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THIS PLACE SUCKS - 7/21/2009
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Richmond, VA

I highly recommend not moving to Richmond, VA.

The Public Schools suck--an 80 is not a "B", its a "C+",
SUSPENSION 4 every little thing-laughing, talking. What ever happened 2 detention "FIRST"!!

My 14yr old son-could drive better than these poeple. CONSTANTLY riding your bumper in a HURRY 2 get no where!!

Northern's dont b fooled-the cost of living aint that much cheaper. The beautiful suburn homes in the nice neighborhoods that youre use 2 still would cost $300k or more!

WHAT southern hospitally-poeple r just as rude & angry as they think NYERS r.

Only certain areas has public transportation.

The Police SHOULD spend MORE time on the gang voilence than "HARASSING" common folk 4 sitting out on thier front stoop, or having a "4TH OF JULY BARBEQUE"!!

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Londonderry, NH

Richmond - 7/24/2014

I live in the western suburbs of Richmond, and the quality of life here is excellent. In the past I've lived in Boston -- a great and exciting city; and I've lived in southern N.H. -- a wonderful place to reside; and Richmond holds it's own with those places in terms of quality of life. I love nature and history, and for a nature/history lover Richmond is fantastic. Within easy driving distance of Richmond are some of the most interesting Civil War battlefields in the country; you've got old historic plantation houses along the James River; you've got Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown (North America's oldest English settlement); and Yorktown (where the Revolutionary War was decided.) You've also got numerous fine universities and many non-historical attractions. These include the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains; Busch Gardens and King's Dominion; Virginia Beach, and great walking/biking kayaking opportunities along the James River and elsewhere. The western suburbs of Richmond are a safe and peaceful place to live --especially for a nature and history lover.

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Glen Allen, VA

Richmond has really gone down hill - 2/18/2014

I used to live in Richmond early 2000's, recently returned, and absolutely HATE it. This place was a far cry from decent before, but was mildly tolerable, not any more, it's really gone south, and although there is a large white pride community, there is no "southern" pride. Pretty much every day, in my observation, people around here are rude, and I don't mean just ignore you rude, but go-out-of-their-way to be jerks kind of rude. It's jaw dropping to me how ridiculous the general population of this place comes off. If they aren't rude, they are complete idiots, which I suspect is the result of years of horrible public education finally catching up. Then you have the highest level of frustration with the people around here, the combination of the two, rude and stupid. Don't DARE walk your dog around here, most streets don't have sidewalks and you take your life in your own hands because people are too self-absorbed to give a millimeter, they will not slow down and they will not move over or yield to a pedestrian. In fact it seems more like they feel accosted that you would dare walk your dog in their neighborhood, literally, as if they own the street. The drivers in this place are just unfathomable, really, it's just amazing to me how poor people drive here, and have ZERO regard for anyone else on the road. They simply refuse to acknowledge there's even anyone else on the road but themselves, absolutely amazing. I've never lived anywhere filled with so many "jerk" people in my life, it's boggling to the mind. I don't know what it is with people around here, the water, the pollution, the economic stagnation, the list could go on forever; but this place is a dump, it's filled with really crappy people, and I wouldn't have come back here if I had a clue, and it's all I can do to get out of here as fast as I can. People always tout the activities around here, which would be great if it wasn't for having to deal with all the jerks everywhere you go, the river would be nice if you didn't have to deal with street gangs and the parks would be nice if again, it weren't full of bums and gangs. Pretty much what used to be fun around here just isn't worth it because the general people you have to deal with where ever you go just takes the fun out of it. I'm not kidding, people are really stupid and real jerks around here, don't waste your time with this crap hole place, it's not what it seems in any regard. Oh, and for all the dang stores and malls, there's NO specialty stores, like oh, a decent electronics store, or computer store. Everything in Richmond is big box, corporate chain, same ol' same ol' run of the mill stores, and lots of them. This whole place feels like one big Walmart. Actually, it feels more like a Dollar Store, and the education system is the 7-11. Pathetic, dirty, rude, and stagnant, that's Richmond.

