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Hebron, KY

Too far north for me - 2/24/2015

Northern Kentucky is just too far north for me. Too much influence from Ohio. I'm a southern girl at heart and I'm looking to get down to the true south.

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San Antonio, TX

You'll Never forget your home-town - 5/17/2008

Raised in Northern kentucky my entire life, I moved to San Antonio Texas last year at age 19. I am now 20, and have a soft spot for Florence... It's a suburban culture, and a nice place to live, rarely having to worry about locking your doors even, such a big difference from San Antonio! One thing I will say though, is I will never move back.. When you live there you think that there is so much to do.. but really there isn't, not compared to a big city like San Antonio! Great place to grow up, but when you're old enough, get out and experience a bigger better city!

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Florence, KY

Perfect excect for ---- - 1/25/2007

This is a wonderful place to live and retire if one could get rid of whatever it is that causes sinus problems. Cost of living is low, income tax for retirees is good, weather is 4 seasons but fairly mild, lots to do with Cincinnati so close, bus system is great, fairly low crime rate in Florence. Now for the problem -- something in the air attacks a huge proportion of the population. Within two years of moving here my husband can barely breathe and I have a cough associated with sinus drainage. We have been told this is common for this area. The problem is year round and appears to be a high mold spore count in the outdoor air.

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Florence, KY

Climate in Florence KY - 6/16/2006

Not to hot in the summer, not many really "cold" days in the winter. Pretty mild climate.

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