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Piedmont, SD

You will love it...or you will hate it. - 8/5/2012

West River is by far the beautiful side of the state. I am very blessed to have grown up here; the Black Hills are magical if you are an out door sort of person. Aside from the beauty, the people are kind but closed minded. The National average says the cost of living is cheap here but it isn't if you are middle class. It's quite difficult to find a job that pays more than $8.00 an hour. Most jobs are customer service jobs ( a lot of retail and fast food). Owning a home is cheaper than most other states but renting is pretty pricey. There isn't much for entertainment except movies, bar hopping, or being outside. Winters can be FRIGID and summers HOT. It's a decent place to live, low crime rate and pretty quiet. However, it's also like living under a rock.

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Rapid City, SD

Rapid City SD living - 5/29/2012

4 distinct seasons. Nestled in the Black Hills, 25 miles from Mt Rushmore. Many tourists in the simmer. Winters can get a little long.

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Rapid City, SD

Too High for the Wages - 2/4/2011

Rapid City is a beautiful area, with the Black Hills as a backdrop to any home you have in our area. However, you will pay a hefty price for such scenery, as the housing prices are high and the wages low. At the present time, be prepared to pay more than $150K for a "decent" home, and if you want a brand-new home (without a lot of frills, mind you), expect to pay over $200K. Mobile homes are very popular here, and for an obvious reason -- they are the only affordable option for the majority of our population. Subsidized housing is also available, but many places are sub-standard.

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Rapid City, SD

Wow! What a bunch of haters! - 7/14/2010

Let me start by saying I have lived in and visited a lot of different places in my life, including big cities like Phoenix, Chicago, and New Orleans. So I am NOT some person who has lived in Rapid City all my life and thinks there is nothing else. I have lived here 8 years now and I think alot of your negative comments are crazy. Yes, people here tend to be conservative (as in most of the Midwest) but you wont get lynched for being a Democrat...I should know. And because there is not any big industry here, of course a lot of jobs are lower paying. Those things are true. But as far as no art here...what about Black Hills Playhouse, The Dahl Theatre, Black Hills Community Theatre, and numerous art galleries downtown?? No you are not going to find something like MOMA in Rapid City, but if you didnt find any kind of art or culture, its because you didnt try very hard. And sorry Adam, but not everyone is as bigoted as you would like to make it sound. Unfortunately there are some bigoted people around--as there are anywhere--but most people here are NOT like that. Rapid City all in all is a good place to raise a family and if you like outdoor recreation it is a great place to live (was chosen as one of Outdoor Magazines top 10 places). They are working to improve their downtown with the "Downtown Summer Nights" program with live bands, food, and activities for kids, a Pumpkin Festival in October, and 4th of July Fireworks in the park to mention a few. All I can say is what I would say to anyone, anywhere....if you are not happy where you are, work to change what makes you unhappy or move somewhere else!!! And BTW as far as all the rude citizens who supposedly live here....I have had a lot of family come from out of state to visit and nobody has ever failed to mention how NICE everyone here is. Maybe all the mean spirited people moved after writing on this forum!

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Rapid City, SD

Rapid City - My take - 4/20/2010

Well Rapid City has it good points and bad points. I grew up not far from here so I know a little bit about it. I have also traveled around a lot so I should be able to give a fair opinion. GOOD: Rapid has nice weather compared to the rest of South Dakota. You still get the wind, snow, and cold but you will get those days in the middle of winter where it is in the 70's. The Black Hills are another good selling point. Being an out doors person I have to say there is no place on earth like the Black Hills. The hills are the main reason I moved here. BAD: The people...well I have mix feelings. I used to think Rapid had the nicest people but since I moved back three years ago I do not think that is the case. You will find nice people but I would say the majority of them are rude. I think this is partly because the middle class is so small. You have two extremes either poor or wealthy which mirrors the job market. You have two groups who are quite different so I think it causes some tension. Now the job market...low income and not a large variety of jobs that pay well. That pretty much sums the job market up. If you move here for a good job you better hope it has good job security because if it doesn't you might find yourself moving if you want to keep that same standard of living. Rapid just does have a lot of good paying jobs. For housing...I am just guessing but for the average level of income I would say housing is expensive. Its difficult to find a nice middle class neighborhood that is affordable. My biggest complaint about Rapid is the zoning. The zoning has pretty much kept Rapid a trashy town. I do think it has gotten better but it has a long way to go. Well I think I have highlighted more negatives and could probably keep going but Rapid isn't all bad. It really depends what you want in a city. For me I have a descent job I like the outdoors so I can overlook all the short comings the city has to offer. If you want to enjoy life in a city Rapid probably isn't the place. For city living in South Dakota I would suggest Sioux Falls. They have good dining, good shopping, and lots of nice people. I have lived both places and that is my take.