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Spring Valley, CA

Be very careful.. - 1/28/2014

High street crime (assault, muggings, rape). Be very careful not to walk alone in most areas and never at night. Pay more for a safe area to live especially if white. Not the best place for SWF's. Lots of anger and hatred for whites. Just be careful.

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Spring Valley, CA

Be Very Careful - 1/28/2014

Be very cautious around Richmond. High crime with exceptionally high assault and rape occurrences. Stay in safe places and do not walk alone at night anywhere. Not a good place for SWF's.

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Richmond, VA

surrounded by VCU - 1/22/2014

Living in The Fan district, in a century-old townhouse, is a fun & exciting place to be!

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Richmond, VA

Bad Info - 8/15/2013

Zip Code 23233 is Henrico, VA not Richmond, VA. Doublechecked and you can only look up info for cities, which leaves out most places. Info for 23233 is showing Richmonds info, not Henrico's. I can only assume this site has tons of bad info if that's how it's being done.

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Wheeling, IL

Hey! Me and my husband are going to get shifted t - 6/27/2013

Hey! Me and my husband are going to get shifted to Richmond.My husband's office will be in downtown,so i am seeking for a residential area nearby, which should be "safe" and "green" as well.please help me with your valuable suggestions.

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Orlando, FL

Right wing conservative/snooty - 10/2/2012

Definitely not a "live and let live" area. If you are right wing conservative, self righteous, and have a need to be in your brother's business, move here.

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Richmond, VA

Too many smokers and too many allergies - 6/20/2012

This place has caused allergy induced asthma! Every time I leave it clears up. We have extreme levels of outdoor mold most of the year. And a lot of air quality alerts in the warmer weather now. Those with existing breathing issues should avoid. It was better here when we came in 2003, the air was very good. Now I feel sick with almost no enery most of the year. Looking to move, since I am in my 30s. I would rather live somewhere without such mold levels. Very high on the spore count is over 50,000. We have had in the hound dried thousands several times. I don't know why there is such mold all of the sudden. If you are allergic to mold definitely do not move here!

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Richmond, VA

Great place to raise a family - 4/2/2012

I grew up in Richmond and if you're looking for a place with good schools, low crime, low taxes, all 4 seasons - mild winter, low unemployment - this is a great place to raise a family. The counties - Chesterfield(southside of the river), Henrico(west side of the river), Goochland(country), Powhatan(country) all have excellent public schools. The city of Richmond is continuing to improve the public schools but they don't compete at all with the county and private schools. There are a few elentary schools in the city that are excellent. Most people I know with children that live in the city limits send their children to private school. But the county public schools are really giving the private schools a run for their money. Richmond is 2 hours from D.C. and VA Beach, 3.5-5 hrs from NC Outerbanks, 5 hrs to NYC, 2hrs to the mountains and 1.5 hrs to the Chesapeake Bay-many Richmonders have second homes near the bay and on the Rappahanock River. Lots of people invloved in sailing/boating/fishing on the bay. Richmonders refer to it as "going to the River or Rivah" this weekend as going down to the Rappahanock or bay area. So it is centrally located. A lot of NYC people moved here after 9/11. They chose Richmond because it was south of DC where you were out of the traffic congestion of DC/Baltimore/Philly/Newark/NY. Once you hit Richmond, it just opens up and slows down. Negatives - true Richmonders can be very cold to people who have relocated, but that is slowly changing with the younger genereation. But this has been a complaint from friends/clients I've encountered who've moved here. I also hear a lot you either "love it or hate it" here. Some people complain there's just nothing to do here and it's too quiet, other people that have moved here think it's the best city. everyone is different. It does carry the nickname "the city stuck in time" because Richmonders hate change. Very conservative but there is a young population of liberals here as well. Not many laws to protect gay people, you can be fired for being gay, but I don't think the law is actually used. Supposedly, 80% of VA's believe this law should be changed but it has yet to be put on the ballet. The young generation is helping to improve this. I have lived in Boston and St. Louis and miss the activity of a bigger city with a lot to do. We don't have a sports team - unless you count the baseball team the Squirrels. Richmond has a big art scene, great restaurants, the James River runs straight through the city, so lots of boating and kyaking. The city is mainy quiet on the weekends during the summer because people escape to their River houses or Beach houses, so it very slow during the summer months. Plus the college kids are gone - Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) -great school and The University of Richmond - also a wonderful school and gorgeous campus. Hope this shines some light on my birthplace!

