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"Good Neighborhood ... The Lakes "

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re: Good Neighborhood ... The Lakes - 10/14/2006 - 2/8/2009
I am currently in southern California and looking for a “better” place to live. Reasons that we are considering moving: - too expensive -too much traffic - too hot in summer - not enough “greenery” due to too little rain - too much traffic - no seasons - people are often not that friendly There are positives of course but, for me and my family, I think it’s time for a change. Could you tell me how your city stacks up? Thanks so much

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freedum - 1/9/2012

hello every one

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Kent, WA

Western Washington climate - 9/4/2009

Western Washington has a moderate climate with summers that do not get too hot as a rule usually the upper 70's to low 80's for a couple months then dropping back to lower 70's. It is an area that has the ocean to the west and the mountains to the east so it gets a lot of rain along the coast, grey cloudy days inland and snow in the mountains during the winter.

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Kent, WA

kent is a nice place to live - 7/5/2008

employment-housing-mass-transit, kent has it all.

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Kent, WA

Traffic - 11/17/2007

Kent is nice for driving because it is close to 4 highways/freeways. If your are commuting, I would suggest working south of Kent. Going North to or through Bellevue or Seattle very congested. Kent is also close to the Seattle/Tacoma Airport.

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Crystal Lake, IL

Good Neighborhood ... The Lakes - 10/14/2006

I lived in Kent for 2 years at the Hampton Bay Apartments. I loved my neighborhood, apartment and the Kent location. There were nice walking trails along the river and golf course. There are a lot of corporate business right in Kent. Kent felt like a small town relief from the bigger surroundings communities like Federal Way. I was close to the SeaTac Airport, easy freeway and highway access. Can easily go anywhere from Kent (Auburn, Puyallup, Federal Way, Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue). There are iffy and bad pockets in Kent so be cautious, but there are treasures to be found too! Easy access to shopping up in South Center. Beautiful views of Mt. Rainer on clear days. Mild weather, beautiful summers. I miss it. Jobs seemed a little hard to get. When I left a big train/entertainment center was being built. I felt safe in my neighborhood, not a lot of crime that I heard of. A melting pot community, all races, and mixed relationships not a huge problem. Good for both families and singles. So many different places to experience in the Seattle/WA area, great for explorers!

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Kent, WA

Feels Like a Desperate Place - 7/17/2006

I love Seattle, so moved here to Kent last year because I cannot yet afford to live right in the city. Kent has a lot of industry here and a lot of decent jobs, so I do not know why it has so many desperate people as well. Could be because of the large county jail smack in the middle of town. And the two very busy train tracks within 4 blocks of each other. Very loud freight trains as well as two different commuter trains create a LOT of noise and traffic here. The crime is high (I don't have any statistics). Seems like a lot of folk with heavy substance abuse problems live here. That is what drove me to this site, trying to find a better place to live. I wish this town luck!

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Kent, WA

Manager, Labor Relations - 3/10/2006

I have lived in Kent, WA since 1997. It has been the best place for my children. I appreciate the diversity and the beauty of this little city south of Seattle.

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