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"Best Bang for the Buck -- Healthy Active Semi-Reti"

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Cherokee Village, AR

An aging retirement village - 9/21/2014

Very close to zero crime! Occasionally property crime on vacant houses.

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Cherokee Village, AR

Best Bang for the Buck -- Healthy Active Semi-Reti - 4/4/2013

We couldn't believe our furtune finding a large home on the beautiful Spring River and on a well-kept natural golf course that should prove well within our retirement income. Neat tidy homes in Cherokee Village AR run half to a third of national averages for private recreational communities. Super low taxes and assessments clinched the deal, makinf it unbeatable. Arkansans are friendly conservative folks, totally unpretentious, and the area reminds you of an earlier era. Within a few miles you have 2 golf courses and 5 lakes. In addition to golf and water sports, people enjoy playing tennis, rock hounding, trout fishing and hanging out at Carols Lakeview Diner that still offers $3 specials and $8 fresh-baked pies. I've enjoyed my bustling hussle years as a high-rise city dweller, in Chicago, and ten years of the great outdoors offered even greater fun in Durango Co. Now it's time to settle into a warmer, quieter, peaceful lifestyle that I was surprised to find laid-back in the foothills of the Ozarks.

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