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"Lacey Washington"

Lacey Washington - 4/1/2009
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Lacey, WA

Lacey is a very safe place to live. Crime is fairly low considering the population and proximity to other cities.

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Olympia, WA

Living in Lacey, WA - 6/14/2012

My husband is in the military and so we move from place to place. Lacey is about 20 minutes drive from Joint Base Lewis Mcchord. The area is really nice because it is a new development. Lots of brand new houses at the same time very quiet place to live in. The crime rate is almost non existent although there are still some. How many times have I left the garage door opened unintentionally and when I came back, my house is still intact. Right now, the place is booming. They are currently building a huge out patient clinic in the neighnorhood that would generate a lot of jobs. There are shopping places like Costco, Safeway, Walmart all within minutes away. The mall is in Olympia which is probably a good 20 minutes drive. There is a shopping outlet 30 minutes away. Portland, Oregon is a mere 2 and a half hours away. It is 40 minutes away from Seattle, WA the bigest city in this state. And there is Tacoma, WA another city with shopping centers etc. If you love the outdoors, WA is definitely a nice place to live in. So many places to hike, ride your bike, kayak, run, camp. A good place for family definitely. What amazes me is how friendly the people are here. I mean, I LOVE the CAUCASIAN AMERICAN population here! I am Asian and never had any bad experience at all. Of course, there may be some like any other places but WA as a whole state is more tolerant of other nationalities, being gay, being black or Asian. It's a liberal state that's why! The place is very diverse if you love diversity. Nice place for people who love different kinds of people. LOL! The only not so nice thing is the weather which is very popular right? Although the sun does comes out, it's not everyday. It also rains for the most part. BUT, I'd rather live in a rainy place with so many things to do and friendly people than a nice weather place where people are stuck up, right!?. :) My husband and I are already talking about coming back here for retirement! We've lived in so many states and WA definitely stands apart![read more...]

Lacey, WA

Lacey, WA - 1/1/2010

I'm just ready to move someplace where the sun shines more, it's warmer and cheaper.[read more...]

Lacey, WA

Lacey is ok - 8/11/2009

There is currently construction on a trail that connects from Lacey to Tummwater. The trail used to be an abandoned railroad. I'm very happy because of this. However, the city has been approving new development for houses in beautiful wildlife habitats and destroying the eco system. For example, Mcallister Park on Marvin road, used to provide a beautiful hill that is now someones backyard. Also, in Hawks Prairie new crowded developments are popping up in what used to be a beautiful forest. They seem to just let developers build without giving any consideration of Animal Habbitats the property provides, or what impact this will have. For example, recently evryone's cat is missing because of coyotes eating them. This wouldn't of happened if they had a place to live with food of their own. I cant beleieve that some people consider Lacey a green community.[read more...]

Lacey, WA

Lacey Washington - 4/1/2009

Lacey is a very safe place to live. Crime is fairly low considering the population and proximity to other cities.[read more...]

Olympia, WA

Catholic Church - 10/8/2008

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is the local Catholic parish serving Lacey. It is a wonderful church community offering many opportunities to serve the needy. We are blessed to be so close to St Martin's University and often have priests from the Abbey assist when needed.[read more...]

Lacey, WA

Quality of Life good, cost of living on the rise - 4/21/2006

Housing especially is becoming quite expensive - on par with Seattle/Tacoma/Portland[read more...]

Lacey, WA

Lacey WA - 2/27/2006

Lacey has lots of great places to shop, superwalmart costco, malls. We just bought a 2540 SQ FT new one story home with a lot up upgrades for 4 300,000 8 months ago, it is now worth 375,000.[read more...]