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"Athens-a great place to live"

Athens-a great place to live - 9/1/2007
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Athens, GA

Athens-a great palce to live. Being a college "town" (home of UGA),makes for a diverse mixture of people,cultures, and personalities. UGA offers educational and cultural events for the entire area and ages. The Classic Center also has a variety of entertainment for all ages and taste. And, of course, there is that sense of community here with alot of "Southern" hospility. We are also near Atlanta,a few hours from the beach or mountains.

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Happy Camp, CA

Beautiful - 12/7/2013

One of the nicest college towns in the Southeast.[read more...]

Athens, GA

Re: Good for one else - 9/6/2012

Athens is a beautiful city and yes crime here is very high and rising. One of the reasons being IS because UGA is the leading employer in this city. IF you are able to find a decent job (without a college degree being required) then your income will be little to nothing seeing that all other employers base their pay scales on what UGA pays (which is not much for the average entry level worker; approximately mid $20,000 range). The town does not put their locals first, there's definitely a lot of catering and bowing down to the students, faculty and alumnis of the University. Housing here is priced around the student population as well. Most apartments that are in nicer areas usually charge per bedroom (even for families). For this to be a small town with a very high poverty level you would think that housing would be more affordable. Right now there's talk that one of the areas, which is government public housing, has been sold to the University to make housing for students. This domain is centrally located within walking distance of the downtown area and is on a major bus line. Residents there are either receiving government assistance or at the bottom of the totem pole of the poverty line, which means they depend on public transportation to get to and from work, gocery stores or school. When did it become okay to displace people who can't afford to better their situation at the moment. Not to mention the racism that's still alive and well especially among the police officers who frequently roam the low income neighborhoods just to harass the residents there, as if the people wouldn't want to live elsewhere. If they could afford to move to better areas I'm sure some of them would. I've had an officer in training ask, while going in a low income area, that "there is alot of drug dealing going on here isn't it?" He said this with such assurance as if he has lived there before knowing that he'd never been there before until that day. All I could do was shake my head to his ignorance and wonder how many more people with that attitude and perception was hired to "protect and serve" these same people. Why is the drop out rate so high and the quality of eduction so low for Athens to spend $5885 per student? The Unified Govt should be under investigation on a Federal level, there are a lot of shady dealings that go on within that organization. You have people with tenure and experience over looked for promotions so that a person in a higher position can hire their friend by rewriting job desricptions to better their friend's chances. Tax payers money is being spent recklessly on equipment and facilities that should be in top notch condition.If you have money, are affiliated with UGA and not concerned with the people who are original Athenians then this is the town for you.[read more...]

Nashville, TN

Don't Move here - 3/7/2012

The people that stated that Athens was a great place must not live here. Athens is a very poor city and the crime is unlike anything that I have ever seen before. A couple of weeks ago, a man was found robbed, shot, and tossed in a well. The man made friends with someone and was supposed to invest in some land with this person. The newspaper stated that the man picked up his business partner to look at some land. That day he was killed. His car was found on another side of town, along with his wallet and belongings. This is a very bad city--a city where you have to investigate everything. People here are constantly scheming so that they can “get ahead”. However, it is only temporary. This is not a city that you can trust people. You really have to investigate a person's background. Don't just think that because a person is "nice" that they are o.k. This is just one incident that I mentioned; however, there are many more. There are a lot of people in this city who are suffering financially. The government is corrupt especially the Georgia Department of Human Services. I applied for Medicaid and was denied. I asked for an appeal and was told that once you are denied there is no appeal process. I informed that receptionist that all states have an appeal process when there is a denial of benefits. Surprisingly, I was given a form to fill out. I asked for a receipt showing that I had filled out an application, because paperwork can come up missing. I also asked for a copy of appeal form that she stamped and dated as a record of my filing. Surprisingly, I called back to check the status of my appeal and was told that there was no record of my request for an appeal. I informed the supervisor that I had a receipt. She put me on hold to look at the receipt book. When she came back she told me that there was not record of a receipt. However, I never told her that I had a stamped copy of the appeal form. I wanted to hold on to that evidence for the hearing, because they are supposed to according to state rules submit all appeals within five business days. Anyway, the supervisor submitted my appeal over the phone. She asked the reason for my appeal and I told her. When I told her the reason for my appeal a couple of weeks later I found out that she went into the computer and modified some of the information so that they could win their case. However, I did not tell her all the reasons for my appeal, because I suspected that they would do something possibly crooked. It is the norm here. I have not had my hearing yet. I will bring up all the information that I have not mentioned here or to them at the hearing. Another, issue that people have to be careful about is the apartments. If you visit an apartment community be careful. I visited an apartment community and was informed that the first month would be free with a one year lease. I was shown a model apartment with washer dryer hookups. When I signed the lease and got the keys to my apartment and opened the door I did not have the washer and dryer hookups. I complained to the apartment manager and she hung up on me. I called back and was informed that I would have to purchase a laundry card to use at their facility. Now, I am taking them to court.... Please, do not move here. Crime and deception is called normal. Also, if you visit or move here don't tell people too much about where you work. People will ask questions to measure you up before robbing you. I have only one acquaintance in this city and we both agree that people here are sly about sizing you up---both black and white. [read more...]

