress and aggravation. I would not recommend this town to anyone. It's also the city in TX with the highest cancer rate. Visit here before you move here, you may save yourself lots of grief. I can't leave until I get my doctor's approval. I've had colon cancer for 2.5 yrs. and next Aug. 2016 is my exit day. I'll be so thankful to escape with my life.

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Houston, TX

Too Huge of a City! - 9/18/2015

I moved to Houston from a small town when I was 7 years old and now I'm feeling like it's time for change. I need a city that is not as huge as this city. Really ready for change to improve my quality of life.

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Houston, TX

not what i expected - 8/30/2015

I was transferred to Houston for work from Philly and I was told by co-workers that Houston was a progressive, cosmopolitan city with a lot of bright people. While most of the people I worked with were bright and open minded, my experience with typical Houstonians was that they were kind of ignorant country-bumpkins and bible thumpers. The city reminded me of one large trailer park with strip malls. Trashy people - all with either pick up trucks or souped up sports cars. A lot of road rage incidents, people drive horribly. No sense of civility. Pros - somewhat lower cost of living (although you get what you pay for!) Diverse population Cons MAJOR crime problem! Very unsafe compared to most cities of same size. Horrible weather in the summer Country bumpkin/redneck population Ultra conservative/religious nutcases who try to shove religion down your throat. (Fortunately, we don't have any of that aggressive promotion of religion up north)

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Houston, TX

Houston - 8/30/2015

I moved to Houston, Tx from the east coast. I have lived in Houston on and off for many years. Houston has it's share of problems. It has poor infrastructure, dirty air, horrific traffic, and it's not pretty. The weather is stifling from July to September. On the positive side, Houston is a hard working city with friendly people. The cost of living is reasonable and you get a lot of house for your money, although property taxes are high. It has a sense of community and it's very charitable. Houston has fantastic restaurants and a Whole Foods Market in every neighborhood. The food choices are without limit. We have a thriving arts district and a phenomenal medical center. We have several parks although outdoor activity is limited compared to other cities It's not a city for fun, it's a city to work. Being an outdoor person, I prefer to live in a cold climate with mountains. I have read many unfair hateful comments about Houston on this website and felt the need to reply to some of those comments.

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Scottsdale, AZ

One of the worst cities to live in - 5/2/2015

Houston may have been a great place during the oil boom of the eighties, but we lived there for six years and it totally stunk. I never met so many backward pushy a*holes in my life. The city has no culture, poor infrastructure, unless you count medical. With the dirty air, and all the deep fried this and that, people in the medical field have job security. Most everyone has entitlement issues, lots of blank faced idiots riding around in pick-up trucks, girls start having kids in high school. Obviously, all those holier than thou baptists didn't have much influence on them. I liked the immigrants much better than the arrogant local yah hoos, and there was some good ethnic food to be found. Having lived in LA before, the culture shock was almost overwhelming. I didn't get anything about that awful place. Texas is like a giant white trash trailer park. Even people with money lacked class. It's more like the worst parts of the south with none of the good qualities. Humidity was horrible, bugs and mosquitos were everywhere. I did meet friends who had come from more advanced areas, and we banded together out of necessity. What a place..

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Houston, TX

Wesley Academy Review - 4/29/2015

We have been proud Wesley Academy parents for the past 7 years. This school is a fantastic, hidden gem in Houston! As a former teacher, I had high expectations in choosing a school for our children. Wesley has small classes, individualized instruction from caring teachers and a strong family-school connection. We feel like Wesley is an extension of our own family. Wesley does a beautiful job of weaving the Christian Faith into all aspects of our children's day. We love Wesley!!

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Houston, TX

Houston - 4/19/2015

The poor air quality and humidity can be overwhelming, as can the traffic. It is a convenient city, but not at all pleasant to live in.

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Columbus, OH

returning home to houston - 4/8/2015

moving back after 5 years.missing home.

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Belleville, MI

"Considering moving to Houston, Austin, or San Ant - 3/31/2015

Hello, I'm considering moving to Texas next year spring 2016. I live in Michigan and I hate it! The jobs are far and few in between, housing is cheap but the winters are brutal! I've lived in California, North Carolina, Illinois, and Virginia. I love living in the South. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and I'd more than likely be looking to work in a salon or a spa. I'm not married and have no children. I'm an outdoors kind of gal and I want to live in a safe and diverse area. I hear traffic is crazy! Well, having lived in five different states and I've learned traffic is crazy everywhere!

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Cypress, TX

Cypress, TX - 3/26/2015

Cypress is a terrific place to live. Cypress is growing dramatically. Unfortunately it is not listed in your cities in TX.

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Houston, TX

in response to john about his Houston review - 3/1/2015

In response to john: I agree totally. As a member of the "tell lies about Houston to keep anymore liberals from wanting to relocate to Houston" club or TLAHTKALFWTRTH This city sucks. :) The racist john thinks there are to many people of color - to much diversity. He is one of those northern whites 'who has education' and who feels guilty with other people's money - and hopefully now he is back in an area of the country where he is free to practice socialism. Of course we have lots of uneducated people here. He and his ilk have been forcefully opening up our borders for the illegals and all the diseases they bring so they can win elections in perpetuity. He helps bring the illegals in and then complains about them. Isn't that just like a white liberal - whip the slave and complain they make too much noise when groaning? Texas and Arizona are the first stops in the illegals transit across America but it's not the final destination for many of them. Your cities, towns, jobs, and hospitals will be next. Our freeways are busy with traffic and we don't spend a lot of time looking at our speedometers. Speed signs might say "60" but those in the left lanes are going 75-80 and those in the right lanes are going 65-70. The ones causing the wrecks seem to be the ones that are going 55, those talking on their cell phones, those texting while driving, or those driving while tired, drunk, or high - in other words - the Mr. or Ms. Anyone.

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Chicago, IL

Houston or Chicago??? - 11/30/2014

Hi Everyone, I know there are plenty of threads out there about which city is better. I don't think any city is better over another. It's a matter of perspective and personal taste. I'm thinking about moving from Chicago to Houston but there are some topics I'd like to discuss with people living in Houston and specially from people who have lived in Chicago and moved to Houston. Below is a list of things that matter to me and perhaps you can guide me to make the correct decision. Here is the list. 1. Salary/cost of living: I know Houston is more affordable than Chicago. But how do salaries compare? 2. Weather: One of the main reasons I want to run away from Chicago, it's way too cold for me. I grew up in Laredo, TX which is WAY too hot. People also complain about Houston because is way too humid. 3. Nightlife/outdoors activities: Although I'm not a party animal, I like to go out and meet people. I also enjoy activities like running, playing soccer, rock climbing etc. 4. Culture: This is one good reason I love Chicago. People are very open, friendly, and kind. I can easily have a conversation with a cab driver, neighbor, co-worker etc. 5. Transporation/commuting time: Chicago has extremely convenient methods of transportation. I take a bus which takes me to work in less than 25 minutes. I know most people drive in Houston. What's the average commute time from work to home? I understand this varies but I would hate to drive an hour to get to work. 6. Crime: I live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. I'm assuming it varies by neighborhood in Houston. Can you elaborate on your experiences you had in the past regarding crime in the area? Here are the things I like about Chicago: Convenient transporation and fast commute to work Great culture Great restaurants and outdoor activities Things I don't like: Cost of living is a bit expensive compared to Texas Weather. It's cold 8 months of the year Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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