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Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA - Affordable and Fun. - 2/15/2012

I've lived in Philadelphia, PA - Arlington, VA - Stamford, CT - Tampa, FL to name a few and absolutely love Richmond. Housing is very affordable, you can get to anywhere in Richmond in 20 minutes, there are tons of restaurants, it's a very active city and is also 2 hours from the beach, mountains and D.C. It's easy for young professionals, families or students to find their niche in Richmond and stay. Some people do knock it for being 'boring', and those people do leave.....and then come back realizing how good they had it here.

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Midlothian, VA

Midlothian, VA - 1/19/2012

Recently relocated here for my wife's job. Seems to be a safe, nice suburb of Richmond (25-30 mins on toll, 35-40 mins no toll). People are nice, the main road (Midlothian turnpike, is busy with lots of businesses, upscale car dealerships, and plenty of old/ new housing options. All in all, good place to be.

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Frisco, TX

Are there any "new" areas or suburbs? - 1/1/2012

We may be leaving our beautiful Frisco Texas to move to the Richmond area and I am wanting to get some opinions about suburbs or neat areas I might miss when I come to visit. Are there gated communities? The job my husband is looking at is in Chester but we are open to any community nearby. Thanks

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Chesterfield, VA

Weather - 9/23/2011

Richmond has good weather. It is not too hot in the summer and seems to be protected by the mountains again snow. Ice however is worst. It has a mixed population of races. It is a small big city.

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Richmond, VA

It all depends. - 7/4/2011

It all depends on who you are as to whether or not you would like Richmond, VA. My comments are based somewhat on Richard Florida's observations in "Who's Your City." Like any other place, Richmond has its pros and cons. I will list some of them here based solely on my viewpoint: Pros: Good outdoor recreation. Several fairly large parks are available for a range of activities, from soccer, to fishing, to biking. The James River runs through the city and is surrounded by a park for hikers, mtn bikers, kayakers, and those who just want a dip in the water. National forests lie a couple of hours west of the city and the seashore is a couple of hours east of the city. Lots of festivals, farmers markets, and CSAs. If you like funkiness and eating local, this may be your place. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. No it won't compare to NYC museums, but it's not bad for a city of this size. Friendly people. Easy traffic compared to large cities. Need to fly out? Lead time to leave the house and get to the gate is much less stressful than a big city. Good BBQ and beer. Cons: Low energy. I'm comparing it to big cities here. People tend to be happy reaching a certain level and that's it. Not a lot of upward push. See Florida's book for a better description of energy level. General lack of good ethnic food (compared to a city with a sizable international population). There are a few exceptions, but they are few and far between. There's always the D.C. area 100 miles to the north. Go there and get your fix. No public transit other than buses. Pitbulls and tattoos. Rated as third most tattooed city in U.S. Everyone with a tattoo also seems to own a pit bull. I'm not a fan of either, but if this is your thing, you will not feel alone in Richmond.

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Richmond, VA

A wonderful place to live and raise a family. Plen - 2/18/2011

I moved here 7 years ago from Northern Virginia and initially hated it. Now that I've been here a while, I love Richmond! For those who say there is nothing to do, there several music venues, tons of historical landmarks, downtown fine dining, a 5 star hotel and restaurant, and more shopping per capita than any other city in the united states! 7 theatre companies operate in the area from children's theatre to Shakespeare. The Virginia Opera, the Richmond Symphony, the Richmond ballet all perform in the heart of the city. For those who like the outdoors there are several parks and of course, the James River. It's also not far from some of Virginia's best wineries. Spring through fall there are out door festivals, film festivals and free concerts, farmers markets, local art walks and more! While the city does not have the best reputation for schools the surrounding area is packed with high ranking schools. And for higher education there are several community colleges, smaller colleges and of course the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond is becoming a younger, more eco-conscious city with lots of support for local businesses and local art. The city has a long history, not all of which can be looked upon favorably.But it's a city that is clearly trying to grow and develop. You could not pay me enough to move back to the DC area after having lived here for nearly 10 years. It's been a great place for me and to raise my children and gets better every year.

