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"Windy Weather"

Windy Weather - 2/27/2008
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Simi Valley, CA

Probably one of the mos disconcerting weather issues of the area is the frequent, regular, and persistant Santa Ana Winds that push thru the valley in the Fall (Fire Season) and the Spring.

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Simi Valley, CA

Great city(Little Pricey) - 5/25/2010

I have lived in Simi Valley for 23 Years. I love it here but due to the cost of living am looking to relocate to another state/City where my money will go further. Simi Valley is a greay city its diverse in politics and the citizens who make up this great suburb of Los Angeles. Only down side is sales tax at almost 10% and the high cost of housing, gas, ETC.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

good place to live - 7/2/2009

simi valley is a very nice place to live within the shadow of the LA metro area. it has low crime and reasonable housing costs with ready access to indoor and outdoor amenities both within the city and in the surrounding area.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

climate - 12/31/2008

With over 270 days of sunshine a year there's plenty to do outside.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Mix of Old & New - 6/14/2008

Simi Valley is primarily a middle to upper middle class community. There are housing tracts ranging from houses built in the 50's and 60's, to those built as late as 2008. While the city itself has scattered neighborhoods, there are also two large planned developments. The more established one is called Wood Ranch and is on the west end of Simi Valley with easy access to the 23 freeway, 118 freeway, and also the 101 freeway (after taking the 23 freeway for a few short miles). Wood Ranch has a golf course, country club, shopping, restaurants, and is only a few miles from larger stores like Costco, Home Depot, and of course, Walmart. Also, the Simi Valley Town Center is only a few short miles away. This mall has many different restaurants and stores. The other large planned development is called Big Sky. It's located in the middle of Simi Valley, north of the 118 freeway. The houses here are newer, but also closer together and the neighborhoods have a more clostrophobic feel. Big Sky is very close to the new mall, the Simi Valley Town Center. Simi Valley is a very nice place to live, and is one of the safest cities in the United States.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Windy Weather - 2/27/2008

Probably one of the mos disconcerting weather issues of the area is the frequent, regular, and persistant Santa Ana Winds that push thru the valley in the Fall (Fire Season) and the Spring.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Low Crime Occurence - 1/22/2008

For a mid-size city, it's a safe place to live...even some of the LAPD officers live here![read more...]

Sparks, NV

Simi Valley very boring glad to be gone - 11/11/2007

I lived in Simi Valley for 19 years before moving to Reno, NV and i can tell you that there is nothing to do there, no night life at all, the police are anal and the town is turning like San Fernando more and more. Also Simi Valley has no seasons at all with smog and heat all year. Simi Valley is not for me and i am glad now to be in Reno with a four season climate, and ski resorts and Lake Tahoe in my backyard.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Among the best - 8/23/2007

Simi Valley has been ranked among top few the safest cities in America for several years. This is one of the things that makes it a nice place to live. It's nice to not have to worry about going out at night for a walk or just going around town and not having to be afraid.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Housing is Ridiculous - 1/25/2007

My wife and I are selling our first condo in Simi. We've owned it for 2 1/2 years. It's a 1bed/1bath, 700 sq ft. We've accepted at an offer at $290K. That's ridiculous. Yet, to buy a house, I have to spend nearly $500K and that's a small fixer upper in not the best neighborhood. I've lived here most of my life and my wife was born and raised here, but our family will be packing our bags and cashing in on our equity. Denver or Boise, here we come! Simi is far from paradise. It's a nice town, nicer than most suburbs in SoCal. But housing is out of reach of most people unless you like two income families with a $3,000/month mortgage. Schools are getting worse, crime is on the rise with the migration of people from the Valley and I don't see it getting better anytime soon.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Great place to live - 1/18/2007

Simi Valley, although recently moved to number 2 from number 1 on the list of safest places to live, is a great place live. Wonderful weather, great community, and very safe.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

It's Not Paradise, But Close - 11/16/2006

If it weren't for housing being too high and the young people having a little too much freedom and not enough discipline, Simi Valley would be paradise. I'm fortunate in that I've owned my home for close to 20 years, however, my kids cannot possibly afford to buy and have anything left over for a quality life. I don't see enough of our young people with focus and work ethic - they'd rather party instead of furthering their education. Bad influences.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Expensive living... - 8/14/2006

Yes I do currently reside in Simi Valley. I have lived here for over 21 years and own a house. But sad to say I am planning to move. I can no longer afford to live here. The housing is riduculous. You have to be rich to buy a house here. The town is becoming snotty. It's like they are building the town to only accompany the wealthy. It being so close to Los angeles I can understand but what happened to our close knit family town?? It's been taken over by wealthy, snobs who think they are better then everyone else. Even shopping in Simi is ridiculous. People look at you as if you don't belong if you don't drive a new car or wear the expensive clothes. If you wanna live here, you'd better be wealthy as hell.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Crime on the Rise - 8/11/2006

Over the past few months, there have been a number of assualts and attacks in the town. This is very unusual and a little concerning. It seems the tide is changing as the population continues to grow and people look to get out of the San Fernando Valley and into Simi.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Simi Valley - 7/17/2006

A great place to raise a family.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

you can have simi valley! - 7/1/2006

I have lived in simi valley for 17 years. In that short amount of time, I have seen it grow from , a comfortable , quiet , family town , to a town which is overstuffed with expensive houses and people! It doesn't feel as safe as it used to . Graffiti is becoming a regular sight. Shopping , whether it is grocery or other, is no longer enjoyable becuase it is so crowded! I also worry about the schools--they haven't built any new ones for the growing population. We cannot leave here fast enough! You can have Simi Valley![read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

About Simi Valley - 6/25/2006

Simi Valley is just over the hill from San Fernando Valley, Los Angles. It is a night and day difference. It is upper middle class. Crime is low. People are friendly for southern californians. Houses are expensive, you need to have a good job or two income earners. This is the in-hospitable part. The weather is great, clean air. It is a well kept secret. There are better, more secluded hamlets but this one is close to economic areas where people can get good jobs.[read more...]

Granada Hills, CA

Vandalism will continue to rise... - 5/27/2006 long as governments keep subsidizing 'affordable housing' in Simi Valley. Look at who it attracts ! On weekends, where are all the cop cars? Are they in the neighborhoods with large houses, or at the apartment complexes and HUD homes?[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

DM - 4/17/2006

Ventura county, in particular, Simi Valley and the neighboring cities of Thousand Oaks, Moorpark are very nice. Simi has fairly mild weather most of the year, with just enough heat in the summer to enjoy your pool! The hills are beautiful and green in the spring, glowing golden brown in the summer.Clean air, safe place to live. I love it here. It is also a great place to make a living with LA an easy train ride from the local station. The only reason I am looking to leave is the cost of housing. We could cash in on the market here and semi-retire out of state.[read more...]

Cathedral City, CA

Simi Valley - 1/28/2006

I lived in Simi Valley, CA for ten years. I moved out of state for seven years, moved back To SoCal last year. I checked out my old neighborhood and it looked like everyone let their homes go to pot. These beautiful homes. Not just the neighborhood the general area looked bad. What happened to the landscaping? Also restaurants have a hard time staying in Simi.[read more...]

Simi Valley, CA

Still a great place - 10/23/2005

Yes Simi is growing as fast as any place, but it is still one of the best "small" cities in Southern California. It is a great place to raise kids.[read more...]

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