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"Somebody's pulling your leg"

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Pasco, WA

It's not what it used to be - 12/29/2009

I grew up in West Richland in the Tri-Cities, and we were always told to not go to Pasco because it was dangerous. I have no idea how true that was back in the '80's, but it is not true now. Pasco is a great place to live. It's easy to get around, and the schools are wonderful.

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Eltopia, WA

Somebody's pulling your leg - 12/24/2009

I think someone is pulling your leg about Pasco's air quality. Kennewick, WA, which is just across the Columbia River from Pasco, reports air quality of 41 and Pasco reports, what, 68? Get real, the two cities are right next to each other. Also, if I am not mistaken, they both rely on the same DEQ or EPA monitors ... in the same identical location. I don't believe they have separate monitoring stations. If I am wrong, let me know. Otherwise, take the numbers with a grain of salt.

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Lebec, CA

crime statistics - 9/27/2005

I want to move out of Los Angeles, California, in the hope that I will be relocating to a less crime rate zone in Washington State.

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