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"Beware of Northwest Arkansas"

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Springdale, AR

The numbers for housing is skewed - 2/23/2015

Please understand that if you are attracted by low cost housing you can find it here. Just know that it would be best to be bi-lingual.

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Springdale, AR

Very high crime rate and sorry I moved here - 6/1/2014

I moved to Springdale recently. On neighborhood Scout ratings Springdale is a 13 with 0 as worst and 100 as best. Right there that tells you something about why you don't want to live here. Add to that in 2011 Mexicans were almost half of the population and while I don't know the statistics for that now I can say that almost every car I pass has Mexicans in it. I believe this is probably due to illegals. What I notice is the unwillingness of the Mexicans to assimilate. They speak Spanish everywhere even when they can speak English. Many of the jobs here require you to be bilingual. This is unjust to U.S. citizens. I live in fear in an apartment complex here where the Mexicans are violent and use intimidation. I have heard horrible screaming of children and a woman being beaten. Since I am afraid to go out at night I can't say which apartment or apartments it goes on in for sure which means I can't identify for the police the people responsible. This is supposed to be one of the better apartment complexes in Springdale. It isn't just in Springdale that I see a large number of Mexicans. When I go to the Fayetteville mall almost everyone in the mall is Mexican. Considering they hold most of the jobs why would that be a surprise? The Fayetteville crime rating is a 9. I don't know how often Neighborhood Scout updates their crime statistics but I suspect that these ratings for both cities are worse than the numbers given. I have read on internet news that the Obama regime has not been deporting illegals for at least a year now and it looks like it here. Hispanics, are after all in exit polls, almost 100% votes favorable to the Democrats and the Obama regime. Just recently there was a child rapist who worked for the Bentonville public schools arrested and now charged with raping 3 elementary school children at one of the Bentonville schools. This rapist has a Muslim name and yet as always the news media does not cover the background of this rapist. This leaves one wondering what ties the rapist has to the Islamic center in Bentonville and what goes on in that center and in the Islamic community. In short, there appears to be little concern by the Federal government and certainly the news media as to what all these immigrants mean to this area. Add this to the fear of being assaulted, the lack of jobs for US citizens that are not so called minorities and not bilingual, high taxes etc, and this is not the place to live unless you are an illegal alien or immigrant and that includes Fayetteville, Rogers and Bentonville and the surrounding area.

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Springdale, AR

Hospital & Doctor Quality - 9/6/2013

Been in Springdale for 12 yrs., and have had only three doctors although I also have a heart surgeon and heart specialist, dermatologist, and dentist as well. Quality of care is better than when I lived in Springfield, MA., and the G.P.'s I've had have been excellent and well-versed in the common and somewhat uncommon illnesses and diseases. Hospitals in the area have single-occupancy rooms and the coverage by nurses is excellent as well. Having been in three of the hospitals in the general area, Springdale's is the best for a less anxious stay than either Washington County's or Rogers. Have stayed in all three more than a day and was always treated well, but in Springdale the "mood" is more relaxed, but equally attentive to patient concerns. Modern tech is found w[thin each facility, and your records are conveniently saved to a database easily reached by computer. Affordable, competent, modern, friendly, and supportive-all go to make the Springdale Hospital the very best in the area. In my opinion, based on stays at the three major Hospitals in the immediate Springdale area.

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Springdale, AR

Quality of life in Springdale, AR - 1/11/2011

Springdale affords an outstanding quality of life. It is the crossroads of Northwest Arkansas. The area is dynamic, Springdale having grown from about 38,000 population to about 68,000 since 2000. The rest of Northwest Arkansas has experienced similar growth. Three Fortune 500 (they may be Fortune 100) companies are based in the area. The main campus of the University of Arkansas is next door in Fayetteville. Housing is very affordable, and local schools are generally the best in the state. The climate presents four distinct seasons; winters are mild, spring and fall last several weeks and are delightful, and summer usually brings only a few really hot days. The crime rate is low for an area with a population of about 400,000. Sales taxes are high, but property taxes are low. In the last century, there wasn't a lot of major entertainment beyond Arkansas Razorbacks sports events. Now, however, there are performing arts centers throughout the area, two symphony orchestras are based here, the largest art museum in the south will open in November of 2011, and a Texas League baseball team resides in Springdale. A regional airport gives easy access to the rest of the country. And the region has a plan to attract industries that enhance environmental impact and sustainability, with a view to becoming the nation's "Green Valley."

