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re: Retirement haven - 3/31/2008 - 7/19/2008
We are thinking about moving to Paducah, our best friends live just outside Paducah. We are retired and have lived in Springfield, Il all of our lives. We would be renting an apartment, can you tell me about apartments there?

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Paducah, KY

Stay far away! - 8/8/2014

Move here six years ago, and was very optimistic. I love meeting new people and adventure. Me my husband and two kids moved here from Louisville are. This place is like a gaping sore to the entire state of Ky. The people are the most ignorant I have ever seen, seriously. Since moving here I have seen animals neglected everywhere I look, I mean til the point of death. The animal shelter here got in trouble for taking them out back and shooting them... no lie! My children have witnessed animals being skinned alive and burned to death in Agriculture class, called the school and nothing happened, except my child was tortured at school. My children have been taught in trailers since we moved here, but there are multi million $ churches on every corner.This also is a right to work state=they can do whatever they want to you. I have been off work getting into my vehicle and been told I have to work 4 more hours. My daughter worked somewhere for a year that come to find out was paying her $5.15hr when it should have been $7.25! Called the local labor lawyer=nothing happened! No unions and they are proud of that! If you are a supporter of unions don't tell anyone.There are no jobs, and a really high paying one around here is $15 an hr. If you want to buy a home or rent one it will usually have a slum landlord behind it, or have black mold inside the home. The cost for rent for something nice around here for a family of 4 is $1000-$1600 a month. Very humid and double the bugs of what your used to. The healthcare is the worst I have seen in my entire life and I'm 40! My child broke her arm in gymnastics and it literally took 6 days after all the paperwork from the Dr. Got to the bone Dr. before she received a cast!!!! 6 days with a broken arm, seriously? An ice storm hit here a few years ago... the population here is around 25,000.......I did not have power during freezing temps. For over month! There is a place here called Kevil KY., no one seems to talk about the nuclear plant that is there and the contaminated environment...... btw that's 12miles away from the new high school! The bottom line is if you haven't went to school with or personally know the few individuals who run this town you won't get anywhere. Everything here is based on the "buddy system" NOT qualifications. I want to make it here until my husband's contract is up (4yrs from now) but I don't think there is enough love in the world to make it plausible to live here. Run far away from this place...... do not learn the hard way like me!

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Bakersfield, CA

hometown - 12/24/2013

i was born and raised in paducah moved to california 1979 i want to move back so bad but i live on fixed income and pay 1,000d in rent so can't save up have to go to food bank in order to eat on top of that my water and gas/electric are getting turned off because i can't pay so stop your moaning that theres nothing to do!!!

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Paducah, KY

Nice People, Boring Town - 8/26/2013

I moved here for my husband's job 2 years ago with our 2 small children. I immediately noticed how friendly everyone is. At least to your face, because it didn't take me long to figure out that it is also a very "gossipy" town, hence a little thing called "topix". (Shudder) I have always lived in larger cities and so Paducah was a bit of a culture shock for me. Very difficult to live here if you don't have family or friends. Most people who do live here were born and raised, so its close to impossible to meet and mingle with others in the same situation. Church is the only thing to do around here and being a non-believer (in organized-type religion, anyway), I feel that if "my secret" were to get out, I'd be burned at the stake! I have lived in a lot of different places and this is the first place where there was prayer at a job orientation, or I'm asked immediately upon meeting someone what church I attend. There is no Target, no YMCA, no Whole Foods, no 24Hour Fitness, no zoo, no museums (other than the quilter's museum, which perplexes me b/c there also isn't a Joanne fabrics anywhere around here). Just nothing to do. Really, nothing. So we will not be spending year #3 here.

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Paducah, KY

Paducah Culture & Attactions - 7/1/2013

Paducah is a nice friendly place to live great place to rise a family with a low cost of living. The city needs some Attractions like a Zoo or Water Park to help the city grow. West Paducah is growing fast. Lots of new businesses are popping up in West Paducah with the grow of the population. Meanwhile inside the city limits of Paducah there no population growth. Either way if you live in Paducah or West Paducah Its a place some one can move too and Start a life very Easily everyone is so friendly.

