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"Never Get Used to the Weather"

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re: Never Get Used to the Weather - 4/24/2012 - 1/11/2016
Yes I agree (now that I thought about it). I am visiting here now. I have a relative here. I am from California all my life. I say too sunny in CA if that is possible. but yes The overcast does get to me. I haven't been here long enough to live thru the seasons, as I don't officially live here yet, if ever. But as a long time visitor back and forth I say For Sure a Vacation here (at the right time is absolutely beautiful, and I come from another Real nice but $$$ town / state. I do however 'feel' that this place is going to be overpopulated (like CA) has become and rapidly...with like they say retired folks with (and without) $$$.

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re: Never Get Used to the Weather - 4/24/2012 - 8/27/2013
If you feel that way move to Tucson or Phoenix. I would take the ”oppressive blanket” of clouds and rain over the 110° sunny days any day and that's coming from 27 years experience. I live in Tucson and am trying to get my affairs in order so I can move to Bellingham or somewhere near by because I'm tired of this crap. I believe Tucson averages something like 8 hours of sun a day on average per year and as previously mentioned it gets old quick. You basically have to get everything done before 10 or wait until after sunset because its too hot to do things. And that includes ”winter” when its 90 out.

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