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Springdale, AR

sick in the city - 12/21/2009

nwa is diffently the place to live if you enjoy the outdoors, but if you have alergies its not the place to live. I have been sick for the last 5 years and have taken every medication there is.Only now that my husband is sick,is the reason we are moving.

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Tulsa, OK

grew up there moved out of there.. - 2/22/2007

first this: i grew up in northwest arkansas. my family moved there from nebraska when i was 14 (NOW) 29 and i thank them still to this day for the move to n.w.arkansas the country is beautiful and serene. rolling ozark mountains, beautiful fall colors.just a really nice place. the first place we moved to was rogers and it was a small town of 19,000+ NOW rogers is over 45,000+ matter of fact the whole area has grown to a metro area with over 311,000+ crazy growth by bentonville giant Wal-Mart. springdale food giant tyson. rogers_lowell j.b. hunt transportation.and finally the university of arkansas in fayetteville..my parents still live there. but i had to get out of n.w.arkansas. the job situation SUCKS!!!!! low pay scales, limited job availabilities. expensive homes brought by the upper pay scale of corporations such as spoke of earlier.. the beautiful country has been mowed i mean PLOWED out by urban develepers. the streets are overcrowded with cars like cattle parades waiting to get on the only interstate highway, for a area of over 300.000 people the roads can not handle the growth.very bad developing. i would have to say rogers has the best going for it out of all the citys there. CAUTION.springdale stinks literally.we are glad we moved.

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Springdale, AR

Beware of Northwest Arkansas - 10/15/2006

In recent years Springdale and surrounding towns have been experiencing major growing pains. Due to poor planning, the roads are narrow and bumpy and traffic is horrible. The cities in Northwest Arkansas never planned on the kind of growth we've seen. The population of northwest arkansas has exploded. Ten years ago Springdale was a town of 20k; now it's got 62k people. Hispanics have been a very large component of the growth. Springdale is home to Tyson foods as well as other large poultry processing plants such as George's and Cargill which hispanics flock to. Hispanics represent well over 20% of the population; perhaps over 30% if one factors in the illegals. There are lots of jobs in northwest arkansas but most are low paying. Real estate prices here are nowhere near the state average. You have to go east of nwa or to southern missouri to find low cost housing. Taxes are high compared to surrounding areas in order to pay for desparately needed road improvements and new schools. The sales tax is at 9.5% right now. Groceries are taxed at the full rate. And property taxes get higher every year. Before you move to nwa, just consider the traffic congestion, high taxes, inflated home prices, and large number of hispanics.

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Pullman, WA

Just moved after 10 years as a resident - 10/17/2005

Springdale is a fast-growing middle-class city of 60,000 plus. The traffic conjestion is and will remain a major problem. Poor planning has left Springdale without true core residential, commercial, and industrial lines of delineation. My child attended Springdale public schools, and I found the lower levels quite good, however, Springdale High School is a disjointed venture run by bureaucrats who espose the party line (If you have had the experience of large metro schools, you know what I mean). Fayetteville, just minutes south, exudes charm, community, and central planning. Fayetteville recently had a debate at the University of Arkansas over the issue of Springdale. In the end the issue was settled -- "Springdale is that bad." For those quantitative types, I give it a 5 out of 10:)

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Springdale, AR

Springdale is wonderful - 6/1/2005

Springdale is a growing city of 62,000 but still has the friendly charm of a smaller town. Tyson Foods has its world headquarters here. Springdale schools are some of the best in the state and citizens support their education. Springdale schools are opening one new elementary school a year from now until 2012. A third junior high opened in 2004. A second high school and a third middle school will open in 2005. It's a business-friendly town that is 10 miles from the University of Arkansas, 20 minutes from the world headquarters of Wal-Mart, 90 minutes to Tulsa and four hours from Kansas City.

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