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"Gangs and Violence"

Gangs and Violence - 4/4/2007
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Santa Rosa, CA

It continues to ger worse here. Read the local paper on a regular basis--shootings, beatings, drunk drivers, etc. This is a city that's bordering on being out of control. I felt safer when I lived in Chicago and in NYC.

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re: Gangs and Violence - 4/4/2007 - 3/6/2013
She's full of it, I think she is mistaken about her location. From her review she makes Santa Rosa sound like Los Angeles. Keep it real people, that's a bunch of B.S.

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Santa Rosa, CA

One Of The Best Places To Live In California - 3/6/2013

I'm just going to write a short review because honestly, I signed up for an account so that I could comment on a very negative review I read on this beloved city. There are millions of people that would love to live here because it's so beautiful, the beaches, rocky and mountainous shore, Redwood groves, and vineyards galore. It is also the official city of The Peanuts Gang, the comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, and there are a lot of statues of the characters around town. My favorite is Snoopy, but you'll find Charlie Brown and Lucy as well as others too. The scenery and the climate both are just spectacular. Nearby, in the small hamlet of Guerneville, you will find Armstrong Woods State Preserve, a gorgeous space of old growth Redwoods rising to well over 300 feet. I used to live a mile from the park and rode my bike there every day. So, this is just a short synopsis of how wonderful this area is, the people are friendly and everyone is accepted just as they are.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Do NOT Move To Santa Rosa If You Have Allergies! - 7/25/2010

I have lived my entire life around the Santa Rosa area my entire life and have no plans of ever moving out of here but having said that, let me just warn you that if you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, then the entire Santa Rosa area is NOT for you. Luther Burbank (the world famous botanist) introduced many non-indigenous plants to this area and because of that, the pollen and other stuff in the air here will wreak utter havoc on your nose, eyes and throat. Some folks have to fight headaches, dry throat, ugly coughing, nasty sneezing and eyes and noses that just won't stop running no matter how much medication they take because of allergies. You'd be better off moving up north to the Mendocino or Humboldt Counties. Don't believe me? Come on out here and stay for a week in the spring and leave your allergy medicine at home. I dare you. Just a friendly warning.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Perfect climate - 11/1/2009

Santa Rosa, CA is a beautiful city and has a nearly perfect climate. It does have the change of seasons but the weather is quite mild.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Great if you bought 15 years ago!! - 7/31/2009

This place used to be affordable for california, with people in the early eighties being able to buy a house for 70k to 110k. Have wages went up 600%? No, just another reason why the young and working class leave in droves. I am planning my leave as well for somewhere in the midwest where a fixer upper can be had for $10,000 or so. The weather is not that great! I mean the weather is wonderful, sometimes 75 degrees in december and January. But there comes a time when you realize that you will never ever be able to afford a home here. I see ads where people are living 2 to a room. I do not see why anyone would chose to come out and live here, if your poor you will exploited by high rents, if you are rich why pay california taxes? The traffic is terrible. If you want great weather I would try chico or the foothills if you want to be in California, but then again that is where people in California go when they try to find cheaper real estate, then you realize that everyone is fleeing these high prices into Arizona, Nevada etc. So I am going back to the midwest where I have lived and its not too bad. There is a wine industry, so what, pay high prices to nibble on food and taste wine, big whoop. I drive by these vineyards everyday. The ocean is close, but after you have been there a couple of times you are done with that, and the water is very cold. What really got me is that in my search for affordable rents I looked at mobile homes, $700 a month space rent on an old single wide that you have to buy for $15,000 or more, thats horrible, in the south and midwest normal space rents are $110-$220 and you have three times the yard size. Pass on this area if you are workingclass.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Awesome weather, very expensive home prices rent - 5/14/2009

That said a friend just purchased a foreclosed home that was fairly new for $150,000 on a small lot. That was in a working class neighborhood that I would live in. That might not last too long. The last figures out seem to have stabilized for home prices at about $400,000. This whole system is geared too having very high real estate. The towns do not want to grow and they veto anything that is affordable, a real bad nimby attitude. Yet they still have job growth, that is, for now. I think this place is poised on the edge of disaster because of the high costs, high utilities, high taxes. I mean people keep leaving for affordable areas, and this place might get so expensive that people leave in droves. Also the traffic in Santa Rosa and near cities is awful. The city has a small system of four lane roads. The 101 freeway has just went to six lanes. That said I am a very frugal person and have discovered cheap places to live here, although one trailer court raised its rates from $235 to $600 in 2004. There is a trailer court on santa rosa avenue that has a space rent of $250 or so. It would cost about $13,000 to $25,000 to buy a well maintained older trailer that only has space for two small cars. I would only suggest the area if you are rich and want very good weather. The depressed home prices will not last and are likely to shoot up, so it might be a good investment. Or you get a decent job or your first good job to build up a resume. And california has a 16 to 32 billion yearly deficit, that might mean much higher taxes. If you are gay or lesbian than this area would be good for you. To the west of Santa Rosa is a gay area called the russian river area.[read more...]

Rohnert Park, CA

Climate - 4/1/2009

I've relocated from New York to California. I love the climate, it's the one of the thing keeping me here. It's much more expensive , so I'm considering relocating back to the East Coast.[read more...]

Windsor, CA

Cool Rainy Winters and Tall Redwoods - 2/23/2009

Santa Rosa, an hour north of San Francisco is the beginning of the true Northern California with Redwoods becoming ubiquitous. The Winters are cool and rainy with warmish but not impossible Summers with weather in the 80's to low 90's generally. The Winters will dip below freezing at night perhaps a dozen times with the days in the 50's generally. Unfortunately the cost of living, like most of California will give pause if you are from out of state and are not familiar with the cost of the good life.[read more...]