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Paducah, KY

Medical Facilities - 4/1/2013

Multiple and the best in the area

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Calvert City, KY

Quilters staying in private homes in Paducah, Kent - 4/19/2012

It is astonishing how locals that live in Paducah can open up their homes for the "Quilters" lodging and accomodations, when by law, if a resident charges any kind of fee (whether non-profit or not)they are required by the LAW to be licensed and inspected and present a business license. It is totally against all standards of the law to charge anyone to "stay" in a persons' private home unless they are inspected and have a business license. This arrangement has had a tremendous impact for us that do own bed and breakfast and prepare for the quilters all year long and that do have the proper license and home inspections. When trying to talk to Mr. Paxton about this situation, his rude secretary said he was too busy. Go figure.. Barbwire n Roses bed and breakfast in Calvert City KY and the Rose of the Lake bed and breakfast in Grand Rivers KY are inspected and present our business license proudly.

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Paducah, KY

no title - 12/26/2009

I live in Paducah, ky. it is ok.

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Paducah, KY

Temporary/Rental Housing - 6/15/2009

Although there is a high vacancy rate in the city, the quality of available rental housing is questionable. Rental apartments and housed are typically older units, and many are government assisted or public units.

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Paducah? What is in Paduah? How do you spell that? - 8/10/2008

P.A.D.U.C.A.H.....The most asked questions I get when people; family,friends and strangers find out I'm moving to Paducah. I'm moving because my husband's career is taking us there. It's not a bad place, really, it is a pretty place; to visit is what I'm thinking as the words come out of my mouth, for the tenth time. Unfortunately, Paduah does not have much to offer in shopping. And I am a woman....OMG what will I often will I travel to Nashville to shop, my mind wonders... I find it very stange there is no Target, Stein Mart, Fresh Market, Publixs, Cold Water Creek but they have Talbots. Figure that one out. Should I even mention shopping for food, only Walmart and Krogers. I'm told time after time, there is money in this city due to the company my husband is working for but there is not much to offer for the shopper. However, there are alot of places eat. Still on my quest to make Paducah my home even if you must get out of your car and walk inside a building to purchase a cup of coffee at Starbuks.

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Paducah, KY

Retirement haven - 3/31/2008

My Wife & I retired to Paducah 2 1/2 yrs ago after 30+ years in Hawaii. We chose Paducah for it's mild climate, low cost of living, scenic beauty, friendly people and great shopping & hospitals. We have never had second thoughts about our decision to retire here. Being a bluegrass fan, a stock car fan and a gardener (new at this) we find plenty to keep us occupied. It's just a great place! Claude

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Bend, OR

Paducah, KY - a diamond in the rough - 12/25/2007

Interestingly, over the years what Paducah has lost it has gained by migrants from other national locales. So, what has Paducah lost? It's native sons and daughters who went away to college or military and did not return. However, the reasons why these young people did not return to their "home town" is why others have relocated to Paducah. Paducah is the largest town in western Kentucky and at under 30k population, it offers OPPORTUNITY to many small businesses and larger businesses relocating to a very moderate year round climate and the gateway to points north, south and east (St. Louis, Louisville/Lexington, Nashville) via I-24. Paducah has become the stopping off point for travelers because it has a decent size Shopping Mall, access to a Riverboat Casino (across the river in Metropolis, IL), much history, headquarters of the International Quilter Museum, a large new Cultural Center (entertainment, theatrical shows, etc.). Paducah is an old pre-Civil War city and was once General U.S. Grant's southern headquarters for a while. Also, Paducah is a short drive to the largest twin man-made lakes in America (Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake), land between the Lakes recreation area and natual wildlife preserve (an outdoorsman's paradise for hunting, fishing, camping, etc.). Paducah has also become one of the nation's hidden jewels for retirees due to it's geographical location, cultural activity, recreation, regional shopping, superb medical facilities (Western Baptist Hospital and Lourdes Hospital), low cost of living, affordable property values, and moderate climate due to its being located on the Ohio River.

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Paducah, KY

Paducah, KY - 4/5/2007

After living in the central part of Illinois for years I have spent my last 20 years in the Paducah area. I have found the city very well below the cost of living from my former area. The tax structure is some what different than what I am use to but over all I find a very comfortable and affordable area

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Ruidoso, NM

A little different than what I am used to. - 10/4/2006

It must be a difference in cultures, I am originally from the southwest USA, but people in this area seem to be more pushy about religion. It was a little bit of a shock (and maybe even intimidating) for me to be asked about my religious beliefs so much in a short period of time by virtual strangers. I'm agnostic and I, personally, am sensitive towards other's beliefs. I think it is ok to believe in a higher being of your choice or not believe. So, to me, it was shocking to be around people who cared so much about my beliefs. Aside from that, Paducah is a nice little town. There seems to be a sense of community spirit. Lots of good places to eat. Kirchoff cookies are the best.

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Paducah, KY

hate it - 7/19/2006

no activities and nothing to offer outsiders coming here to work or live with the exception of quilters

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