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"Interested in moving to Charlotte, NC"

Interested in moving to Charlotte, NC - 2/25/2007
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Bowie, MD

I am interested in the crime and real deal about Charlotte, NC. I am looking to relocate my family from Washington, DC and was thinking about Charlotte. I know every place has its ups and downs so please let me know both. Email:

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re: Interested in moving to Charlotte, NC - 2/25/2 - 1/12/2008
Your are right that every place has it's ups and downs just as all cities have good areas and well...not so good. The key is finding the right area of Charlotte that fits your lifestyle needs. Uptown living is great for singles and professional couples. Great restaurants, entertainment, etc. There are numerous family oriented neighborhoods outside the city that are communities within themselves. The best thing you could do is find a competent agent to provide you with info on demographics, employment, geographic locations, etc. If I may be of assistance please contact me:

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re: Interested in moving to Charlotte, NC - 2/25/2 - 11/20/2008
Until they start keeping these repeat offenders locked up, Charlotte crime figures are going to escalate. Anytime criminals tell arresting officers that thry come to Mecklenburg County, Charlotte in particular, because they know they will be back out on the street in no time, there is a problem. As a former police officer it sucks to hear them say that.

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New York, NY

What is life in Charlotte like for people from the - 11/22/2014

I live in New York City and I am thinking about moving to Charlotte mainly to buy a home. I am concerned that the culture shock and lifestyle will be very difficult to live on a daily basis. I would like to hear from Northeast transplants from the New York/New Jersey area who are living in Charlotte. How do you like living in this city? What are the things that you have trouble living with? How are northerners received? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Indiana, PA

poliical question - 10/30/2014

Hi! I had a question about the general political climate in Charlotte. Politically, I'm a conservative. I don't really know if Charlotte is marjority liberal, majority conservative, or somewhere in-between. How well would I get along in the political enviornment. I'm just asking so I know where I stand if I decide to move there. It would be great if it's a purple state then I know either party would be ok there. Thanks!

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Indiana, PA

Questions about Retirement - 10/30/2014

Hi! I was thinking about Charlotte as a possible retirement spot in the future. My there a newcomers club I could join to meet other seniors my age? Are there any clubs to meet others in a similar situation, or is Charlotte a young single scene? If not, I would like to live in a small medium or large city that offers this. Most retirement spots just have a leisure lifestyle and not enough culture and arts. Any suggestions?

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Charlotte, NC

Plaza Midwood - 8/21/2014

One of the arstiest places around, along with the NODA area (about 5 min drive from Plaza Midwood). Great food, local stores, bars, coffee shops, art and music!

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Cincinnati, OH

thinking of moving to charlotte - 4/24/2014

hi i have 4 yr old son. where is the best place to live,schools,activities,jobs as Medical assistant,dog bather,phlebotomist or any positions. thank you

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Pompano Beach, FL

Charlotte cost of living - 4/7/2014


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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is Really a Great Place to Live (but don - 3/8/2014

Charlotte is really a great place to live, small town feel, low traffic, low nightlife, low gas prices, affordable housing, low COL, no snow, no hurricanes, need I say more. But I don't want anyone to move here and make it more congested. Im very happy here. Its a great place to live! Hard finding a good job is my major con. Its very difficult if you don't already have a job. If you are offered relocation, make sure your company will not close once you get here like mine did. However, with all the positives, im glad Im here and not someplace more expensive.

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Charlotte, NC

don't relocate to charlotte - 2/4/2014

I am a black female from new York, and have been living in Charlotte for 4 months now I can honestly say I don't really like it.I am moving back to New York. I think it is to slow of a town

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Charlotte, NC

True Homes has 70 new home communities in the Char - 12/27/2013

Charlotte is a great place to live, work and play. With a terrific climate, four seasons, location 3 hours from mountains and the beach and a multicultural cosmopolitan culture, it has much to offer everyone. If you are thinking about a new home, for a limited time promotion: get a $1,000 design center credit when you buy a new True Home in the Charlotte area with Fisher Herman Realty 704-617-3544

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is in a good place - 12/3/2013

There is so much to appreciate about this place: Beautiful, great family town, 4 seasons, easy to get around (compared to ATL, where I moved from), and awesome entertainment and restaurant options. But if you don't see a band scheduled that you like, the best part may be that you can decide on a Friday afternoon to steer north two hours to Asheville or south for 3 to Charleston for a world class mini-vacation weekend. And if you can't find a restaurant or entertainment venue to your liking in those cities, check your pulse or your attitude. This Thanksgiving we were able to snow ski and cut our own Christmas tree- last year golf and beach. Great location, vitality while maintaining a laid-back pulse, and awesome neighborhoods make this a nice place to live. --- I have read a few critiques of the people in Charlotte on this post that are interesting. The MSA is now over 1 million, so to generalize about the people throws a big bitter blanket over a place that was recently known for not much more than banking and the southern hospitality of the indigenous crowd. Many in Charlotte do seem oddly eager to see this place grow. Growth always comes with a cost. The most glaring cost to Charlotte is you and me with our increased traffic and pollution. I'm glad that Charlotte so welcomes newcomers like us, because they had it pretty good before we got here.