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Rapid City, SD

Perfect example - 12/9/2009

I have the perfect example of what is wrong with Rapid City. Recently, I received an email in response to my previous post on the this website. Nate said to me, and I quote exactly here, "homophobes we are because there good for nothing go suck some ...." and he continued to say that "We are hard workers and your prob some !!! that sits on his coach all day. before you go dissin on hard working americans maybe you should shut your mouth." I say again, a perfect example of the average Rapid City resident. This is not to say everyone is like that, many are quite nice and indeed hard working.

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Rapid City, SD

Sad. - 9/11/2009

I have lived in Rapid City almost 2 years. I had never been here before I moved here. I am from Oklahoma City, and had never lived anywhere else before I moved here. I thought I was from a smaller city. I had no idea what small was, till Rapid City. Let me start by saying Rapid "City" is not a city, more like a big town. They only have one of everything, one Wal-mart, one Target, and so on. People here are very closed minded, and don't really think anything of the outside world. I say outside world because the people that live and love Rapid City probably think that Rapid City is just like New York City. I have never seen such terrible driving in my life. Not only do they attempt to drive aggressively, they do it badly. Honestly, if you are going to cut someone off at least don't change your mind half way through. I like to say that they have attitudes similar to New Yorkers. Except what have they got to be pissed off about? There is no real traffic in Rapid City. All in all, I really don't like Rapid City, I don't like there people and I can't think of anyone I will miss when we leave! :)

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Rapid City, SD

The gap between statistics and reality.... - 8/4/2007

I've been a full-time resident here for six years, and I'm astonished at how favorable the statistics on this web site make the city sound - partly because the stats don't include pay. As per a recent study, South Dakota has the lowest pay in the nation, so many persons must work two jobs to survive. Professional jobs are also in extremely short supply here, and I know many highly-skilled, experienced persons working as call center reps or in entry-level clerical jobs. Those considering moving here should also understand that Rapid City is extremely conservative, both politically and socially; the majority of residents harbor deep suspicions about - and even outright hostility toward - Democrats and New Agers. And no one should ever move here without realizing the profound impact the Sturgis bike rally has. Year-round, the biker mentality shapes and defines Rapid City, and each August, bike noise creates a loud roar, night and day, that goes on for 1-3 weeks. The bikers often travel in packs of up to twenty, and since they're often drunk,local residents drive with white knuckles for three weeks and pray this won't be the year they accidentally kill someone riding in their blind spot. Prospective residents should also check the Rapid City Police Department's web site for information on the crime rate, which is higher per capita than L.A., NYC, and Chicago. Having warned you about the negatives...on the plus side, prospective residents will find the Black Hills area has breathtaking natural beauty, mild winters, hot, sunny summers, and lots of wide open spaces.

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Rapid City, SD

Rapid City - 5/10/2007

Obviously Russ, you haven't done your homework about Rapid City's Cost of Living. High cost of living? Ask any of the full-time RVers (I used to be one) what the clear choice for a low-cost home base is: South Dakota. Believe me, for 20 years of my life, I've had the pleasure of being assigned in many different areas of this great country. Expensive car insurance? I don't think so. SD is 48 out of 50 states for the lowest auto insurance. Renters and Homeowners insurance are among the lowest in the country. No State Income Tax. OK, we've got a Sales Tax and Property Taxes (which compare vary favorably (lower) with the rest of the country. We have a one time 3% Excise Tax on vehicles (pretty cheap as well). No, the jobs are the best paying but you just keep networking until you get it right. The people here are as nice as I've met anywhere. Plus, we have some of the most beautiful scenary around (can't put a price on that) The only distrubing trend that I see now is the out-of-staters (mainly big $$$$ Californians) buying cheap land and trying to over-develop the Rapid area. If you want over-development, go to Sioux Falls, Denver, or just about anywhere in CA. This used to be a best-kept secret, but I fear not for long. Tom Rapid City, SD

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Rapid City, SD

Nice place to live if you have a good job - 4/27/2007

If you don't make at least $40,000 a year, you don't want to live here. Most jobs in town pay less than $9.00 an hour. Food costs are high, public transportation is minimal, car insurance is expensive due to poor drivers and high percentage of uninsured drivers.

