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Emmett, Idaho SperlingViews

"A nice place to live"

A nice place to live - 12/14/2009
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Emmett, ID

Emmett is a bedroom community nestled in a valley. It is a very nice place to live, but I do not like the cold winters.

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Paso Robles, CA

Why I Came Here - 12/12/2010

I lived, in Paso Robles, CA almost 30 years. I grew up, in North Orange County, CA. I raised a son, as a single parent from the time he was 4. Paso Robles was a good place to raise a child, but when he went off to college he knew he would be unable to find local work there that would allow him to buy a house, and live well. After a degree, in government, at Sacramento State, he ook a minor, at The University of Idaho, Moscow. He came back to spend a year before returning to Boise State for his Masters. As my only living family, I researched Southwestern Idaho, and found Emmett, on Sperlings.I moved here, and felt like I had stepped into a time machine, back to an earlier version of the Central Coast I once knew. Winters are colder, and there isn't the Ocean just over the hills, but the people, their attitudes, and the rural nature of the area are the way I remembered the Central Coast of the 1970's. This is an unabashedly small town, with everything you could ask for, shoppeing, a great hospital, good schools, and friendly people. There is a great Park downtown, across from the County Courthouse, and a vibrant farmers' market. The Payette River flows through town, and recreational opportunity is year round. Thank you Sperlings for helping me to find this jewel. Oh, and the cost of living is so much lower, I can afford a much better life, than where I was living. This is fixed income paradise.[read more...]

San Diego, CA

Emmett Idaho - 6/5/2010

This is by far the ugliest place in Idaho. Eye soring downtown, runned downtown, and absolutely disfunctional City Governent. The City leaders are drunks, and the police are lazy and biast. This place is a once glorious timber town, and now it is ready to become a landfil. Most horrible place I ever been.[read more...]

Emmett, ID

Nice town, no jobs - 12/15/2009

Emmett is pretty close to Boise, but far enough removed that the crime is low, the community is tight knit and small town politics favors the good ol' boy system. It is a nice place to retire if you are not particularly active and want few amenities. The schools do not spend enough on kids and the district is always scrambling for money. There are awesome teachers here, but their hands are tied and they are not able to reach their potential as classes are over crowded. The county overall is depressed and not well represented politically. The town mayor has done a very good job, but resources are limited as the national economy reflects everywhere. There are four seasons here and the summers can be quite hot. Winter months see little snow but the roads can be icy. Fall and spring are wonderful and this is a great place to garden with the help of a greenhouse. This valley used to be dubbed "The Valley of Plenty" as it was a booming agricultural community. Over the past couple of decades the greed of over-development has leveled the beautiful orchards and family farms, only to leave behind an abundance of mediocre low end homes with a high vacancy rate. Senior activities are available, but again, is reflective of the poor economic status of the area. Would be nice if the state placed more emphasis on senior and education spending. Overall, it is the perfect place for someone who wants affordable housing, doesn't care about shopping and doesn't need to worry about their kids education.[read more...]

Emmett, ID

A nice place to live - 12/14/2009

Emmett is a bedroom community nestled in a valley. It is a very nice place to live, but I do not like the cold winters.[read more...]