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte - 10/23/2013

Great place to live

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Brooklyn, NY

thinking about relocating - 10/5/2013

I see there are some positive and negatives to living in charlotte. I guess i will have to come down and see for myself before making a decision

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Indiana, PA

Looking to retire in Charlotte, NC - 9/27/2013

Hi Everybody! I've read about all the good and bad of living in Charlotte. The only thing I didn't see mentioned was how a retired person fits in in Charlotte. Everyone keeps saying how good it is for families. Is Charlotte better suited for young people after college and not retirees? We would prefer to live in a community with others our own age because we have more in common with them.(Not because we don't like younger people). Are there meet and greet groups for seniors, or is it difficult? A little insight from other retired people would be helpful.

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Harrisburg, PA

Relocation to Charlotte - 9/15/2013

I have read a lot of reviews on Charlotte, on different sites including this site. I have family in Charlotte just not too familiar with them but most of the reviews I read are good generally. I realized that everybody has their own opinion. My husband and I have two children we are looking to move where the over all quality of life is better, more opportunities, more shopping places, more jobs, more family fun places, and entertainment. We feel Charlotte would be a good place for us to raise our children. We live in Harrisburg, Pa and if you know about this place you would know how HORRIBLE it is here. Its a dead end city, no places to shop, nothing fun to do. Its not a place you can thrive in and become successful and grow. Any place we move would be a major come up! My husband and I are both educated people; he has a degress in computer science and I have a degree in psychology and currently in school now for my masters but the jobs here are not plentiful and they do not pay much at all. Cost of living here is more expensive and not worth the money as far as housing go. My questions are to the people who are from charlotte or lives there. How would you rate Charlotte overall. What kind of city is it to you? Are there a lot of things to do with family and friends? Are there a lot of nice neighborhoods that are affordable? Are there a lot of black professionals? Are people generally nice? Thanks for who ever gives an answer. We plan on moving very soon nxt year.

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Cleveland, OH

relocations - 8/1/2013

Hello! I am from Cleveland and I am looking to relocate

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Gastonia, NC

City Of Charlotte, the big banking industry - 6/8/2013

If you ask me, Charlotte can be the best or the worse place to live. Everyone has different expectations, hobbies, and outlooks on life. As far as nice people, I feel that Charlotte lacks that by all means. There are way too many people that live here, so traffic is absolutely horrible. Public transportation is there, but expect it to be very dirty, also not organized. Also the cost of living is somewhat high for the south, but I guess it could be much worse. There is night life, but just bars. If you do not drink, do not expect to like charlotte. For the younger crowd, not too much for entertainment around here. Me personally, I would much rather be in florida, or out west somewhere other than here.

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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC - 5/31/2013

Nice banking town

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Charlotte, NC

I think Charlotte just needs a facelift, and it mi - 5/2/2013

Charlotte needs a facelift. A facelift of different people. There is just something wrong with peeps here. Still trying to sort it out. It definitely makes for a good sociology experiment. They are trying too hard to be something they're not. Too many wanna-be's. So many here are a wanna be something: Wanna-be yuppie; wanna-be hoity toity; wanna-be gangsta; wanna-be bad ass; the list is endless. It may be rare to meet a real, down to earth person with little to prove. It's unfortunate. The only thing i can conclude at this point is that it is in the water. What else? You would think it would be cool with all the transplants like myself here. But they have the same issues. With the exception of the heavy concentration of NYC/NJ/NE peeps here (who do nothing but complain that CLT is not NYC or Boston), everyone else seems to hail from the dying/dead rust belt towns in the midwest, or some two meal town off the grid somewhere. They come to Charlotte (in some cases reasons unknown- many just grab a job doing whatever)and think it's all that. And because they think CLT is all that, they think they're all that because they're here! That's one of my theories. They're lost. And they thrive on drama. Without it some of them would probably disintegrate. Anyone know a good plastic surgeon?

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Matthews, NC

A Total Waste of Time! - 4/20/2013

Worst city ever! Sad sad state of affairs. The culture is centered on two thing, how much you can show you're a conservative christian, and how much they can steal from you in the process of finding out how much you're a conservative christian. As long as you never trust a word anyone ever says in Charlotte, you will be okay. If you're a scheming, conniving, manipulative, judgement-casting individual, you'll fit right in. Oh, and if anyone states that the out door activities are great... They are already lying.

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Columbus, OH

Skeptical - 4/6/2013

I've been reading reviews in here on different cities and I'm surprised that they all sound the same. Crime, racism, jobs, weather...etc. I was seriously thinking about moving to Charlotte after visiting the city and liking it. Now, reading all these negative reviews for this city and other cities. I'm afraid to

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