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"Windy, Lots of Snow in Winter - Summers are Nice"

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Owego, NY

Owego- not Oswego - 11/20/2010

Several times in the last 10 years that I have lived here, people have corrected me when I say I live in Owego. "Oswego" they say- including one reviewer on this site. So, this is for OWEGO, NY! It is a small town, but a real place, and doesn't get nearly as much snow as Oswego. The winters can be long, but we still have sunny days, they are just a bit chilly! The cost of living here is reasonable, but taxes are outrageous, especially in the village. There are many beautiful places and fun things to do with your family, and a "down home" feeling, with low crime, but this only feels good if you like the small town atmosphere and everything that goes with it. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it!

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Waterville, ME

Windy, Lots of Snow in Winter - Summers are Nice - 7/18/2007

Oswego, since it is situated right on Lake Ontario, usually has quite a breeze which is great in the summer, but makes it feel very brisk in the winter months. Sometimes summer temperatures aren't constant until July or August. Lake effect snow is the norm in the winter sometimes blowing in over 1 or 2 feet of snow in 1 storm. Winters can be quite long some years: November until April. Summer activities usually start after Memorial Day; weather permitting. Fall is usually a very nice time of year with the great foliage and cooling temps.

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Owego, NY

High Taxes - 5/17/2006

I took a real estate investment class recently and one of the statements that the instructor made says it all...."this area is always touted as having affordable housing. That is not true..houses are cheap but the overall cost of housing is expensive" We have extremely high property taxes! The nation's 2nd highest cost of electricity & very high home insurance rates!" Compare the taxes for a $150,000 house here against say.. New Bern NC, Durango CO, or Myrtle Beach SC. the amount you will pay to live here is crazy!!!!!!!!

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