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Hermosa, SD

loved rapid - 4/19/2007

i lived in rapid city for 14 years. it was AWESOME!! i loved it. grandted the winters get pretty cold, but summer time is beautiful. i loved the lakes, i loved the hills, and loved most of the people. Really loved getting to go to the ralley but the traffic around that time of year was kinda tricky. if i had it my way i would be back in rapid again

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Rapid City, SD

Low wages and high cost of living by design! - 3/16/2007

Our elected leaders want to have their cake and eat it too. They would rather have low population than a flourishing economy. This region has massive potential! It is a great place to live and raise your family, but if your children go to college don't expect them to reside in Rapid City after graduation. They will never be able to pay off their college loans with the repressive saleries found in this area. The Rapid City education symstem right now is in pretty good shape. Don't expect it to remain that way as teacher shortages are coming. Nobody in our elected branch of government is smart enough to figure out the problems, in education ,we are going to be faced with in the years to come.

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Rapid City, SD

Low Crime - 2/14/2007

I don't agree totally with the data gathered in regards to crime. I have lived here for seven years and have not had any major problems at all. Most of what you see and hear on the news are minor things. Major accidents have more air time than most other crimes put together.

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Syracuse, UT

Rapid City - 'been there, done that" - 12/12/2006

Rapid City is indeed a great place to live however, don't go there expecting high wages or a perfect climate, you'll be disappointed. The draw to Rapid City is the Black Hills and the surrounding recreational opportunities of hiking, camping, Mt Rushmore and the like. The people are friendly and out going for the most part. Schools are under funded but an adequate education is available. Colleges are the Black Hills State in Spearfish (a teachers producer) and SD School of Mines in Rapid City (future engineers). Draw backs, always windy, some extreme cold in the winter, housing somewhat high in respect to wages. I lived ther from 1999 until 2002.

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Rapid City, SD

Great city but needs work - 8/15/2006

I moved to Rapid City in 08/1999 and currently live here. This city is a very beautiful city to live in with a neat mountain that separates the town. I do admit parts of the town are not the best looking but a majority of the city is really beautiful. Some of the lights in town are not very efficent and the there are major roads that need fixing. Available jobs in Rapid City I think are adequate and shopping is really good. The beautiful Black Hills with Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer, Deadwood, Spearfish are all beautiful and can be all done in a day. There is many things to do in the hills that you will never get tired of doing like many hiking trails, museums, and parks. The city can be very slow at getting things done but the city is contantly improving. The city also has some great parks and Storybook Island a great park for chilren that is free. There is plenty of medical centers and doctors.

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What economy??? - 7/30/2006

Sorry there is no economy here....so if you do not mind living "poor" with people who are very narrow small minded people then....this is the place for you !!There is basically no culture and forget trying to bring in a little culture to the area as well that does not happen unless you are a rodeo farm type person. I have never seen people who drive this bad and are rude when driving. The people that live here are pathetic they have no life and seem to think if you are from someone else you are the strange one..little do they know.

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Burns, TN

Low Wages - High Costs Of Living - 6/10/2006

I lived in Rapid City from 07/2002 - 10/2003. Little traffic. Beautiful area that has been ruined by casino billboards for Deadwood. I mean: They are all over highways, which take away from the beauty of the Black Hills. No decent shopping. Limited job opportunities. Very high cost of living. Rent is high. Real estate is really high for the low-paying salaries in that area.

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Rapid City, SD

rapid city, sd - 4/25/2006

Generally a good place to raise a family. Primary reason to look elsewhere is the winter season. We want a more mild climate absent prolonged winters.

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Erie, PA

Beautiful Place to live - 3/25/2006

I lived in Rapid City for 5 years, with children from 9-18. We really liked it there, lots to do and yes, the winters can e brutal but it can also be below 0 one day and 55 or 60 the next. The wind is what is so very bone chilling cold. If you enjoy the outdoors, there is a lot of hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, camping etc. If you go for a visit make sure you see Custer State Park. If you are moving there, the peope are friendly and schools are great.

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Anderson, TX

like depressing places? - 11/8/2005

this place is depressing to say the least. freezing winters, i mean 20 below zero if u factor in the wind chill. yes, mount rushmore is nearby. sadly, it won't go thru any signifigant changes in your lifetime, once u saw it, u saw it. a miserable and boring place, trust me.

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