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Richmond, VA


Richmond,va is soooooo boring! the very racist here,no good paying jobs,rent is reasonable if you have a job or good paying for that matter,it has no opportunity if your trying to grow,geared towards the whites of this town(not surprising). and will never grow to the city that it's trying to be. it's a very bland dry town,so conservative. sometimes when i look at the people it reminds me of the jim crow law still in effect! the people who call them selves running this city or town need to be fired. this place needs a whole new make over in look and spirit. you can feel the death and hatred here once you enter,there's a black cloud over Richmond. i recommend no one who is spontaneous and loves to be active. you will get bored pretty fast. and i cant say this as many times as i would like opportunity! oh yeah..the transportation sucks as well.

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Richmond, VA

Virginia Beach, VA - 10/9/2010

I'm sorry to read that anyone doesn't like Virginia Beach. We love it and are so privileged that we live close enough to get to visit the beach several times each year. We love the bike path parallel to the boardwalk and have ridden our bikes on it many miles. We have family that live in Western NC and they would love to live close to the beach.....any beach. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful Commonwealth.

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Richmond, VA

Richmond MSA - 9/7/2010

Richmond MSA is strategically located at the mid-point of the East Coast. It offers highly educated and skilled workforce, quality of place, diverse economy and top ranking schools and universities.

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Richmond, VA

Quality of Life in Richmond - 3/15/2010

I moved to Richmond from Savannah in 1975 to take a professorship in the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University and helped to build the School's reputation over the course of the next 30 years. Before 1975 I had lived in New York City--now there is a city to be recommended--for five years off and on attending New York University. I thought that Richmond would be a lot like Savannah, but it turned out to be a lot like Charleston--a really stuffy town too. What a shock it was!! And I had left a tenured position at a liberal arts college in Savannah. There was to be no return. In the late 1970s and into the 1980s, Richmond rolled up the sidewalks come nightfall, so we went to Washington--another great town--on the weekends to have something to do. Very disappointing, but that is the way it was. Richmond could grow into being the largest city in the world and that would not affect its ultra-conservative, orthodox stogginess, which it wreaks of. I am a queer man with a partner of 44 years and counting, so you can imagine what life was like during those 30 years. And by the way, the queers are just as conservative and stoggy as the straights. Pretentious, nothing interesting about them. The only friends we had were straights who in fact did think outside the box as the one commentator mentioned. You can find them even in a dire place like Richmond, but that yields no reason to move to the place if you can possibly do otherwise. I stayed because I had a good career going, and my partner had one going too. Today, I believe that I should have found another job when I was younger and was being offered positions at other universities, and we should have gotten the hell out of Dodge sooner rather than later. Of course we cannot execute decisions about the past. After 25 years, my partner took an early retirement from the University of Richmond and moved to New Orleans--at least it is an interesting place no matter what you think of it--to develop side-by-side lots that we owned there into a Bed and Breakfast ( that he later sold when he retired a second time. We lived apart during those last years before I too retired and I commuted by air back and forth once a month thereabouts. Which would you chose to visit, Richmond or New Orleans? Five years ago, I finally, finally retired--bored time does not pass quickly--and left Richmond. May god bless you unfortunates who feel you must live there. To survive I turned to my work and built quite an inventory of scholarly research publications and wrote four books. Real life then took place at home and when we left town. Today, we live near Mexico City in a safe, worry-free environment where there are no attitudes against outsiders of any color, shape or hue. You can compare Mexico City to New York or London. There is everything to do, and the creative spirit flourishes here. Mexico City, not Miami, is the destination of choice throughout Latin America. Perhaps we will move to Madrid in a year or so. If you are not conservative and raising a family, either get out of town or do not come in the first place. Whatever you choose to do, take note that Richmond will remain the same. The blacks are full of venom even today. Think Nelson Mandela if you want contrast. The devotion there to the memory of the Civil War is absolutely bizarre. Looking backward is a good way to rearend someone.

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