Nashville, TN

Great to place to visit, but do not move here - 1/1/2012

I just relocated to Athens. I must say that after a month I don't like it. The crime is really bad here. The crime in the city is mostly robberies, burglaries, and thefts. The city is very, very, very poor. People are basically in survival mode and will do anything just able to survive even if it means to defraud someone or steal. I will be moving again. I would suggest not moving here. There are no safe places in the city. Several of the university buildings have been broken into numberous times. It was in the newspaper that a man was hold up on the parking lot of a retail business one night after a visit to the local grocery store. I would not suggest that anyone move here. The city is extremely poor. I really don't understand why the city is so poor when it is a university town and there are educational opportunities. [read more...]

Greensboro, GA

School - 4/19/2011

I am using this site for a school assignment [read more...]

Athens, GA

Music & Food - 1/11/2011

Great university town with lively music and good food.[read more...]

Athens, GA

Love a small town, but I need a change. - 8/21/2008

I do love Athens a whole lot, but I have been here all my life and I need a change. It's a small town with a lot of good qualities. I do feel that the UGA takes up most of the town and how it's ran. Jobs here that are good are either factory, hospitals or of course, UGA. I want something different. I will always love Athens, and it will always be home, but I feel that there is more out there to offer my family.[read more...]

Athens, GA

Climate - 6/12/2008

Athens has wonderful year-round temperatures.[read more...]

Colbert, GA

Great for students....not so much for anyone else - 4/10/2008

We've lived in Athens for about two years now, and while the city has its charms (some good restaurants, a couple of nice old neighborhoods), I'm really tired of it. Everything is aimed towards college students - 90% of the food outlets serve pizza, wings, subs, or some combination of the three. It's not outrageously expensive, but the fact that about %70 of the students at UGA are rich kids from the suburbs of Atlanta who got the Hope Scholarlship and whose parents bought them an SUV for graduation means that the housing is often a lot pricier than you would expect in a college town. There are lots of gated student communities, which is bizarre. The worst thing about Athens is that there are two big employers here - the Athens Regional Hospital and UGA. UGA employs about half the city, if not more, but criminally underpays its workers. This means that Athens is poor. Like really poor - I read somewhere that it is one of the poorest counties in America. The place is just crammed full of projects. And this is a county in Georgia, which doesn't exactly lack poor counties. I wouldn't recommend Athens unless you're a student or really, really into indie rock and jam bands, because there's precious little else here.[read more...]

Eugene, OR

Interacial Couple - 3/22/2008

We are an interacial couple with young kids looking at the Athens area. Athens itself seems to be very open-minded, but we would like to live in a rural area around Athens. We are spiritual but not church-goers and very liberal. Are we/our children likely to be comfortable in the surrounding country area? If not is the level of discomfort more likely to be along the lines of stares, name-calling, or possible violence? We are looking for a country area with natural beauty, a low cost-of-living, and where it's ok to be a person of color.[read more...]

Athens, GA

Quality of life - 10/29/2007

Good quality of life with plentiful access to music, a vibrant downtown, and exciting college football.[read more...]

New York, NY

We Really Liked Athens - 9/22/2007

Recently our family went down to visit Athens, Asheville, Charleston, and Savannah. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but we came away most impressed with Athens as a great balance regarding places to live. The University is lovely, centrally located, the downtown area is charming and active, and the surrounding area has many nice neighborhoods, all within spitting distance of the city's center. We've been to many college cities, such as Madison, Lexington, Burlington, Northampton-Amherst, etc. and Athens is definitely among the best. As others have mentioned, the closeness of Atlanta, the mountains and the easy possibility of spending weekends in Charleston or Savannah or anywhere inbetween on the coast makes Athens very well situated. Housing costs are relatively low, but schools seem to be an issue within Athens. Oconee obviously has the better school systems, but we're not sure we would want to be in a development outside the city. Anyway, we plan to visit again in the next few months to get a second look. We were very impressed overall.[read more...]

Athens, GA

Athens-a great place to live - 9/1/2007

Athens-a great palce to live. Being a college "town" (home of UGA),makes for a diverse mixture of people,cultures, and personalities. UGA offers educational and cultural events for the entire area and ages. The Classic Center also has a variety of entertainment for all ages and taste. And, of course, there is that sense of community here with alot of "Southern" hospility. We are also near Atlanta,a few hours from the beach or mountains.[read more...]

