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"Roswell - Pros/Cons"

Roswell - Pros/Cons - 4/6/2008
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1. Extremely low cost of living and housing for region
2. Affordable place to live
3. Good school system
4. Nice physical setting and climate
5. The UFO museum and local obsession with aliens
6. 21% decrease in violent crime from 2005-2006

1. High crime rate
2. Huge problem with gangs and drugs
3. Aside from visiting the UFO museum, there's not much to do

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Kent, WA

LOST IN SEATTLE... - 6/2/2012

I've been in Seattle WA for most of my life, originated from Louisiana. The situation is I'm currently active at my local church and news that its picking up and moving to Roswell NM, has weighed heavily on my heart... I love my friends, family and surrounding city---but so many things have recently occurred that makes me believe I should be moving to Roswell..the few things that are questionable is I'm currently in school for Criminal Justice trying to see about switching to Roswell(credits, etc) and my remaining siblings here in Seattle. I'm a 32 year old Black Female, unemployed, unmarried and no kids...I really would like to know if this is the best move for me..I know my church will say "GO BY FAITH"..and I'm trying..but the Lord also gives us wisdom too...I would like to see what blessings are for me in Roswell....ANY INSIGHT?? Would be great.... Sincerely, LOST IN SEATTLE

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Roswell, NM

North or South - 4/8/2009

I have lived in Roswell my whole life. I have to say I am tired of hearing about the North is better then the South or how Goddard is better then Roswell High. Trust me there is just as many problems at Goddard as there is at Roswell, even more at Goddard. It is the East side and at the Base with the most problems. But mind your business and you really wont have any problems. The reason why the North side looks better is because thats were every new store is being built. Comming in from Albquerque people will be fooled this town isn't what you first think it is.

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Roswell, NM

Benevolent Climate - 9/30/2008

With all the concerns over Climate Change and Gas/Energy prices, Roswell, NM is relatively moderate. Worst time of the year ofcourse is the summer because without air-conditioning its pretty HOT! Think Phoenix, AZ. But Spring and Fall requires next to no heating or cooling at all! At about 3500 feet, it does get cold and there is the occasional snow, but most homes can get by with a lot less heating than elsewhere in the country because its almost always sunny and dry. There is the rare but occasional wind or dust storm but usually keeping the batteries up and running in the mothership seems to keep Roswell's resident aliens safe and sound. This place would be ideal for Solar and Wind energy development. The only gripe is the tap water. Pretty undrinkable due to the high salt concentrations coming from the immense underground natural reservoir replenished from run-off from surrounding mountain ranges. I use a reverse osmosis system for drinking water and simply add acidic tea & coffee grounds to my outdoor plants.

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Barry, IL

Roswell - Pros/Cons - 4/6/2008

Pros: 1. Extremely low cost of living and housing for region 2. Affordable place to live 3. Good school system 4. Nice physical setting and climate 5. The UFO museum and local obsession with aliens 6. 21% decrease in violent crime from 2005-2006 Cons: 1. High crime rate 2. Huge problem with gangs and drugs 3. Aside from visiting the UFO museum, there's not much to do

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Barry, IL

Alien culture is big in Roswell - 4/6/2008

If you are interested in space aliens, Roswell is a decent place to visit. They've got a UFO museum, a lot of alien statues, and a local obsession with aliens (for instance, they have an "Aliens Welcome" sign on the Arby's restaurant). As a place to live, Roswell is a mixed bag. The climate is great, the school system is good, and cost of living is extremely low for the region, but crime is high and there is a huge problem with gangs and drugs. But with a 21% decrease in violent crime from 2005 to 2006, it looks like police are working hard at eliminating the problem. Also, while Roswell is by no means a boomtown, it has attracted people from larger cities seeking an extremely low cost of living and a slow-paced lifestyle.

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Roswell, NM

Golf - 4/4/2008

Roswell has 2 very nice and inexpensive golf courses

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Roswell, NM

Retire in Roswell - 8/24/2007

Housing is very reasonably priced probably because of the lack of any real industry. Very good for retirees.

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Roswell, NM

Roswell is a pleasant surprise - 5/2/2007

We made a corporate relocation to Roswell after living in Honolulu, HI, Orlando, FL, and the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been pleasantly surprised by all Roswell has to offer. Roswell is a small town but is growing very fast. There are a few good restaurants and shopping opportunites are getting better everyday. We have Target, Petco, Starbucks, HomeDepot, Sam's Club, Walmart, and a lot of others. The weather is very pleasant and we have found the cost of living to be very good compared to other places we have lived. A typical 4 bedroom home is about $100-$120 per square foot. I don't think this would be a great place to be single, but families can find a lot to do here. The trick is to get involved through the many youth sports programs and/or one of the many fantastic church groups here in town. There are a lot of community activites and locally sponsored events. We have not found crime to be a problem. The north side of town seems to be very safe. Although there are definately "bad elements" in town, there are also a lot of great people with strong values working hard to make Roswell great. As far as schools go... there are some very good public schools in town. Do your research if you have kids and visit the various local schools before you decide which district to live in. Recently a $2 million bond was passed that will help update the facilities at two of the middle schools. We have lived a lot of places - all places have good and bad. I am happy to report that Roswell definately has it's share of good!

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Roswell, NM

Education in Roswell - 2/26/2007

education is not supported by most people in town so the town suffers from every type of difficulty that can be brought on by ignorance.

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Hard Time's LIL Roswell.. - 12/12/2006

Housing is Good market Priced' The only thing work's Hard Time's, Most jobs are part time. I think you have to be born here' to get work! Hoping to get out of here soon" This little town will take your money' and kick your your ass out when your broke" If you can buy land out here start buying, Roswell is a great lil greedy town... start owning land.

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Roswell, NM

Roswell climate is very good - lots of sunshine - 7/6/2006

The people are friendly but drugs are a problem in the community. There is a significant level of violence and theft is commonplace.

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Ruidoso, NM

Crime, weather, and schools - 4/14/2006

Crime and drugs are a major problem. I lived in Roswell from 1993-2000. It is definitely not a good place to live. As far as schools go... many tend to favor Goddard High because it is on the good side of town, that is misleading. My sister went to Goddard; I went to Roswell High, the drug problem is just as bad, in fact it has been rumored to be worse at Goddard. Roswell High was one of my few pleasant experiences during the time I lived there. They have an excellent math and science department. The weather is unpleasant unless you enjoy dirt stinging your face in the springtime. Very windy and dry. I still go back to visit family and not much has changed for the better although the economy seems to have picked up a little.

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Homer, MI

Would like to know what residents think about Rosw - 2/19/2006

Thinking of relocating to NM, like solitude and open space, but have no idea what NM is like. Have lived in NV, so heat is not going to be a surprise. Wondering about taxes, job opportunities, real estate costs, crime (what is really going on, not what the Chamber of Commerce would like to tell you). Thanks

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Roswell, NM

Crime, Crime, Crime - 11/6/2005

I first moved to Roswell from Tucson, AZ because of a job opportunity. My initial dissapointment was the lack of a movie theatre, then the lack of a big city nearby. The city itself is self-sustaining (i.e. You have all shops necessary for basic living) but choice is lacking. My major dissapointment two years later is the constant gang and crime activity. Police exist (of course) but are overwhelmed and cannot truly crack down on this problem. Theft is too common; drive by shootings are rare but also too common. Albuquerque, the largest city in NM, has less crime per capita than Roswell.

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