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re: Quality of life - 3/5/2009 - 4/29/2012
I also disagree, especially about the summers. Hot? Puh-lease. Many people there do not even have air conditioning in their homes. The average highs in June/July/August are 66, 75 and 74. Lows are 46, 56 an 57. The average lows in Dallas during the summer months are higher than Duluths high temps!. Bugs are bad right before sunset and are gone after the sun goes down. I can't disagree that winters are bad if you aren't into outdoor sports, and are relentlessly long. But it really makes you look forward to spring and summer!

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re: Quality of life - 3/5/2009 - 3/25/2009
I must ABSOLUTELY disagree. My family has lived in Duluth for 8 years and just recently moved to Longview, Texas . We are on our way back. Honey, I have never seen a place so barbaric as here, and we are packing our bags to go back to Duluth. Duluth is the most best place to raise kids, and we did not realize that until we left here. DULUTH HERE WE COME!!!!!

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re: Quality of life - 3/5/2009 - 6/19/2011
I was born and raised in Duluth as well, have to disagree. I have lived in other areas, in and out of Minnesota, and have always come back to Duluth. I have never found anyplace that compare to the grandeur of Duluth. Duluth is absolutely glorious in the summer. The sun shines, the breezes off the lake are usually cool and you can be outdoors comfortably without too much effort. Duluth is likewise glorious in the winter if you like snow, wind and cold. Duluth is the closest place to a true paradice that anyone can come to.

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Duluth, MN

Duluth City - 6/8/2016

I have mixed emotions about Duluth as I spent half my life there and in Buffalo NY. My memories of Duluth have been of friendly people (on the surface) but being very, very lonely and wishing for something more. It's a terrible place to be single and/or childless because virtually everyone is married or has kids. If you don't, you're not going to find many people who have things in common with you. You won't find many single adults there either - so if you arrive single, you're going to leave single. For basic things like finding a gym, getting around the city, restaurants, etc its very well-established. I never had problems with anything like that. The jobs are a different story. I, as many others I knew, worked way below my educational level. Despite being a college graduate I could only find a job that paid close to minimum - however, having lived with family and being able to walk to work, I had no car payment/insurance, very little rent, had no kids/significant other - so all those things allowed me to basically take my entire pay check and deposit it. I got a little tired of the lowlife that seems to be coming to Duluth from larger metro areas...these people are coming here with their gang affiliations and selling drugs, finding local girls to live off of and do their dirty work, and then bring all their kids here with them. None of these people work or do anything except tax the social services that are extremely generous to those who have never worked one day in their lives, giving them great services as well as housing in high rises such as Tri Towers that has a terrific view of the lake and the downtown. I know of no other city that gives these services out to inner city cockroaches that come here for nothing other than to rip off hardworking locals who make next to nothing as it is, so these freeloaders don't have to do anything except sell drugs and have 9 kids. Got tired of that REAL quick. And damn near EVERYONE in Duluth smokes. That drove me crazy. Unless you are content being single forever, you'll have to either not go to Duluth or move away because you're not going to find anyone. And same goes for being unhappy at a low wage job if you have a degree. You'll never find anything great in Duluth no matter how good your education or how hard you work.

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Duluth, MN

Don't move here for the weather - 2/15/2015

I grew up in Duluth, and moved back 15 years ago for family reasons. Duluth is the armpit of America where winters are long and cold, and shoveling snow is a routine even into April. Spring is cold and wet. Summer starts in July. We have plenty of humidity and overcast skies. People are not moving into the city, and in fact the population is in steady decline. We go inside in September and slam our doors shut until May or June. We have to get reacquainted with neighbors each spring. Move to Duluth if you like snow and a long heating season. Your furnace will run from October into June. Don't believe the embellished tourism and relocation websites. This is my honest assessment :)

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Superior, WI

hi - 9/10/2014

I am here

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Duluth, MN

True Duluthian - 7/11/2013

I was born and raised here in duluth and I would just have to say there is probably no other area I would want to live. Duluth is truly naturally beautiful. It is just the right size city not too big not too small. The locals are Minnesota nice if you are an outdoorsy person or a photographer duluth is an area to live in for you. It's city meets outdoors. The crime is not bad if you live in the right areas west duluth is moderate, Lincoln park is bad, observation is pretty good hillside and downtown aweful, woodland and east are nice skyline is nice. Just depends you can generally spot the nice areas from the bad. But living in duluth your not gonna find much land so living in the surrounding area would be your best option if your looking for land and more privacy. The winters are kinda harsh but you get use to it last winter it got to -30 my dad left his cellphone in the car it cracked and the snow in are yard was as tall as me generally the higher up the hill you are the more snow fall then below the hill. But remember you can always bundle up more for the cold then you can take off for the heat. For me being a local 50?-70? is what I'm comfortable with. It is humid here so humidity makes lower temps feel hotter then say they would in California. Also Duluth has some of the best fireworks in the Midwest...and the tourist attractions are off the charts and there are quiet a few reputable resturants in the area. The schools are nice the kids can be clique but overall I would rate duluth a 7.

