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re: OK - 1/5/2008 - 1/14/2008
How are jobs there in EC and could you tell me more about the college there as well as housing. thanks

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Elizabeth City, NC

how to make it a little better - 1/28/2012

let me start by saying yes i was once part of the crime issues in my city i love to now call home,and at my age now ive studied and researched the different cities thats now completly refined to see how they got it done...ive got ideas and plans that can make this place again a place you look forward to being apart of.for more info contact me if youre here in eliz city lets be the difference tracy spence facebook me ok

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Elizabeth City, NC

growth asap - 1/5/2012

Elizabeth city has has alot of potiential square feet wise that is. Other than that the city needs some people (Out of state) with common sense to run the city, city counsil ect.. There is plenty of land to expand the city for business and jobs. But it seems that the city would rather spend money on law enforcement? our city grows more in poputation tremendously every year!!! and the only thing we do about it is hire more officers, and a few fast food restaurants. I feel that we are the lost colony. If you dont work for yourself, pepsi, or the coast guard my prayers go out to you.I will say that if the city does not do something about positive grown for the next genereation its not going to be pretty at all. Someone please save us.

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Elizabeth City, NC

Elizabeth City's climate - 11/13/2010

There are four seasons here in Elizabeth City, the winters are usually moderate, there may be 3-4 weeks of cold weather,in the teens & 20's toward Jan/Feb. The spring comes in a little chilly but by mid April-May the temperature is usually around 65-70 degrees. the summers are also moderate, there may be 3-4 weeks of temps in the 90-100 degree range but not always consecutive, usually in late July & August. The fall season is nice like the spring, temps are usually 60's & 70's through to October, by November, maybe 50's & 60's and 50's to 40's in Dec.

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Elizabeth City, NC

I like Elizabeth City - 9/9/2009

I spend most of my life in Elizabeth City. It is a great place to live and most of my family call it home. Elizabeth City is a small rural community that post alot of spacious living and a quaint lifestyle. It is a great place to move to if you are looking to live in a quiet safe setting. Some of the draw backs to Elizabeth City is that there is not alot to do in the way of Entertainment. Most people travel to Chesapeake Virgina for things to do like movies, shopping, and the like. If you love to fish and hunt Elizabeth City has alot to offer. Being a riverside community we have alot of watersports on the Pasquotank River. The river looks dirty but it is not due to the swamp being so close. We call it Cypress Tea water. We are also located close to the Outerbanks and there is alot to do there during the summer months. There are not alot of Jobs in Elizabeth City so do not move here looking for a job. There are several good employers but the people in these jobs usually stay till retirement. The only high turnover jobs are in education. In that area you have alot of highly dedicated teachers that work very hard to motivate students to see the value of education. Elizabeth City has a very high number of people in poverty. Most seem to do fine and in general are very decent folks. Elizabeth City would benefit greatly from a major company moving to ther area.

