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"The Green Gem Of Chicago"

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Hoffman Estates, IL

Rockford, IL - 3/21/2016

I grew up in Rockford, and moved back after my divorce in 2002. I quickly got my shit together and moved out ASAP. What a depressing shithole. It is dirty, desolate, and very sad. My parents still live there, and being elderly, they have been prey more than once to addicts and desperate junkies outside of the Target and Loglis on State Street in the middle of the day!!! When I visit them, I have been approached by panhandlers at Schnuks in Cherry Valley, as well as CherryVale Mall. It is sickening. The roads are crap, the houses are empty, and anyone who pretends that living in Rockford is great has never been anywhere else. After my father was carjacked (by gunpoint) outside Target on State last month,(Which BTW never made the paper) I have been trying desperately to get them to move to Hoffman Estates with me. What a horrible, horrible city.

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Health care - 6/3/2010

Relative easy access and good services offered.

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Hoffman Eswtates Illinois (Schaumburg Area) - 6/9/2008

Hoffman Estates is a good place to live. The best thing is the job market and the availability of good paying jobs. In certain areas housing is reasonably priced for the area. A diverse population, good schools and great cultural offerings locally. The library is world class excellent. Shopping and entertainment is excellent. Medical Facilities and Hospitals are excellent. Proximity to Chicago and O'hare airport is a plus. Very Good place to raise a family, many churches and kid activities. Family friendly and Family centered community. Cons - Traffic, Public transportation, (although they do have a dial-a-ride). Corrupt Cook County government. Weather is typical mid-west, but proximity to Lake Michigan tempers it somewhat. I would recommend Hoffman Estates to anyone.

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Schaumburg, IL

The Green Gem Of Chicago - 2/25/2008

Hoffman estates growing to greatness is it's motto and ambition. Home of Sears National Headquarters, as well as the newest indoor auditorium the Sears Center, Hoffman Estates provides excellent Schools and a unique enviorment. Unlike many urban and Suburban areas Hoffman Etates a village of 52,000 has 57% of it's land as greenspace with Golf Courses, Parks Wildlife Sanctuatries as well as great shopping including Cabella's Outdoor which openned in October 2008. Hoffman estates is truly Chicago's green gem.

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