Saxton, PA

I would move here today - 2/11/2009

I have had the fortune to visit Santa Rosa many times over the last several years. People are friendly and appear to be well educated. Job oppertunities are numerous, especially health care. Yes, the cost of living may be a little high, but so is Boston & Philidelphia. If you love a warm climate and can tolerate a little wind and a few rainy days, you will love living in the Santa Rosa area![read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Great place to live - 7/6/2008

Santa Rosa is perfect. The climate is the best in the nation. It has seasons but they are very mild. There is no rain for most of the year, but it is beautiful and green. It is only one hour from San Francisco, the most beautiful city in the U.S. People are friendly and open minded.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Sonoma County - 2/29/2008

Good moderate climate and handy to lots of interestiing destination towns.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Loved to death - 2/28/2008

One of the finest living areas in the U.S., though slowly succumbing to growth issues. A vibrant agricultural/viticulture community maintains a lot of open space but we are slowly losing ground to traffic and other expansion woes as with all desirable areas that are loved to death.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa Climate - 1/27/2008

Santa Rosa has a very moderate climate, with seasonal weather, that does not fluctuate uncomfortably as the seasons change.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Beautiful place, great climate but too expensive - 12/1/2007

Santa Rosa CA is a really great locatation - 50 odd miles from San Francisco, mild climate year round, but the cost of housing is far too high. with a lowend average prices of about 450K for a small house in a a lower income neighborhood, it is impossible for someone with less than an 200K salary to buy a house without having to sell their souls to paying the mortgage. So its not affordable to live here and there arent any high paying jobs in the area. Its only affordable if you have a lot of money to start with.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Expensive - 10/17/2007

Most people who move here from other states already know but it's very expensive to live in Sonoma County. Some of the highest housing costs in California. Average home price is in the mid $500,000's.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Crime and Gangs - 7/16/2007

I have lived in Santa Rosa for many years after living in New England and the South. The crime is not as bad as other parts of the county especially for a city of this size. However, the gang problem is a result of so many wineries bringing hundreds of Mexican (Legal and Illegal) citizens in our area. Their children and their culture glorifies the Macho attitude which in turn make the gang problem worse. Also, with the local climate in California of not hurting anyone's feelings and social workers adding to mix of creating every program under the sun, it is like dry brush feeding a fire. What is lacking is a zero tolerance program. However, because they will feel racist, that will never take place so the gang problems will increase because of politicians either ignorance or cowardice to act like a leader. There definitely should be a hefty tax put on these agriculuture companies that pollute an area with immigrants because of the burden they add to the cities and local towns. In the 80's this was not the case in Santa Rosa and the 90s with increase of wineries the gang problems became a problem and have increased. However, once we get a leader who has the strenght to give muscle behind the police force with absolute zero tolerance for gang children and their PARENTS[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

expensive - 6/27/2007

A great place but you are going to pay top dollar to live here.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

nice, but...... - 4/8/2007

nice place to live...too expensive[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa, CA living: My 2nd year of living here - 4/7/2007

I am originally from New England and lived there all of my life until 2 years ago when I moved to Santa Rosa, CA for my job. The best thing about this area: Climate. Spring just takes my breath away with just how beautiful the weather is. Green foothills and wine grapes growing on farms. Summer is dry, but a very comfortable 80 degrees with a mild breeze. Little to no humidity. No mosquitos. The kind of days you might experience a few times a year back east, you experience for several months. Winters are tolerable. Dubbed out here as the "rainy season" - it truly is that. Temperatures are roughly in the 60's. Cool enough to need to wear a coat, but certainly not freezing cold. Locals out here have never heard of the term "wind chill factor". Now the bad: The housing prices are out of this world for a medium sized house on a postage sized lot. People who say that living on the east is more expensive, have never lived on the east and then moved out here. The worst thing is, is that housing prices here have only recently (less than 5 years) exploded. So, what I have experienced, is that the socio-economic status of the area is not necessarily that of what newcomers who can afford to live out here can identify with. There are certain pockets of Santa Rosa that are poor, and some that are affluent. I'm not a snob - I just want to be able to identify with my neighbors and have my children play well with my neighbor's children. The neighborhood we are in is perfect for us, because it is mixed racially, with professional working parents and stay at home moms. But that is rare. The majority of Santa Rosa is segregated into pockets of either poor (The area around Steele Lane) or affluent (Fountaingrove). Cost of living: Fuel, heating/cooling costs, groceries: Outrageous. We pay more to heat/cool our house (2000 sq. ft) for a very moderate climate as I described earlier, than we did to heat/cool our home in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We easily pay double for what we did for groceries back east. We actually thought there was something wrong with our furance, until we had it inspected, and found out we have a 90% energy efficient furance. Scratching our heads, we started asking our neighbors how much they were paying for utilities. The average per month (for natural gas/electricity): $300 per month. No joke - and this is on par with our neighbors. Education: I hate the system out here in this area. The biggest claim to fame is th[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Gangs and Violence - 4/4/2007

It continues to ger worse here. Read the local paper on a regular basis--shootings, beatings, drunk drivers, etc. This is a city that's bordering on being out of control. I felt safer when I lived in Chicago and in NYC.[read more...]

Santa Rosa, CA

Great Climate, but... - 3/13/2007

Climate is great, as is proximity to the coast and Wine Country. However, the traffic is horrible. It's not just congestion, it's the aggressive drivers. Lastly, violent gangs have become a real scourge. The authorities seem to be in denial or not capable. The problem is speading. A negative impact on property values will continue.[read more...]

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