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Elizabeth City, NC

OK - 1/5/2008

I wish I could explain living in EC. I really have nothing to compare it to, since I have lived here since 2nd grade and really can't remember Houston. I'll try and explain everything here, so that you can form your own opinion. EC is about 13,000 people. An hour from Virginia, (with MAJOR entertainment stuff there), and an hour from the huge tourist attraction, the Outer Banks Beaches. ENTERTAINMENT The movie theatres include one small one, with two theatre rooms. Plays most movies out. If they don't play the movies, the other one does. This one is a dinner-movie thing (a matinee??). This is a really nice one, but you have to stand outside for half an hour to even get in. There is one bowling alley, and it is not a very good one..people smoke in it all the time, and it is very dark and smokey in it. It stinks, and is very foggy-looking. Other than the smell, its not that bad, except I wouldn't suggest leaving your child there at 10 at night, becuase there are some real weirdos that hang out there at night... SCHOOLS There are about 5 or 6 elemnetary schools. All of them are not that great, except for Weeksville School. But you have to live in the country, country, COUNTRY part of EC to go there. I went there, and words cannot describe how aweseom it is. I sugggest going to greatschools.net to check out the .schools there. There are two private schools that I know of, A really small school called Glad Tidings, and a Christian school called Victory. Two middle schools, ECMS and RRMS. They botha aren't that great. ECMS has more african americans, and RRMS has 51 percent african americans. EC is generally about 50 percent african americans, 50 percent caucasian. Two high schools, NHS and PHS. PHS is mostly ECMS students, and NHS is naturally RRMS students. Neither are even decent. We do have a YMCA, but it is more out in the city. We live in the country, of course, and it is difficult for us to go, because it is just so far away. It is very nice inside, and has soo much stuff to do. SCENERY EC is right on the water, which is soooo nice in the summer because they have so much tournaments on the water, and so many public beaches you can go to. Definetly a major tourist attraction. EC is a very flat land, and if you live in the country part, every other peice of land is farmland, with corn nd cabbage and taters and cotton, exc. WEATHER On average, it naturally rains every other week, once a week. In the summer it gets from the 85-ish to 105-ish. It just depends. In the winter, it gets from 55-ish to 10-ish. This depends as well. COUNTRYSIDE Ups: very quiet, rural place, where everyone is very smily and always waves to you while passing them in the car, even if they don't know you. Most lan has water surrounding it. Very friendly place. Downs: In the winter, the corn stalks gets very high, making it extremely difficult to see around corners. Car accidents out here are very common. People hit deer all the time. "Country hicks, rednecks". The law isn't very effective out here, and everyone does illegal stuff all the time. DOWNTOWN: very caffe-ish. huge four & five story buildings with little coffee and sandwich shops. the libaray is HUUGE, and is right on the waterfront. Waterfront parks are everywhere. Museum was built a couple of years ago and is frequently visited by tourists and curious locals. Very interesting exhibits, too. EXTREMELY historical place. CITY: Coast Guard base is like the biggest on the East coast or something like that. The WAlmart is in the middle of nowhere on a huge bypass all by itself. ATTENTION QUILTERS: Nobody in EC sells quilt nymore, not even Walmart. Very nice Food Lion and Farm Fresh (grocery stores). Decent fast food places. Awesome sit-in resterautns, very nice and expensive places also. SHOPPING We have a very small mall, actually a hall, really. Its like a small strip mall. Joggers on Staurday morning come every week to jog in the mornings. I know this sounds random, but the hairdressers here rock. Like I said, Virginia is 30, 45 minutes away (an hour for us country folk), and has at least four malls within a two hour driving distance that are HUGE.They do have little boutiques, but they are very prissy, frilly, and expensive, if you like that sort of stuff. OTHER: I believe I have mentioned this before, but EC is almost exactly 50/50 of causcasians and african americans. That's pretty much it for the culture. EC is known for their Hospitality (our motto is Harbor of Hospitality), and EC is generally a very happy, smily place. It is small, and the activities to do here are very small, and get boring after a while. Very very very historical place, ranigng from wars to spooky legends. The summer camps here rock, with the kid-college camps and the YMCA camps. It is very hard to choose which one to go to! COLLEGES: There are two colleges here in EC. COA is a community collgege, and ECSU was originally a segregated "colored" people college, and it has sort of stayed that way. Still, I know many caucasian people who have gone there. My mother went there, and it is a very likeable, friendly, open place. The teachers there rock. CHURCHES/RELIGION PLACES: They have everything here: Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventists, Power Houses, Morman, Catholic, exc. I hope I have been of use to you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. If I have left anything out, tell me!

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Elizabeth City, NC

Not what I had hoped for! - 3/7/2007

Elizabeth City is an area filled with division and mediocrity. There is a severe education problem. The drop out rate is through the roof. The teen-age pregnancy rate is ridiculous and no one even addresses the issue. There is an AIDS problem. There are so many run-down areas with no apparent hope of revival. In short, it is an area where education is not stressed, dreams are practically non-existent and culture in non-existent. If you are an educated middle-income person DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!

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Elizabeth City, NC

ambition - 6/30/2006

Elizabeth city, people has no real leaders, and no one tries to produce positive images for better communication within the community.

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Elizabeth City, NC

General Insight - 8/28/2005

Generally a scenic area with major activities a road trip away. Touristy and pricy during season. Very humid during summer with rain weekly. Spring and fall are very nice. Light snow at winter peak. Job market sparse for professionals with salery range far below expected. Major city to the North, Norfolk VA. High amount of workers commute to VA for employment. Scale 1-10: with 10 being best/Beauty:7, Climate:7, Housing:8, Crime:5, Teen Activities:2, Wage:5, Cost of Living:8

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