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Duluth, MN

weather, taxes, unions - 10/12/2011

The city of Duluth is being run my the unions, they place their people on the city council and the public unions get what they want. The school board built new schools at a cost of 430 Millon dollars (inc interest) with out a vote of the people. The winters are VERY long.

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Duluth, MN

What Planet Did You Live in Lady? - 11/30/2010

I just read a review about Duluth from a former Duluthian to my chagrin. Evidently she must be talking about Georgia. Duluth, Minnesota is has one of the nicest summers of any city I have ever lived in. I know this because I am active all summer long. There are few bugs along the bay, and Lake Superior and the bugs that live in our forests go to sleep early as the cool evening sets in. Unlike Minneapolis, our humidity is low. San Francisco is the Duluth of the west coast. We have all their beauty with far less people. Duluth is really a city within a park. You can walk along our rivers and creeks within the city or enjoy one of the longest man-made land masses in the U.S., Park Point. We have a fabulous lake walk as well. Our people are hard working and most, other than my relatives, can fix anything. The folks here are self-sufficient and genuinely Minnesota Nice. Rather than saying "you all come back you hear", they grab a shovel and help you clear your snow. We also have a fabulous University for Seniors housed at the University of Minnesota. Over 300 people attend classes. In our land, 60 is the new 40. People are very active late in life. I row with 3 others and our average age in the boat is 67. My mother in law dates a 90 year old skier. We have come to expect this way of life.

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Duluth, MN

Cold but wholesome - 2/1/2010

I do not always like the climate of Duluth, but despite how cold it gets, people get outside to play. Lots of hiking in the summer, run or walk along Lake Superior on the Lakewalk any time, and free outdoor skating rinks dot the city in the winter. When there is enough snow, there are some small (12k) ski trails that will get your heart rate going without a long drive. Summer is most pleasant with cool breezes off the lake and an abundance of sunshine.

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La Canada Flintridge, CA

Quality of life - 3/5/2009

I was born and raised in Duluth. The winters are brutal; the summers are hot 24-7. The flying bugs are unforgiving and relentless. The most god awful place I have ever lived. If it were not for a few relatives I have left there I would never go back. Duluth ------NOT!

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Duluth, MN

Mover Beware - 11/25/2008

I have lived here only for a few months, but I must say that I am disappointed. Other than the waterfront, Duluth is old, tired, worn and in decline. It is not a terrible place to live, but I can say that no one lives here without a very good reason - usually a strong job opportunity or family connection. The people here are not friendly (at least by the standards of the South, Southwest and Midwest where I have lived previously) and the area itself is suffering from an ongoing downtrend in population, economics and really society as a whole. Lastly, I was stunned at the cost of living here, particularly housing. Virtually no new housing has been built here in the last 2-3 years. No builder wants to get on the hook for a house they cannot sell. My advice would be not to move here unless you first secure a good job and get a true familiarity with the area.

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Duluth, MN

Bad winters, gorgeous summers - 2/24/2008

The winters are long, long, long. The summers are beautiful. It's tough to find a job and the area is culturally lacking in diversity. On the upside: the lake, outdoor treks in summer, a varity of colleges, definitely a buyers market as far as housing goes, and okshopping/restaurants/hospitals. On the downside: the length and deep chill of winter, lots of college kids, lack of jobs, the length of the winter makes seasonal depression an issue for some, and there are plenty of closeminded "backwater folks" in town. It's a place of extremes; temps in the winter can be -50 and the summer can hit over 100. A person can live here happily with a die hard love of all season fishing, 4 wheeling, hunting, hiking, and snow blowing. Also, make sure you have a job before you move here.

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Duluth, MN

Not as bad as you might think - 1/23/2008

Duluth is absolutely glorious in the summer. The sun shines, the breezes off the lake are usually cool and you can be outdoors comfortably without too much effort. Duluth is likewise glorious in the winter if you like snow, wind and cold. The good news is, it's not *that* much worse than Minneapolis-St. Paul. And, take it from me, global warming is real. This winter is the first one in as long as I can remember that resembles the winters of my youth, forty years ago. Generally, they're not as long, they're not as cold, they're not as hard.

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Duluth, MN

Minnesota is home for now. - 7/18/2006

God's country, but politics in the state are too liberal.

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St. Paul, MN

Coaching - 3/30/2006

Want to compare cost of living Duluth vs. Twin Cities

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