Athens, GA

The Epitomy of a College Town - 7/7/2007

I have visited many college towns, esp in the SE, including Auburn,AL; Knoxville, TN; Columbia, SC; Tuscaloosa, AL; Gainesville, FL; Baton Rouge, LA; Oxford, MS; Laramie,WY; and Columbus, OH. Along with Columbus, OH, Athens is by far the neatest college town I have ever been to. If has the traffic of an Auburn or Oxford, but the culture and nightlife of a Baton Rouge or Columbus. While the atmosphere is mainly suitable for those in college, several acts or arts-related events come through the Classic Center that would appeal to the mid-age range group. The town is also very beautiful with Memorial Park (hiking trails and other things) in the middle. If you do not like College Football, you will hate this town on Saturdays in the fall, due to its high volume of partying and traffic. But, overall, a great 100,000-125,000 city with a lot of culture for a city of this size.[read more...]

Brandon, FL

I was impressed with Athens... - 5/31/2007

No city is perfect, and I don't see perfection in Athens, but I am looking to move out of Florida, the Tampa area, (anyone wanna trade?...a townhouse in Brandon for about $150K+-)and I checked out Athens last fall 2006 and was impressed. Athens and surrounding areas reminded me a little of Northern Virginia,(the countryside mostly) where I would love to move back to, but the cost of housing is way out of sight for me. So, with the small/medium size of Athens (less crazy super congested traffic) affordable housing, and a decent amount of cultural and educational advantages mostly due to UGA, AND easy day-trip driving to Atlanta, Athens or another northwestern Georgia town with many advantages is what I'm after. Now, if I can just get a job up that way....:-)[read more...]

Bogart, GA

To Laurel- - 5/17/2007

My husband & I both lean left and we love Athens. I think you would be right at home. The city center is very culturally diverse. It is like a mini big city. At the city festivals you will see tatoos, body piercings, gay couples, straight couples, college students, families, all walks of life intermingling. I think because of the heavy influence of the arts and the university here you have a remarkably well educated and diverse population. I think based on our time here you would feel right at home.[read more...]

Bogart, GA

reply to zak- - 5/17/2007

We moved from Texas to Athens area 6 years ago and have loved it. My husband teaches at UGA but we have two small children 3 & 10mos and have found it to be a wonderful place for families. Beautiful walkable downtown, wide variety of cultural events and wonderful people. There is always something going on for families to enjoy. We are only moving back to Texas to be closer to family. Interested in a great house in a family friendly neighborhod?? Ours is for sale![read more...]

Jasper, TX

young family in athens, ga - 5/7/2007

my husband and i are seriously considering moving to athens, ga. however most of the literature i have read describes athens as either a college town with lots of wild singles 18-25 OR a great place to retire 65+. our kids are 5, 3, and 1. we are a "reg" family. we are not party animals, we dont go clubbing. we enjoy a lot of family activities, movies, eating out, cultural events and of the sort. i am a stay at home mom and would like to go to a place where i would find other stay at home mothers. please write to me if the culture in athens is family oriented or more wild party type. i would like to hear from anyone who lives or has visited athens. thanks.[read more...]

Denver, CO

Re: "Look elsewhere" - 4/27/2007

I was just looking around cityviews at where nice places might be to visit when I saw Joe's posting. Joe, I agree that to lump "white" versus "nonwhite" culture into gross categories and say a place is limitted because it is mainly of "white" people is limitted in itself. But to lump Notheasterners as you do seems awefully similar to what you're trying to discredit doesn't it? I agree that there are many shades in the South and the South has some real appeal. At the same time there are some commonalities in the people of the South, and then again in particular cities of the South (as can be the case elsewhere) as there are some commonalities in people from the North, or the mountain west, or the midwest, or Italy, ... . Where we're from shapes us, and where we go can shape us, too. And it's no secret that a person's experience in the South, and the history of the South, and the weather and landscapes of the South, can all be part of what makes the overall culture of the South different from that in the Northeast or elsewhere. A bit like how "colors" of the spectrum can be made up of a blend of "colors" in that part of the spectrum, but they ARE from only part of the spectrum, with different characteristic "vibes".[read more...]

Wilmington, NC

I am wondering... - 2/28/2007

How a flaming liberal would do here? I read the comments about the person from New York and I wonder...I am extremely liberal and love all people of all kinds, all colors, all sexual preferences, all things uniquely expressed by people. I am not from the NE but from the NW. We love everybody. I am also an acupuncturist. What do you think? How would I like it there? How would people like me?[read more...]

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